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Arsene Lupin vs. Herlock Sholmes

by Maurice Leblanc & George Moorehead

Arsene Lupin, the brilliant detective created by French writer Maurice Leblanc, was often described by critics and fans as "the French Sherlock Holmes." This cheeky volume of detective stories pokes fun at that...

A Lady of Quality

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

In Frances Hodgson Burnett's compelling historical novel A Lady of Quality, a girl named Clorinda is born and raised in a horrible environment. Motherless, resented, and brought up as a boy by her drunken lout...

Emily Fox-Seton: Being the Making of a Marchioness and the Methods of Lady Walderhurst

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This two-part tale from Frances Hodgson Burnett has it all: a charming character portrait of Emily, who in the first part of the story lives alone and is content in her admittedly predictable life; an account...

Green Tea and Mr. Justice Harbottle

by Sheridan Le Fanu

Irish master of gothic horror Sherdian Le Fanu does it again with the two stories collected in this volume. Though both are distinct tales that will leave your spine tingling, they share a common theme: an ordinary...

The Head of the House of Coombe

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Left to her own devices after her husband's death, Robin's vain, scatterbrained mother is wholly incapable of taking care of herself, much less her young daughter. Amidst this tumultuous environment, does Robin...

The Three Impostors: Or, The Transmutations

by Arthur Machen

If you're looking for a good scare but prefer horror of the psychological type to gory, bloody tales, Welsh-born writer Arthur Machen's The Three Impostors is just the ticket. In an interlocking cycle of stories,...

The Terror: A Mystery

by Arthur Machen

Conspiracy theorists will be thrilled with Welsh-born author Arthur Machen's short novel The Terror. In it, a number of residents of a quaint Welsh village begin to notice the alarmingly large number of strange...

His Grace of Osmonde

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Readers who enjoyed Frances Hodgson Burnett's A Lady of Quality, a tale about a spunky girl named Clorinda who uses her wiles to triumph over adversity, will love His Grace of Osmonde, a sequel of sorts that...

The Angels of Mons

by Arthur Machen

Early in his career, Welsh author Arthur Machen got caught up in an unusual controversy when "The Bowmen," a fictional tale he published about supernatural beings coming to the aid of British soldiers during...

The Secret Glory

by Arthur Machen

Regarded by many critics and fans alike as one of Arthur Machen's finest works, the novel The Secret Glory is a retelling of a story that fascinated the author throughout his lifetime: the quest for the Holy...

The Hill of Dreams

by Arthur Machen

Writer's block takes on a supernatural dimension in The Hill of Dreams, a haunting novel about a young novelist struggling to make his literary dreams come true. Immerse yourself in Machen's lyrical, eerie account...

In Accordance with the Evidence

by Oliver Onions

Oliver Onions' In Accordance With the Evidence is often referred to as a detective story, but though technically accurate, that description vastly understates the penetrating psychological insights and lyrical...

The Debit Account

by Oliver Onions

British writer Oliver Onions rose to literary acclaim on the strength of his ability to craft lyrical, uncanny stories of horror. That gift is on full display in the strange and beautiful novel The Debit Account...

The Great Return

by Arthur Machen

Though his fiction shifted focus several times over the course of his career, Wales-born author Arthur Machen's work always carries hints of the mystical and supernatural. His fascinating novel The Great Return...

Annals of the Parish: Or the Chronicle of Dalmailing During the Ministry of the Rev. Micah Balwhidder

by John Galt

Immerse yourself in the life of a small Scottish village as it begins to shake off centuries-old traditions and eases into the transition to the modern era, with all the attendant pitfalls and problems that...

The Provost

by John Galt

John Galt's novel The Provost details the rise to power of James Pawkie, an aspiring businessman and politician who becomes a big-time mover and shaker in the Scottish town of Irvine. Galt uses Pawkie's ascendance...

The Last Entry

by William Clark Russell

Unlike many other writers of nautical action-adventure, William Clark Russell often added a layer of psychological and existential terror to his tales of heroism and happenstance on the high seas, reflecting...

The Wreck of the Grosvenor: An Account of the Mutiny of the Crew and the Loss of the Ship When Trying to Make the Bermudas

by William Clark Russell

After a career at sea that caused his health to deteriorate, William Clark Russell retired and turned his attention to writing. Though he published several novels before The Wreck of the Grosvenor, this action-packed...

The Frozen Pirate

by William Clark Russell

Sailor Paul Rodney thinks he's cheated death when he barely escapes with his life from a disastrous storm that lays waste to his ship and its entire crew. The sole survivor of the crash, Rodney drifts helplessly...

Ringan Gilhaize: Or

by John Galt

John Galt's ambitious novel Ringan Gilhaize presents a detailed historical account of the rise of opposing religious factions in Scotland in the early modern period. Told by the eponymous character, the story...