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Helena's Path

by Anthony Hope

Lord Lynborough has never done things the easy way. Born into privilege and afforded every advantage in life, he shirks the path of least resistance and stands up for his unique moral code in every situation....


by Anthony Hope

British author Anthony Hope was a popular and prolific writer of action-adventure novels with strong romantic elements, but his talent as a creator of sharply drawn, unforgettable characters ranks his work head...

Tristram of Blent: An Episode in the Story of an Ancient House

by Anthony Hope

For centuries, the British aristocracy hinged on an labyrinthine tangle of inheritance laws, many of which were contradictory and seemingly illogical. In this page-turner from Anthony Hope, young Harry Tristram...

A Romance of Wastdale

by A. E. W. Mason

David Gordon and Kate Nugent, deeply in love, are headed for a lifetime of wedded bliss. But despite David's unwavering love of Kate, her past isn't as pristine as she has made it out to be. When she finds herself...

Miranda of the Balcony: A Story

by A. E. W. Mason

Romeo and Juliet have got nothing on Miranda Warriner and Luke Charnock. Although every sign seems to point to these lovers' fated union, a series of increasingly insurmountable obstacles seem to be conspiring...

A Russian Proprietor: And Other Stories

by Leo Tolstoy & Nathan Haskell Dole

Today, Leo Tolstoy is best remembered for his masterpieces War and Peace and Anna Karenina, both epic, sweeping works that unfold on a grand scale. But Tolstoy also dabbled in short-form fiction, and the results...

Katia: Or Family Happiness

by Leo Tolstoy

An alternate translation of Tolstoy's classic novella, Family Happiness, this tale revisits a theme that resonates throughout Tolstoy's work and is perhaps best elucidated in Anna Karenina: "All happy families...

Richelieu: A Tale of France

by G. P. R. James

George Payne Rainsford James was a British writer who produced a remarkable number of historical novels and romances over the course of his thirty-year career. The sweeping epic Richelieu unfolds amidst the...

The Smuggler: A Tale

by G. P. R. James

Renowned historical novelist G. P. R. James usually set his stories in distant lands and times far past. He deviates from this formula somewhat in the action-adventure tale The Smuggler, which centers around...

Agincourt: A Romance

by G. P. R. James

In the long slog of the Hundred Years' War, the English forces' decisive victory in the Battle of Agincourt proved to be a key turning point. In this gripping historical novel from G. P. R. James, a tender human...

Henry of Guise: Or

by G. P. R. James

In the late sixteenth century, France was rent asunder by sectarian squabbles as the Catholic establishment fought desperately to retain control and forestall the encroaching influence of Protestant upstarts....

The Gipsy: A Tale

by G. P. R. James

In the early 1700s, the cultural group now known as Romani had made inroads into much of Europe. In some areas, they were granted special privileges and dispensations; in others, they were mercilessly persecuted...

The Huguenot: A Tale of the French Protestants

by G. P. R. James

British novelist G. P. R. James gained acclaim on the strength of his sprawling historical epics that present a detailed account of what it was like to live during various tumultuous eras beset by conflict and...

A Bundle of Letters

by Henry James

American author Henry James is regarded as one of the foremost figures in the genre that some critics call "trans-Atlantic" literature. His fiction often explores the tension between traditional European values...

The Chaperon

by Henry James

Rose Tramore, the quietly persistent young woman at the center of Henry James' novella The Chaperon, is every bit as memorable a literary creation as James' Daisy Miller, though she is that character's opposite...


by Henry James

Because he's ranked among the most important American writers, many readers shy away from Henry James' work, assuming that it will be arduous and overly challenging. If you're in that camp, you'll be pleasantly...

The Awkward Age

by Henry James

Adolescence and the transition to adulthood are difficult periods for most people, but the stakes are even higher when you're a well-born young woman at the center of a complex and morally suspect social circle....

The Death of the Lion

by Henry James

In the almost-novella-length short story "The Death of the Lion," literary giant Henry James pokes sardonic fun at the vagaries of literary fame. The author at the center of the tale, one Neil Paraday, is gushingly...

The Diary of a Man of Fifty

by Henry James

Henry James' short story "The Diary of a Man of Fifty" is a moving and thought-provoking meditation on aging and coming to terms with one's past. The narrator pays a return visit to Italy, where he spent some...


by Henry James

Though American literary master Henry James was an ardent proponent of realistic story elements that readers could relate to, many of his works also deal with the question of perception and how our senses and...