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The Orange-Yellow Diamond

by J. S. Fletcher

On the outskirts of London, the body of a murdered pawn shop proprietor is discovered, and all the early clues point toward a struggling writer who lives nearby. But as the dead man's possessions and records...

The Borough Treasurer

by J. S. Fletcher

British poet, journalist, and avid amateur historian Joseph Smith Fletcher went on to become one of the foremost figures in the genre of detective fiction in the early to mid-twentieth century. Set in a quiet...

The Herapath Property

by J. S. Fletcher

A wealthy businessman is found dead in his study, but conflicting forensic evidence regarding the time and manner of his death raises more questions than it settles. With a sizable estate hanging in the balance...

The Unspeakable Perk

by Samuel Hopkins Adams

In this charming and quirky romance, beautiful heiress Polly Brewster is willing to go to the ends of the earth to evade her annoying trio of suitors. She winds up in a tropical paradise that is being torn asunder...

In Midsummer Days: And Other Tales

by August Strindberg & Ellie Schleussner

For readers who are familiar with Swedish writer August Strindberg's early, groundbreaking works for the stage, the dreamy magical realism of the short story collection In Midsummer Days will likely come as...


by E. W. Hornung

A mysterious stranger appears at a secluded compound in the Australian outback. Gallant and sophisticated, it is clear that his past is at odds with his current situation. Where did he come from, and why has...


by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This follow-up to Frances Hodgson Burnett's previous novel, The Head of the House of Coombe, picks up the tale of a pair of childhood sweethearts, Robin and Donal, who reignite their love even as the specter...

Sir Noel's Heir: A Novel

by May Agnes Fleming

A riding accident has proven fatal to respected aristocrat Sir Noel Thetford. As he lies on his deathbed, he whispers his final instructions to his new wife and makes her swear to carry them out. But soon after...

The Girl Scouts' Good Turn

by Edith Lavell

Marjorie Atkinson and her fellow students are settling in for a new school year at Miss Allen's Boarding School. Among the first tasks of the new term is selecting a batch of recruits for the school's elite...

The Baronet's Bride: Or a Woman's Vengeance

by May Agnes Fleming

Craving some literary catharsis? Curl up with The Baronet's Bride for a satisfyingly juicy read that will keep you guessing until the last page. Before settling down to married life, a well-born young man played...

The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation

by J. S. Fletcher

In the early part of his career, J. S. Fletcher worked as a historian, producing a number of important scholarly works. When he later turned to writing mysteries, he imbued his tales with rich detail and fascinating,...

The Chestermarke Instinct

by J. S. Fletcher

Fans of golden-era mysteries will relish the twists and turns of J. S. Fletcher's The Chestermarke Instinct. This cleverly crafted mystery begins with what seems like a common enough occurrence: a bank manager...

My Miscellanies

by Wilkie Collins

British author Wilkie Collins was one of the most famous authors of his day, ranking alongside luminaries such as Charles Dickens in terms of sales and popular acclaim. My Miscellanies bring together a series...

The Mystery at Dark Cedars

by Edith Lavell

Sixteen-year-old Mary Louise Gay was born with a seemingly unquenchable curiosity. When strange things begin happening in the woods around the house of an elderly neighbor, Mary Louise finds herself following...

The White Scalper: A Story of the Texan War

by Gustave Aimard

Set against the backdrop of the Mexican-American War, Gustave Aimard's thrilling adventure tale The White Scalper is yet another of the author's novels whose central protagonist is something of a cultural misfit,...

The Mystery of the Secret Band

by Edith Lavell

Teenage detective Mary Louise Gay has cracked a few cases on her own, and her father -- a skilled detective himself -- has recognized her innate investigative talents. When he asks Mary Louise to help him get...

Phroso: A Romance

by Anthony Hope

Adventure-loving aristocrat Lord Wheatley buys a small Greek island, but when he finally arrives at his Mediterranean idyll, he finds that the native inhabitants of the island are not willing to cede to his...

The Middle of Things

by J. S. Fletcher

In this twist-packed mystery from English author J. S. Fletcher, wealthy magnate Mr. Ashton is found murdered. When a desperate young man is discovered trying to sell a valuable piece of jewelry that belonged...


by E. W. Hornung

Once a beloved clergymen and pillar of the quaint village community that he served, Robert Carlton has fallen upon hard times, brought to his knees by an unspeakable tragedy that soon spirals into a scandal....

The Shuttle

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

If you're tired of Victorian heroines who are weak-willed, simpleminded, and utterly incapable of looking out for themselves, you simply must make the acquaintance of Bettina Vanderpoel, the refreshingly shrewd,...