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Their Cheating Wives

by Tiffany Diamond

Michelle and Vanessa are two statuesque beauties who get a bang out of cheating on their husbands. Aside from enjoying the Sapphic companionship of one another, each sexual adventurer conducts her own electrifying...

Polly and Her Neighbor

by Kelli Wolfe

She wanted to hate Josh for what he was making her do, but at the same time she didn’t want him to ever stop.

When nineteen-year-old Polly backs into her handsome neighbor Josh’s brand new car, it’s all...

Weekend Orgy Erotic Nude Fun

by Angela Yii

Weekend Orgy Erotic Nude Fun: weekend continues with early morning orgy Hot erotic story

The Succubus

by Quinn Dallas

FREE short story!

A naive college student summons a sexy infernal demon. But this sultry monster girl soon proves to be more than can he handle.

Is the ultimate pleasure worth the cost of his immortal soul.

ROYCE: Bound By The Billionaire

by Victoria Foxxe

Can Any Woman Melt This Billionaire's Cold Heart?

Royce Erickson is the hottest man alive. He's wealthy beyond belief, with a body built for sin! Alice is just a naive young divorcee desperate for a chance at...

Spring Break Erotica the Blow Job Challenge

by Angela Yii

Spring Break Erotica the Blow Job Challenge: college friends compete on the best blowjob

Captive of the Beast Men (Slaves of the Beast Men)

by Kelli Wolfe

My body locked with the burning tension flooding through me, and I was afraid that if it was not released soon that I would break.

The old ones of Wren's tribe have long told stories of the beast men - terrible...

Claiming Princess Kailen (Princesses in Bondage)

by Kelli Wolfe

Princesses in Bondage

Princess Kailen has spent her whole life pampered and protected - until the day she is waylaid and carried off by three vengeful were-leopards with a serious grudge against her father. Now...

Interracial Erotica black man and White wife

by Mahogany Red

Interracial Erotica black man and white wife: Talk between a white wife & a black man lead to dp

Interracial Erotica the Black Bartender and The Bored Housewife

by Sher Jackson

Interracial Erotica the Black Bartender and The Bored Housewife

Interracial Erotica Mrs. Jackson goes white

by Sher Jackson

Interracial Erotica Mrs. Jackson goes white erotic interracial novel

Interracial Erotica Weekend fun

by Katherine Ambe

Interracial Erotica Weekend fun: couple involve neighbors in their sexual lifestyle.

Interracial Love wife in Africa

by Katherine Ambe

Interracial Love wife in Africa: African businessman seduce white woman in Africa.

Gay Erotica Love in Vegas

by Tyler Mac

Gay Erotica Love in Vegas: Gambling and hot men - who doesn't love vegas

Interracial Love the Hurricane Season

by Katherine Ambe

Interracial Love the Hurricane Season: couple find a new life after a hurricane

Interracial Erotica Black lover

by Mahogany Red

Interracial Erotica: Black lover: young wife find love in the hand of a handsome young black Bull

Interracial Erotica white couples

by Mahogany Red

Interracial Erotica white couples: young athlete enjoys young married white wives.

Billionaire's Defiant Hotwife

by Thomas Roberts

When sexy hotwife Tania is captured by the ruthless BaMa gang, she her lover, Sarah, are thrown into a dank jail cell. Then she's taken and violently used by Bear, their powerful and grotesque leader. Can her...

Punished By Daddy

by Ginny Watson

Celine is in for a shock! Her daddy doesn't like the way she dresses when she goes out with her friends. He says that she looks like a hooker, and obviously if she flaunts and teases too much... he's going to...

Show For Hubby - Erotic Novel

by Sand Wayne

A Vintage Erotic Novel Involving a Sexy and Seductive Girl, Full of Sexual Adventures, Surprises and Twists.