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Fate of the Stallion

by Ron Hevener

Encouraged by a guardian spirit, Dan Marshall discovers an Arabian racehorse down on his luck. Together with a band of unlikely friends and secret identities, Dan and the horse of his dreams patch up their lives...

West of Pleiku. The Infantryman's Novel

by John F. Bauer

All Col. Brock Danforth wanted to do was fly in, give his battered company a morale boost, and fly out. He knew the zone was hot, but his capture by the North Vietnamese Army and his trek north toward the Hanoi...

The Five Ancestors Book 3: Snake

by Jeff Stone

Twelve-year-old Seh is a snake-style master and a keeper of secrets. Close-lipped and ever-watchful, he has used his highly attuned senses to collect information about his brothers, his temple, and even Grandmaster....

Wayne of Gotham

by Tracy Hickman

Two men separated by murder: Thomas, the rebellious doctor and heir to the vast Wayne empire, and Bruce, his son, whose life is forever altered by witnessing his parents' murder. The slaying of Thomas and Martha...

The Path to Redemption

by Phillip Tucker

Steve Roberts belongs to a five-man unit, formed in the Eighties by the CIA. Their brief was to complete missions that for political reasons, America could not be seen to be involved in. The unit carried out...

Lair of Gorgo: Book 4: The Island of Slaves Series

by Colbby


After an accident in space Jay crash-lands onto a strange world. He is rescued, but enslaved and after many adventures he manages to win his freedom and together with his new wife starts life in his...

The Sleeps: Book 3: The Island of Slaves Series

by Colbby


After an accident in space Jay crash-lands onto a strange world and loses his ship. He is rescued, but enslaved.

After many adventures he manages to win his freedom and together with his new wife...

Close Quarters

by Don Pendleton

An elite covert special ops team, Stony Man acts only under presidential directive. Backed by a sophisticated unit of cybernetics and weapons experts, Able Team and Phoenix Force fight terror across the globe....

The Anvil

by Dean Davies


Retired Special Forces Army officer Jake Two Feathers just wants to be left alone to heal from the stench and blood of war. When an archaeologist and his voluptuous daughter convince him to lead them...

The Surf Detective

by Michael James Conway

Action packed surf mystery adventure novel. Mike Malone is an amateur sleuth on a case to find out why one of the world's best surfers was attacked and left for dead. Malone starts his investigation in the small...

Sequence 77

by Darin M. Preston

The past, present, and future collide in the hot summer of July 1996 as one man's desire to prevent repetition of history's mistakes pushes him to the very edge of reason. With the knowledge in his possession,...

Fishing in Foreign Seas

by William Peace


It's love at first sight when US Naval Officer Jamie Morrison meets Caterina Lo Gado, the beautiful daughter of an aristocratic wine-making family, at an opera in Sicily. Their passionate love unfolds...


by Jeff Nesbit

Plunge into the heart of the oil conflicts that pit nation against nation in the Middle East-and threaten to topple a fragile world economy. With the discovery of a secret oil pipeline-once funded by Iran to...

Tarzan of the Apes

by Edgar Rice Burroughs, James Taliaferro & Gore Vidal

When Tarzan is orphaned as a baby deep in the African jungle, the apes adopt him and raise him as their own. By the time the boy is ten, he can swing through the trees and talk to the animals.  By the time...

Albert's War

by Stewart Jackal

Fitzroy, Melbourne. 1941. Hot-headed 17 year-old Albert Morton A Waratah motorcycle. A turbulent mix that leads to strife for Albert. He joins the Australian Navy, working in the engine room of the HMAS Nimrod,...

The Silent Service: Seawolf Class

by H. Jay Riker

In the ocean depths, America's warriors ceaselessly patrol the dark territory on freedom's outer edge. These are the battles fought in silence . . . and in secret. The newest fight begins when the People's Republic...

The 8ight: Desperate Hour

by Maxine McClendon

They're back! Fabian, Demi, Luke, Pepper, Jude, Tess, Emmitt, and little Silvia have had their families slaughtered, were held against their will by an evil, powerful organization in search of the secret of...

Lake of Fire

Yellowstone #3

by Linda Jacobs

Yellowstone National Park provides the setting for love and adventure as a young Indian attempts to hide his heritage and adopt the life of a businessman, while an heiress traveling from Chicago conceals her...

Summer of Fire

Yellowstone #1

by Linda Jacobs

Texas firefighter and single mother Clare Chance flees to Yellowstone Park to try and put the memory of her best friend's death behind her. She's not the only one fighting personal demons, as wildfires threaten...

Forty-Eight X: The Lemuria Project

by Barry Pollack

On the tropical island of Diego Garcia in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the United States has gathered together its most talented geneticists to work on the top-secret Lemuria Project. These secret experiments...