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Sex and Loathing in Hollywood

by Tim Desmondes

Among a large cast of sexy Hollywood hustlers, meet Rock Stone, an eighteen year old blond "male starlet," the lover of both Henri, a leading man and of Marlene, an aging leading lady. Rock is also hotly pursuing...

Arthur Does Camelot

by Tim Desmondes

What a lusty group that was sitting around the Round Table. Lancelot was having an affair with Queen Guinevere. And with other assorted knights, ladies, and boys as well. King Arthur got his sister pregnant...

Lessons in Art

by Sam Eden

Young and beautiful, Nicola yearns for a man to take the cane to her, as her late guardian had done. But when she begs art collector Sir James Hammond for a caning to save her job, she reaps the wrath of Rebecca,...


by Erin Aislinn

After ten years of giving Erani the protection of his name in marriage, Farhad must finally fulfill his promise and set her free. It is time for her to make her own decisions and take her rightful place in the...

Pony-Girl Tales - Susanna's Run

by Peter & Penny Birch

After a humiliating punsihment in the village pillory, Annabelle and Bobbie are determined to revenge themselves on their tormentors. To do this, they enlist the aid of the thoroughly debauched Anderson Croom,...

Pony-Girl Tales - Annabelle: Part 2: Part 2

by Peter & Penny Birch

After a humiliating punsihment in the village pillory, Annabelle and Bobbie are determined to revenge themselves on their tormentors. To do this, they enlist the aid of the thoroughly debauched Anderson Croom,...

Pony-Girl Tales - Annabelle: Part 1: Part 1

by Peter & Penny Birch

When Annabelle Kitteridge hides in an attic to escape the shame of a spanking she finds an old cart. Unable to resist playing with it, she soon has her brest friend in harness, but what starts out as a playful...


by Charles Dreme

Kasey Munroe is a thirty-something popstar who's flown to Africa to reinvent her image in an exotic photoshoot. While taking a walk in the jungle she bumps into a native known as Udu. Neither speak the other's...

THE SEXTAPE: A Dedication to the Ladies

by Peprah Boasiako

*****SEXUALLY EXXXPLICIT ***** HIGHLY EROTIC ***** HIGHLY EXXXCITING***** THE SEXTAPE is a collection of very detailed and highly explicit erotic short stories. Consisting of seven independent short stories,...

Souls in Chains

by Kim Debron

Three people around a table: - the future of one girl hanging in the balance as she contemplated life as a slave, what would her answer be? - the future of the other girl certain to the end, no matter what else...

Hillbilly Hollow and Rapture Grange

by Bob Archman

Strange things happen in the remote mountains and hollows of Virginia. The Wilson Clan settled in one and they stayed for a century or more, living, loving and inbreeding. They came pretty close to creating...

Ghost Lovers: Tales of Seductions from Beyond the Grave

by Kyle Cicero

"Ghost Lovers" explores the intimate encounters between those of this world and those inhabiting the realm of the dead. A rookie cop meets up with the spirit of a deceased leather master when he is assigned...


by Catherine LaCroix

After discovering a vital thread to her family’s murder, Josselyn Thorn is forced to trust a man residing far from the Markov household to find the answers she thirsts for. Adrien Markov, however, has plans...

Little Love

by Catherine LaCroix

As a young student living on his own, Tristan finds juggling work, school and his personal life difficult to manage. That is until he meets Lilith--a sultry, confident bombshell who finds herself immediately...

Subservient: Glorified

by Catherine LaCroix

It’s just one night, one car ride, and one unassuming building. But the collar hugging Sean’s neck indicates that it’s much, much more than that. The plans that his Mistress Astrid set in motion are daunting,...


by Catherine LaCroix

Just three months after she’s set free from the chains of Elwyn’s dungeons, Josselyn Thorn's presence in the Markov estate stirs an overwhelming jealousy in one of Adrien's long-standing stewardesses. While...


by Catherine LaCroix

Josselyn Thorn, born a fabled Whisper, finds herself accused of a murder she did not commit. Having received word of her predicament, Lord Adrien Markov pays to have Josselyn released, and offers every comfort...

Good Things Come in Threes: An Erotic Fantasy

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

Staci was popular in high school, an overachiever who always got everything she wanted. Everything that is, except Dean Montgomery. So when she is offered the opportunity to plan her graduating class' ten year...

Terry's Appointment and Other Spanking Tales

by Christopher Trevor

Even before I started reading the first line of Christopher's latest book, I had the premonition of impending realism, drama, as well as anticipation with his new writing maturity and character development....

The Tales of Rick and Alec

by Hank Brooks

These two novellas are written as separate tales strung together by a common theme. Tales of Rick and Alec concerns two homeless youths as they struggle to make their way in the world. They find themselves going...