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The Underworld: The Story of Robert Sinclair

by James C. Welsh

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the literary genre of social realism began to gain traction with the publication of dozens of novels that sought to expose the difficult living and working...

Taking Chances

by Clarence L. Cullen

If you're a gambling man (or woman), the fast-paced stories collected in Taking Chances will hit you like a jolt of adrenaline. Originally published in the New York Sun, these tales of triumphs and defeats at...

A Changed Heart: A Novel

by May Agnes Fleming

Often compared to Charles Dickens, May Agnes Fleming was a Canadian novelist who parlayed her popular acclaim into a very lucrative literary career. A Changed Heart recounts the tale of Jeannette McGregor, a...

The Riddle and the Ring: Or

by Gordon MacLaren

Barry Lawrence is down on his luck. When a stranger appears and offers him a hefty sum to complete a seemingly simple task, he jumps at the chance and can hardly believe his good fortune. But what first seems...

The Quaint Companions

by Leonard Merrick & H. G. Wells

A writer's writer who won a great deal of critical acclaim during his career, Leonard Merrick often grappled with weighty topics. In The Quaint Companions, Merrick addresses the issue of interracial marriage,...

A Chair on the Boulevard

by Leonard Merrick

Early in his literary career, English writer Leonard Merrick gained a reputation as a serious writer who tackled tough social issues with unflinching realism. But in his later period, Merrick's style lightened...

Denry the Audacious: Or

by Arnold Bennett

Like many of Arnold Bennett's works of fiction, the comic novel Denry the Audacious is set among the quaint village lanes of the Potteries District of Staffordshire. It is amidst this humble environment that...

The Eye of Osiris

by R. Austin Freeman

Fans of Sherlock Holmes will appreciate the investigative handiwork of one Dr. John Thorndyke, created by author R. Austin Freeman, an important figure in the early development of the detective fiction genre....

The Uttermost Farthing: A Savant's Vendetta

by R. Austin Freeman

Humphrey Challoner is an eccentric collector and amateur scientist who has put his vast fortune to work funding his many unusual interests and obsessions. When his beloved wife is murdered, Challoner decides...

The Root of All Evil

by J. S. Fletcher

After a childhood beset by abject poverty, Jeckie Fletcher is determined to do whatever it takes to live a comfortable, stable life. That's why she rejects the love of her childhood sweetheart, Joe Bartle, and...

Doing and Daring: A New Zealand Story

by Eleanor Stredder

British author Eleanor Stredder grew up in a large family and had an inborn understanding of the kind of stories that could ensnare the attention of quickly bored children. This knack came in handy when Stredder...

One Man''s View

by Leonard Merrick

Often described as a novelist's novelist, British writer Leonard Merrick possessed extraordinary skill in conveying the subtle emotional nuances that define human relationships. In One Man's View, what starts...

Frivolous Cupid

by Anthony Hope

We can't always choose the object of our affections, and often, Cupid's arrow causes people to fall in love with the most unsuitable candidates. That's a theme that surfaces time and time again in the collection...

The Dolly Dialogues

by Anthony Hope

In the character of Dolly Foster, British writer Anthony Hope has created an unforgettable embodiment of the turbulent end of the Victorian era. Constrained by old-fashioned conventions but bursting with newfangled...

Half a Hero: A Novel

by Anthony Hope

English novelist and playwright Anthony Hope studied the law, but gave up his career as a barrister to throw his hat in the literary ring. Half a Hero highlights Hope's talent for creating indelible characters,...

Second String

by Anthony Hope

In the early twentieth century, longstanding social mores in England began to shift rapidly, with centuries-long institutions and belief systems beginning to fall by the wayside. Anthony Hope's Second String...

Simon Dale

by Anthony Hope

This historical novel from Anthony Hope presents a fictionalized version of a fascinating episode in English history: King Charles II's long-time dalliance with Nell Gwyn, the most acclaimed comedic actress...

A Man of Mark

by Anthony Hope

If you are a fan of classic action-adventure stories who loved Anthony Hope's The Prisoner of Zenda, A Man of Mark should be right up your alley. Set amidst a political uprising in the fictional country of Aureataland,...

The Chronicles of Count Antonio

by Anthony Hope

Brace yourself for a swashbuckling tale of high adventure from the author of the classic The Prisoner of Zenda. Similar in many respects to Hope's best-known novel, The Chronicles of Count Antonio follows the...

Sport Royal: And Other Stories

by Anthony Hope

With tales that run the gamut from not-so-successful run-ins with the aristocracy to potentially devastating runs on financial institutions, this collection of charming short stories from British author Anthony...