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Doing Mom On The Train: Nail Em' When They're Sleepin' 1

by penelope liksit

Some people can sleep on a long train journey, others cannot. My mother is one of the former, myself one of the latter. And on a long train journey, a man needs something to do to alleviate the boredom.

Raped By My Guide Dog

by penelope liksit

I finally get the guide dog I had been wating an age for, but it turns out Buster is trained to a lot more than just guide...

Gang Raping The Bitch Boss

by penelope liksit

When I go to give the workers a mouthful for being behind schedule, they respond by taking me by force. They have had enough. And to my shame, my body betrays me...

Polly and Her Neighbor

by Kelli Wolfe

She wanted to hate Josh for what he was making her do, but at the same time she didn’t want him to ever stop.

When nineteen-year-old Polly backs into her handsome neighbor Josh’s brand new car, it’s all...

The Succubus

by Quinn Dallas

FREE short story!

A naive college student summons a sexy infernal demon. But this sultry monster girl soon proves to be more than can he handle.

Is the ultimate pleasure worth the cost of his immortal soul.

Their Cheating Wives

by Tiffany Diamond

Michelle and Vanessa are two statuesque beauties who get a bang out of cheating on their husbands. Aside from enjoying the Sapphic companionship of one another, each sexual adventurer conducts her own electrifying...

Thoroughly Searched By The DEA Dogs: Dirty Dogs In Slutty Schoolgirls 1

by penelope liksit

“Excuse me Mrs Brown”, said Lisa, “did you say dog lickers? Didn’t you mean dog sniffers?” One of the DEA agents answered the question. “No miss, she absolutely meant dog lickers." 

When drugs are...

Japanese schoolgirl raped by stallion

by penelope liksit

As a porn director it's always difficult to find people willing to have sex with horses, so when I find an eighteen year old Japanese schoolgirl in her uniform, I've pretty much struck gold...

Claiming Princess Kailen (Princesses in Bondage)

by Kelli Wolfe

Princesses in Bondage

Princess Kailen has spent her whole life pampered and protected - until the day she is waylaid and carried off by three vengeful were-leopards with a serious grudge against her father. Now...

Marked By the Wolf #1: Werewolf Shifter Romance

by Mac Flynn

Danica “Danny” Lewis wanted something more in life. She wanted a boyfriend, riches, or at least to get out of her office job. She got all she bargained for, and a fur coat when she falls into the clutches...

Captive of the Beast Men (Slaves of the Beast Men)

by Kelli Wolfe

My body locked with the burning tension flooding through me, and I was afraid that if it was not released soon that I would break.

The old ones of Wren's tribe have long told stories of the beast men - terrible...

Transgender Erotica first taste

by Karen Styles

Transgender Erotica first taste:chance encounter gives him experience his first of many transgender girl

Transgender Erotica the Employee

by Misty Love

Transgender Erotica the Employee : Boss Turn a good employee into a 'good wife'

ROYCE: Bound By The Billionaire

by Victoria Foxxe

Can Any Woman Melt This Billionaire's Cold Heart?

Royce Erickson is the hottest man alive. He's wealthy beyond belief, with a body built for sin! Alice is just a naive young divorcee desperate for a chance at...

Voluptuous Confessions of a French Lady

by Anonymous

"Voluptuous Confessions of a French Lady of Fashion" is a classic Victorian erotic novel, published in 1883. It contains graphic sexual descriptions and themes.

A Victorian erotica masterpiece from "The Boudoir:...

Incest Island

by Ginny Watson

Twenty two year old Susie stood by her daddy's side when her mother left him for another man, so of course she is more than willing to join him and her brother on a sailing holiday. But confined together in...

Incest, Inc.

by Alana Church

Scott is having a bad day. His boss is terrifying, his kids are bickering, and his wife is considering divorce. But then he gets a crazy offer. His company is not what it seems. They want his family to have...

Daddy Is A Pervert

by Ginny Watson

Quick and Filthy - Erotic Incest Flash Fiction

Susie is a very bad girl, her daddy has just caught the 18 year old slut naked with her legs spread wide in the old boathouse! What is he going to do with her,...

Anal Erotica Milf Anal Erotic Domination Short Story Compilation

by Sofia Snow

Anal Erotica Milf Anal Erotic Domination Short Story Compilation: mature woman knows what she wants and what she needs. anal!.

Afraid to Lose Him: Turning Her On, Calling Him Out

by Howie Hayes

Daphne is crazy in love with Daniel, there's no denying it. Now that she saw what he's been hiding though, she's not sure if she can go on. When the spying becomes an obsession, she wants to confront him but...