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The Wrong Box

by Robert Louis Stevenson & Lloyd Osbourne

Though his adventure tales now rank among the most translated novels in the English language, Robert Louis Stevenson was a gifted writer who produced works in a number of different literary genres. The Wrong...

The Mystery of 31 New Inn

by R. Austin Freeman

This classic detective tale shares a number of characteristics with the Sherlock Holmes series penned by Arthur Conan Doyle -- enough to ensure that Holmes fans will feel right at home -- but the duo of sleuth...

Burning Daylight

by Jack London

No other writer before or since has been able to capture the awe-inspiring ferocity of the Western American landscape like Jack London. This fictionalized account of the Yukon gold rush offers painstakingly...

The Town Traveller

by George Gissing

Typically known for his hard-hitting works of social realism, such as the novel New Grub Street, the publication of The Town Traveller represented something of a departure for Victorian-era novelist George Gissing....

The Brethren

by H. Rider Haggard

Revered by fans as a master of the action-adventure genre, Henry Rider Haggard's books are rip-roaring yarns in the classic sense of the term. Although many of his novels are set in far-flung locales, The Brethren...

Monsieur Beaucaire

by Booth Tarkington

Throughout history, bit players on the sidelines have somehow become embroiled in the most notorious scandals, finding themselves wrapped up in intrigue with far-reaching consequences they could never have imagined....

A Far Country

by Winston Churchill

Though American author Winston Churchill often focused on historical events as inspiration for his novels, his later work more often explored the way that events conspired to shape his characters' opinions and...

A Modern Chronicle

by Winston Churchill

Deviating from the long line of strong and stoic male protagonists who featured in his other novels, American author Winston Churchill turns his attention to the fairer sex in the charming novel A Modern Chronicle...

The Beautiful Lady

by Booth Tarkington

Is there something about aesthetic beauty that can soothe the soul of even the most troubled individual? That's the question at the center of Booth Tarkington's eminently entertaining short novel The Beautiful...

Mr. Meeson's Will

by H. Rider Haggard

Only a storyteller as preternaturally gifted as action-adventure master H. Rider Haggard could turn a story about a legal battle over publishing rights into a gripping page-turner. Mr. Meeson's Will offers a...

The Inside of the Cup

by Winston Churchill

A renowned American novelist who is regarded as one of the foremost figures in the literary genre of naturalism, Winston Churchill often wrote about the clashes between upper-class and working-class groups in...

The Guest of Quesnay

by Booth Tarkington

In American author Booth Tarkington's best-known novels and stories, he describes the changing of the cultural guard in the United States as the moneyed aristocracy gave way to the up-and-coming robber barons...


by Ada Cambridge

In the nineteenth century, marriage was often regarded as the be-all and end-all of women's lives. In the keenly observed novel Sisters, English-born author Ada Cambridge takes a closer look at this widespread...

A Daughter of the Land

by Gene Stratton-Porter

If you loved Gene Stratton-Porter's A Girl of the Limberlost, be sure to add her later novel A Daughter of the Land to your reading list. The family that serves as the focus of the novel isn't perfect, but they...

The Celebrity at Home

by Violet Hunt

The daughter of the artist Arthur William Hunt, Violent Hunt was a prolific writer who dabbled in a number of genres, as well as a prominent figure in the literary circles in London in the late nineteenth and...

The Cottage of Delight: A Novel

by William N. Harben

Young Dora Boyles is an orphan, and her housemate John Trott is locked in a contentious relationship with his own bawdy, boisterous mother. Though their friendship starts off on the wrong foot, they soon find...

The Conquest of Canaan

by Booth Tarkington

What does it mean to be popular? Is it a mark of good character, or merely a sign that you're well-regarded among an influential group of elites? The hero in Booth Tarkington's tale The Conquest of Canaan has...

Colonel Quaritch, V.C.: A Tale of Country Life

by H. Rider Haggard

While many of H. Rider Haggard's acclaimed action-adventure tales take place in exotic locations, Colonel Quaritch, V.C. unfolds in the author's own backyard. After leaving active service, a decorated officer...

The Two Vanrevels

by Booth Tarkington

One of the most popular novels of the early twentieth century, Booth Tarkington's The Two Vanrevels is a gripping and entertaining romp that effortlessly weaves together many of the elements that define the...

A Humble Enterprise

by Ada Cambridge

English-born author Ada Cambridge lived much of her life in the rough pioneer towns of Australia, and the formative life experiences she had along the way helped shape her preternatural gifts of observation....