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Thoroughly Searched By The DEA Dogs: Dirty Dogs In Slutty Schoolgirls 1

by penelope liksit

“Excuse me Mrs Brown”, said Lisa, “did you say dog lickers? Didn’t you mean dog sniffers?” One of the DEA agents answered the question. “No miss, she absolutely meant dog lickers." 

When drugs are...

Their Cheating Wives

by Tiffany Diamond

Michelle and Vanessa are two statuesque beauties who get a bang out of cheating on their husbands. Aside from enjoying the Sapphic companionship of one another, each sexual adventurer conducts her own electrifying...

ROYCE: Bound By The Billionaire

by Victoria Foxxe

Can Any Woman Melt This Billionaire's Cold Heart?

Royce Erickson is the hottest man alive. He's wealthy beyond belief, with a body built for sin! Alice is just a naive young divorcee desperate for a chance at...

Marked By the Wolf #1: Werewolf Shifter Romance

by Mac Flynn

Danica “Danny” Lewis wanted something more in life. She wanted a boyfriend, riches, or at least to get out of her office job. She got all she bargained for, and a fur coat when she falls into the clutches...

Penelope's Promises

by Anna Mann

John Langton has found the perfect wife in his young African lover Penelope. A girl who loves fetish and taboo even more than he does. And Penny has made Three Promises... things that she will do that are considered...

Sex Drive

by Susan Lyons

Baby, Let's Go

When Dr. Theresa Fallon meets a long, lean stranger in business class, she's suddenly ready for anything. There's something about Damien Black that makes her want to surrender immediately. . .....

iStripper: Andreina Deluxe

by iStripper

This xxx picture book is designed for anyone who is a fan of beautiful women and photography! Playboy Plus features only the sexiest and most sophisticated nude models in the industry. Playboy Plus is an...

My Wet Goddess

by Cupido & Saga Egmont

Woman on woman. Man on Man. Bisexuality. Flexible. Queer. Some have never questioned their homosexuality. Others are in a straight marriage with kids when suddenly their best friend makes their nipples erect,...

Queen of the Kitchen

by Cupido & Saga Egmont

The young couple. The first time. Daring flirtation. The secret, forbidden meeting. The young student and the teacher. The older gentleman and the innocent virgin. You, me and a friend. This is an erotic short...

Doing Mom On The Train: Nail Em' When They're Sleepin' 1

by penelope liksit

Some people can sleep on a long train journey, others cannot. My mother is one of the former, myself one of the latter. And on a long train journey, a man needs something to do to alleviate the boredom.

Fifty Shades of Vanilla

by Ginger Bangs


Meet Vanilla Jones, a loving wife who is about to experience her very first threesome. Fourteen years of marriage meant Vanilla and her husband Logan had sex boiled down to a grim routine. It was...

The Secretary

by Angelina Jolly

Donna has dreamed about her boss Alan for five long years, so when he finally offers her what she desires most she doesn't hesitate to bend over for him. But as she pleasures him she discovers a side to his...

Erotica: A Secret Fantasy- 8 Dirty Stories

by Tina Long

8 Erotic Stories in One Collection. Stories: 1. A Caring Help 2. A Milky Encounter 3. An Uncommon Help 4. Nectar's Angel 5. New Hot Neighbor 6. Reward 7. The Busty Sitter 8. Woman in Need For Mature Audiences...

Lusty Punishment: Erotica

by Tina Long

Alain was getting ready for his tutor session when his student cancelled at the last moment since he was free, he accepted to cover for one of his colleagues in the detention room. He had to look after two young...

Unfaithful Wife (Erotica)

by Tina Long

For many years, Sandra stayed faithful to her husband. However, she gave in temptation once with a member of her gym but ended it. She swore to herself that it would not happen again. Little did she know that...

Nightly Sitter (Erotica)

by Rod Polo

When his wife went to spend the weekend with her mother since she was sick, Paul was glad to have Pamela babysitting for him. He paid Pamela to stay overnight but during the night, she joined him in his bed....

Erotica: Teacher's Affair

by Rock Page

Morris just couldn't hide his lust for his biochemistry lecturer Mrs. Howard. She was in her early forties but still drop dead gorgeous regardless. And for that, the only thing that she wanted to do was to take...

The loves of a musical student

by Anonymous

"The loves of a musical student" is a classic Victorian erotic novel, published in 1897. It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes.

My Life and Loves

by Frank Harris

"My Life and Loves" is a classic erotic novel by Frank Harris, published in 1922. It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes.

This book contains the complete text of volumes I, II, III and IV.

Rich Girl Problems Series: Erotica: Books 1-4

by Rita Rojas

Erotica - four short stories combined into one collection. Books in Rich Girl Problems Series: Book 1 - Worked Over: Internal Massage Book 2 - Spanked Behind the Library: The Jock and the Good Girl Book 3 -...