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The Hunted Woman

by James Oliver Curwood

James Oliver Curwood was a pioneering figure in the action-adventure genre. Over the course of his career, he penned dozens of novels and stories that detailed the exploits of rugged outlaws and misfits who...

The Young Colonists: A Story of the Zulu and Boer Wars

by G. A. Henty

Get ready for page-turning excitement in The Young Colonists, an action-adventure novel set during the colonial rule of South Africa. Hero Dick Humphries is called upon to serve in the effort to achieve harmony...

In Secret

by Robert W. Chambers

Robert W. Chambers' engaging spy tale In Secret brings together a dizzying array of ideas and insights, but somehow weaves them together into a harmonious and wholly unique tapestry. The fast-paced story is...

A Search For A Secret: A Novel

by G. A. Henty

Action-adventure novelist G. A. Henty was renowned for his ability to craft explosive, unexpected plot twists, and the mystery at the center of A Search for a Secret is a prime example of the author's top-notch...

The River's End

by James Oliver Curwood

In this pulse-racing thriller from famed action-adventure writer James Oliver Curwood, a man who has been accused of a horrific offense under mysterious circumstances is given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity...

With the Indians in the Rockies

by James Willard Schultz

This gripping outdoor adventure tale will enthrall fans of the genre. In the midst of a hunting trip, two youngsters are captured by a group of Native American warriors and are forced to make their own way in...


by Robert W. Chambers

Once a promising up-and-comer in the field of horror fiction, the tumult of World War I prompted Robert W. Chambers to turn his attention to more realistic matters of love, politics, and social clashes. His...

The Danger Trail

by James Oliver Curwood

When an up-and-coming engineer based in Chicago is given the opportunity to collaborate on a major construction project in northern Canada, he sees it as the chance of a lifetime. But even aside from the natural...

The First Capture: Hauling Down the Flag of England

by Harry Castlemon

Known as one of the most acclaimed authors of golden-era action-adventure novels, Harry Castlemon penned dozens of novels and stories that have delighted many generations of readers. The gripping tale The First...

Treasure Island

by Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson was a great traveler, who spent his last years in the Pacific, far from his native Scotland. His novel Treasure Island is a seafaring adventure story filled with treasure, treachery, pirates,...


by Rudyard Kipling

The story unfolds against the backdrop of The Great Game, the political conflict between Russia and Britain in Central Asia. It is set after the Second Afghan War which ended in 1881. This spy and picaresque...

Frank on a Gun-Boat

by Harry Castlemon

During the American Civil War, many teenage boys braved the battlefield in service to their country. That's exactly what the spirited young protagonist at the center of Frank on a Gun-Boat decides to do when...

The King of the Mountains

by Edmond About & C. A., Mrs. Kingsbury

Researcher Hermann Schultz sets off on a voyage to Greece with the aim of collecting botanical and natural specimens. Once he arrives, however, he finds that his field work will be rather more complicated than...

The Gold Hunters: A Story of Life and Adventure in the Hudson Bay Wilds

by James Oliver Curwood

Get set for pulse-pounding adventure in the far northern wilds of Canada in James Oliver Curwood's The Gold Hunters. The motley trio of explorers who first were introduced in the earlier Curwood novel The Wolf...

God's Country and the Woman

by James Oliver Curwood

In the wilds of far northern Canada, the civilizing forces of the law are sometimes difficult to detect. In God's Country and the Woman, the Adare family finds itself under siege, helpless against the attacks...

The Flaming Forest

by James Oliver Curwood

This gem from action-adventure writer James Oliver Curwood pairs white-hot romance with the white-knuckle drama of fighting crime. Will the always-honorable police sergeant David Carrigan survive his deadly...

The Golden Snare

by James Oliver Curwood

James Oliver Curwood was one of the highest-paid writers of his time, and many of the action-adventure scribe's books were made into films during the early age of movie-making. The Golden Snare is a gripping...

The Half-Hearted

by John Buchan

Many of the aristocrats profiled in John Buchan's novel The Half-Hearted are beset with crippling doubts about their own lifestyles and characters. Protagonist Lewis Haystoun is disgusted with his own inability...


by John Buchan

To celebrate his retirement, mild-mannered grocer Dickson McCunn has planned a walking tour of the Scottish countryside. However, the journey that starts out as a bucolic gambol soon spirals into a remarkable...

Prester John

by John Buchan

Fans of H. Rider Haggard's action-adventure novels will be swept away by John Buchan's Prester John, a thrill-a-minute tale set in colonial Africa. Young David Crawfurd travels to Africa to make a quick buck...