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The Inevitable

by Louis Couperus & Alexander Teixeira de Mattos

Published at the dawn of a new century as women's roles were rapidly shifting, Dutch writer Louis Couperus' novel The Inevitable presents a remarkably frank account of one young woman's liberation and sexual...


by Louis Couperus & Alexander Teixeira de Mattos

The final volume of Dutch writer Louis Couperus' sweeping, multi-generational Small Souls series, Dr. Adriaan brings the epic to a satisfying conclusion, with the sole survivors of the wealthy Van Lowe family...

The Hidden Force: A Story of Modern Java

by Louis Couperus & Alexander Teixeira de Mattos

In The Hidden Force, Dutch writer Louis Couperus presents a prescient critique of European colonialism that was decades ahead of its time. The novel follows Dutch expat Van Oudyck in his life in Java, as he...

Footsteps of Fate

by Louis Couperus, Clara Bell & Edmund Gosse

This gripping novel from prominent Dutch writer Louis Couperus caused quite a stir when it was published, provoking strong, divided reactions from critics around the world. Footsteps of Fate revolves around...

The Tour: A Story of Ancient Egypt

by Louis Couperus & Alexander Teixeira de Mattos

In the novel The Tour, Dutch writer Louis Couperus takes a sharp detour from his usual subject matter of psychological dramas set in early twentieth-century Europe to explore a story of lost love amongst the...

The Dead Secret: A Novel

by Wilkie Collins

Rosamund Treverton has it all -- an affluent lifestyle, a loving mother who dotes on her, and a seemingly bright future. But a deathbed confession from her mother makes it clear that Rosamund's past hides a...

The Forest of Mystery

by James H. Foster

Part of James H. Foster's series of action-adventure novels geared for young audiences, The Forest of Mystery begins with a chance encounter with a mysterious figure who recruits intrepid explorers Bob and Joe...

The Perambulations of a Bee and a Butterfly: In Which Are Delineated Those Smaller Traits of Character Which Escape the Observation of Larger Spectato

by Elizabeth Sandham

This charming tale follows the adventures of a bee and a butterfly as they make their way in the sometimes awe-inspiring, sometimes dangerous natural world. Although the quirkily archaic language may make it...

In the Hands of the Cave-Dwellers

by G. A. Henty

In 1832, amid the rough and tumble chaos of what is now Southern California, a brave sailor named William Harland saves a young man from Mexico from certain death when he is attacked by a roving band of marauders....

A Gamble with Life

by Silas Hocking

A Gamble With Life is a gripping thriller with a strong moral bent that will keep readers engaged until the very last page. Down on his luck and having exhausted every option, Rufus Sterne hatches a remarkable...

Her Benny: A Story of Street Life

by Silas Hocking

Methodist minister Silas Hocking scored a major bestseller with Her Benny, an inspiring tale that follows the trials and triumphs of one Benny Bates, a young boy whose life has fallen to pieces and who is forced...

The Underworld: The Story of Robert Sinclair

by James C. Welsh

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the literary genre of social realism began to gain traction with the publication of dozens of novels that sought to expose the difficult living and working...

Taking Chances

by Clarence L. Cullen

If you're a gambling man (or woman), the fast-paced stories collected in Taking Chances will hit you like a jolt of adrenaline. Originally published in the New York Sun, these tales of triumphs and defeats at...

A Changed Heart: A Novel

by May Agnes Fleming

Often compared to Charles Dickens, May Agnes Fleming was a Canadian novelist who parlayed her popular acclaim into a very lucrative literary career. A Changed Heart recounts the tale of Jeannette McGregor, a...

The Riddle and the Ring: Or

by Gordon MacLaren

Barry Lawrence is down on his luck. When a stranger appears and offers him a hefty sum to complete a seemingly simple task, he jumps at the chance and can hardly believe his good fortune. But what first seems...

The Quaint Companions

by Leonard Merrick & H. G. Wells

A writer's writer who won a great deal of critical acclaim during his career, Leonard Merrick often grappled with weighty topics. In The Quaint Companions, Merrick addresses the issue of interracial marriage,...

A Chair on the Boulevard

by Leonard Merrick

Early in his literary career, English writer Leonard Merrick gained a reputation as a serious writer who tackled tough social issues with unflinching realism. But in his later period, Merrick's style lightened...

Denry the Audacious: Or

by Arnold Bennett

Like many of Arnold Bennett's works of fiction, the comic novel Denry the Audacious is set among the quaint village lanes of the Potteries District of Staffordshire. It is amidst this humble environment that...

The Eye of Osiris

by R. Austin Freeman

Fans of Sherlock Holmes will appreciate the investigative handiwork of one Dr. John Thorndyke, created by author R. Austin Freeman, an important figure in the early development of the detective fiction genre....

The Uttermost Farthing: A Savant's Vendetta

by R. Austin Freeman

Humphrey Challoner is an eccentric collector and amateur scientist who has put his vast fortune to work funding his many unusual interests and obsessions. When his beloved wife is murdered, Challoner decides...