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Mr. Bonaparte of Corsica

by John Kendrick Bangs

American author John Kendrick Bangs carved out a unique niche for himself in the literary pantheon by penning dozens of satirical works focusing on historical figures. In the ersatz biography Mr. Bonaparte of...

A Rebellious Heroine

by John Kendrick Bangs

Prolific novelist Stuart Harley has published many books, but wealth and popular acclaim have continued to elude him. In an attempt to help him secure his fortune, Harley's publisher recommends that he write...

The Enchanted Typewriter

by John Kendrick Bangs

American writer John Kendrick Bangs was an innovator who removed the ponderous solemnity from the typical ghost story and replaced it with his own trademark wit and imagination. The Enchanted Typewriter is part...

In the Midst of Alarms

by Robert Barr

In the late 1860s, typically peaceable Canada found itself under attack. The invaders were members of the Fenian Brotherhood, an Irish Republican group based in the U.S. In a series of raids that occurred over...

Jennie Baxter, Journalist

by Robert Barr

This charming mystery from Scottish-Canadian author Robert Barr focuses on the adventures of plucky, pretty journalist Jennie Baxter. Said to be based in part on the journalistic crusader Nellie Bly, Jennie...

Toppleton's Client: Or, A Spirit in Exile

by John Kendrick Bangs

If you prefer your ghost stories to have a stout dose of rollicking wit, add Toppleton's Client to your must-read list. A lawyer moves into a new office and soon discovers it is haunted -- and worse yet, the...

The Puritans

by Arlo Bates

At the dawn of the twentieth century, the chasm between religious faith and secular culture was more pronounced than ever before. That's the theme at the heart of Arlo Bates' novel The Puritans, which follows...


by Arlo Bates

In Albrecht, novelist Arlo Bates contemplates the transformative power of love via an entertainingly novel fantasy tale. Set against the backdrop of a traditional courtly romance, a wood sprite who was born...

The Philistines

by Arlo Bates

What happens when a bohemian artist finds himself thrust into the upper echelons of high society? Painter Arthur Fenton woos heiress Edith Caldwell with the express purpose of living the high life and turning...

The Sword Maker

by Robert Barr

Get set for exciting swashbuckling exploits in this medieval action-adventure tale from Scottish-Canadian novelist Robert Barr. Prince Roland, who is next in line for the throne, has been kidnapped by a band...

Mary Louise and the Liberty Girls

by Edith Van Dyne

Under the pen name "Edith Van Dyne," Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum created the memorable character Mary Louise, a spirited teenager with a knack for solving mysteries and righting injustices. In Mary Louise...

Mary Louise in the Country

by Edith Van Dyne

This is the second book in a series of novels for younger audiences penned under a pseudonym by L. Frank Baum. Mary Louise in the Country takes up the issue of home rule for Ireland and features a co-starring...

Mr. Jacobs: A Tale of the Drummer, the Reporter and the Prestidigitateur

by Arlo Bates

In the early 1880s, a novel called Mr. Isaacs by Francis Marion Crawford set the publishing world on fire, rocketing to the top of the bestseller lists. Soon afterwards, Arlo Bates released Mr. Jacobs, a satirical...

At Pinney's Ranch

by Edward Bellamy

From the first time that John Lansing and Mary Hollister laid eyes on one another, they shared a special connection that seemed to transcend space and time. After their marriage, Lansing suddenly finds himself...

A Positive Romance

by Edward Bellamy

Strolling home after an evening at the opera, two friends turn to the subject of men's tendency to worship and adore women. After some philosophical banter, one of the friends relates a strange encounter from...

Potts's Painless Cure

by Edward Bellamy

College student George Hunt is pretty sure that his girlfriend, Annie Gifford, is dead-set on marriage. Not yet ready to be tied down, George initiates a campaign to convince Annie that he is a wholly unsuitable...

Mary Louise Solves a Mystery

by Edith Van Dyne

"Edith Van Dyne" is the pseudonym under which L. Frank Baum penned a popular series of novels for younger audiences. In this tale, indefatigable heroine Mary Louise finds out that her beloved grandfather has...


by Edward Bellamy

On a cross-country train trip, a pair of romantics find something in common in their shared appreciation of the vast desert landscape. During a brief pit stop, they set off on a quick jaunt to explore their...

To Whom This May Come

by Edward Bellamy

In this imaginative short story, author Edward Bellamy brings together two themes that run through many of his works -- telepathy and utopian society. After a shipwreck, the narrator finds himself stranded on...

Two Days' Solitary Imprisonment

by Edward Bellamy

What if you were wrongfully accused of a crime, and your growing anxiety about the mix-up served only to make your accusers more certain of your guilt? That's the fate that befalls the unlucky protagonist of...