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Scarhaven Keep

by J. S. Fletcher

Fans of golden-era mysteries will delight in J. S. Fletcher's Scarhaven Keep, a tightly plotted page-turner set in a coastal region of northern England. A young actor and theater manager has gone missing, and...


by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Have you ever fantasized about giving up your day job and living a life of blissful creativity, unhampered by the demands of the rat race? That's exactly what the quirky family at the center of Vagabondia does....

The Golden Triangle: The Return of Arsene Lupin

by Maurice Leblanc

In the aftermath of World War I, French gentleman-thief Arsene Lupin is recovering from injuries he suffered in battle. Lupin stumbles across evidence of a nefarious plot targeting one of the nurses responsible...

The Unseen Bridgegroom: Or

by May Agnes Fleming

Sometimes the unintended consequences of mistakes made in youth can reach far into the future. That's the inescapable truth at the center of May Agnes Fleming's The Unseen Bridegroom. After squandering decades...

Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich

by Stephen Leacock

Humorist Stephen Leacock was known for targeting the excesses of the aristocratic class in his lighthearted satire. This tendency is on full display in Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich, a series of stories...

Tales of Mean Streets

by Arthur Morrison

This collection of short stories and vignettes brings to life the gritty coterie of outsiders who have populated the marginalized East End of London for hundreds of years. Rather than stooping to the caricatures...

Harbor Jim of Newfoundland

by Alden Eugene Bartlett

The remote and insular culture of Newfoundland, an island off the coast of Canada in the Atlantic Ocean, is the centerpiece of this classic novel from Alden Eugene Bartlett. It focuses specifically on the daily...

The Son of a Servant

by August Strindberg & Claud Field

Swedish playwright and novelist August Strindberg led a remarkable life, oscillating from periods of institutionalization to an intense study of the occult and then back to working his creative magic as a producer...

The White People

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Though different in many respects, The White People bears a few key similarities to the novel for which author Frances Hodgson Burnett is best remembered, the childhood classic The Secret Garden, including immersion...

The Pupil

by Henry James

The Moreen family is a loathsome crew of greedy, dishonorable, self-serving twits -- with the notable exception of one brilliant, earnest eleven-year-old son, Morgan. When the Moreens secure the services of...

Sharing Her Crime

by May Agnes Fleming

May Agnes Fleming's deliciously devilish Sharing Her Crime opens with some unsavory characters hatching a nefarious plot. As the scheme gets underway, it begins to be clear that the carefully hatched plan will...

Winsome Winnie: And Other New Nonsense Novels

by Stephen Leacock

In the mood for uproarious satire? Check out Stephen Leacock's collection Winsome Winnie and Other New Nonsense Novels. Mercilessly skewering the overwrought melodramas that were popular around the turn of the...


by Henry James

Many of Henry James' most acclaimed works of fiction are set at the intersection between European and American culture. The novella Pandora takes its tension from the differences between the Old World and the...

Damaged Goods: A Novelization of the Play Les Avaries

by Upton Sinclair & Eugene Brieux

American writer Upton Sinclair rose to literary acclaim for his fearlessness in broaching sensitive and incendiary topics, and this collaboration with French playwright Eugene Brieux is no exception. A novelized...

A Fair Barbarian

by Frances Hodgson Burnett

In Frances Hodgson Burnett's A Fair Barbarian, cultures clash when an affluent American heiress makes a splash in a sleepy British village. Octavia Bassett, a spirited young woman who hails from the untamed...

In the Mayor's Parlour

by J. S. Fletcher

This locked-room mystery from master of the genre J. S. Fletcher will leave you guessing until the very last page. A classic whodunit, In the Mayor's Parlour focuses on a case of corruption in a small town that...

The Prairie Flower: A Tale of the Indian Border

by Gustave Aimard & Lascelles Wraxall

Like many of Gustave Aimard's action-packed yarns, The Prairie Flower is a study in cultural tension. Young French aristocrat Count Charles Edward de Beaulieu has banished himself from his native Europe, but...

The Stoneground Ghost Tales: Compiled from the Recollections of the Reverend Roland Batchel

by E. G. Swain

Though a cleric by trade, E. G. Swain achieved his greatest acclaim via the publication of this chilling collection of ghost stories. Featuring a heavily autobiographical narrator, the eccentric but kindly Reverend...

The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

by Selma Lagerloef & Velma Swanston Howard

Younger readers who enjoy fantasy tales like the Harry Potter series will love Selma Lagerloef's timeless classic The Wonderful Adventures of Nils. One day while his parents are out, Nils encounters a magical...

Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice

by James Branch Cabell

The darkly comic allegory Jurgen caused quite a stir when it was originally published, with several jurisdictions deeming it obscene and calling for it to be pulled from store shelves. After his wife mysteriously...