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The Mystery at Dark Cedars

by Edith Lavell

Sixteen-year-old Mary Louise Gay was born with a seemingly unquenchable curiosity. When strange things begin happening in the woods around the house of an elderly neighbor, Mary Louise finds herself following...

The White Scalper: A Story of the Texan War

by Gustave Aimard

Set against the backdrop of the Mexican-American War, Gustave Aimard's thrilling adventure tale The White Scalper is yet another of the author's novels whose central protagonist is something of a cultural misfit,...

The Mystery of the Secret Band

by Edith Lavell

Teenage detective Mary Louise Gay has cracked a few cases on her own, and her father -- a skilled detective himself -- has recognized her innate investigative talents. When he asks Mary Louise to help him get...

Phroso: A Romance

by Anthony Hope

Adventure-loving aristocrat Lord Wheatley buys a small Greek island, but when he finally arrives at his Mediterranean idyll, he finds that the native inhabitants of the island are not willing to cede to his...

The Middle of Things

by J. S. Fletcher

In this twist-packed mystery from English author J. S. Fletcher, wealthy magnate Mr. Ashton is found murdered. When a desperate young man is discovered trying to sell a valuable piece of jewelry that belonged...


by E. W. Hornung

Once a beloved clergymen and pillar of the quaint village community that he served, Robert Carlton has fallen upon hard times, brought to his knees by an unspeakable tragedy that soon spirals into a scandal....

The Shuttle

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

If you're tired of Victorian heroines who are weak-willed, simpleminded, and utterly incapable of looking out for themselves, you simply must make the acquaintance of Bettina Vanderpoel, the refreshingly shrewd,...

The Red and the Black: A Chronicle of the 19th Century

by Stendhal & Horace B. Samuel

The nineteenth century was a time of turmoil and social change, during which the immutable caste system that had defined European society for thousands of years finally began to shift. This transitional period...

The Red Track: A Story of Social Life in Mexico

by Gustave Aimard & Lascelles Wraxall

Following in the tradition of his well-received series of action-adventure tales set in the wilds of western North America, Gustave Aimard offers up The Red Track, a prequel of sorts, which fills readers in...

Young Blood

by E. W. Hornung

Having sown his wild oats, young Harry Ringrose has finally returned home to his family to celebrate his birthday and settle down on a new path toward stability and maturity. But just as he's preparing himself...

The Royal Life Guard: Or

by Alexandre Dumas & Hery Llewellyn Williams

Fans of classic historical fiction will delight in this gem from Alexandre Dumas, author of such masterpieces as The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers. Bringing together fast-paced action and a...

From a Bench in Our Square

by Samuel Hopkins Adams

Samuel Hopkins Adams was an American fiction writer and journalist who was interested in the lives and struggles of everyday folk. That overarching concern is on full display in this charming series of short...


by Frances Hodgson Burnett

If you love to read inspiring stories about dedicated, hard-working types who pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, you'll get a kick out of Frances Hodgson Burnett's T. Tembarom. Our eponymous hero emerges...

That Lass O' Lowrie's

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

This fascinating historical novel from The Secret Garden author Frances Hodgson Burnett explores the lives of an often-overlooked group: female miners in nineteenth-century England. Joan Lowrie, the main focus...

Success: A Novel

by Samuel Hopkins Adams

His early career as an investigative journalist gave Samuel Hopkins Adams a keen eye for detail and an innate knack for narrative pacing and structure. The novel Success, an ingeniously plotted thriller, is...

The Northern Iron

by George A. Birmingham

Immerse yourself in the past and learn more about the roots of the struggle between Northern Ireland and the rest of the U.K. in this engrossing historical novel from George A. Birmingham. The Northern Iron...

The Indian Chief: The Story of a Revolution

by Gustave Aimard & Lascelles Wraxall

The concluding volume of Gustave Aimard's series of epic action-adventure tales set in the wilds of Mexico, The Indian Chief presents the soul-stirring denouement of the story of the intrepid Count de Raousset-Boulbon,...

The Actress' Daughter: A Novel

by May Agnes Fleming

The child of Irish immigrants, author May Agnes Fleming was born in Canada and lived her final years in the United States. The gripping romance novel The Actress' Daughter contains many of the elements that...

Frenzied Fiction

by Stephen Leacock

Frenzied Fiction is another winner from humorist and political scientist Stephen Leacock. Brief and brimful with laugh after laugh, these short stories and vignettes are the perfect antidote to a foul mood,...

Scarhaven Keep

by J. S. Fletcher

Fans of golden-era mysteries will delight in J. S. Fletcher's Scarhaven Keep, a tightly plotted page-turner set in a coastal region of northern England. A young actor and theater manager has gone missing, and...