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Earning Santa's Approval

by Ana Lee

It’s a crazy ride when your wildest fantasies come true, just ask Candy Kane. Rudy Rudy is growing weak and his job as sleigh leader is in jeopardy. Santa gave him 24 hours to go out into the world in human...

Restoring Rudolph's Groove

by Ana Lee

Embark on an erotic Christmas fantasy that will put some twinkle in your toes, and some other places too… Rudy A handsome stranger, more famous than any rock star, blows into town, and he’s about to rock...

A Diary

by Charlotte Caldo

Share Charlotte Caldo’s candid revelations in this sexy, full disclosure. Charlotte discovers her old diaries and exposes her past in an emotional journey of bad behaviour and wild antics. Follow her as she...

Firing Up the Elves

by Ana Lee

When everyone comes together, no one can escape the thrilling passion. Candy A sweet girl, still learning her way around the North Pole. After hearing about the trouble with the elves, she finds herself enlisted...


by Ana Lee

Two Passionate Souls Drawn Together Like a Magnet that Can’t be Repelled Jared is the mystery man who’s been turning Cassidy’s world upside down. Every time she thinks she has him in her grips, he disappears...


by Ana Lee

Sexual Thirst and Cravings Served With a Side of Seduction and Temptation After their tryst, Cassidy is unable to keep bad boy, Jared Hollister off her mind. Determined to win him over, she embarks on a journey...


by Daniella Cerveny

Daniella Cerveny describes the metamorphosis of her marriage as she and her husband embark on their swinging, sexual awakening in a series of stunning truths. Nine naughty confessions straight from Daniella’s...

Reindeer Games Anthology

by Ana Lee

3 Steamy Erotic Short Stories All Wrapped up with a Bow! If your chestnuts are on fire, this bundle will fill you with all you desire. A quick, fun read is all it takes, to have a jolly Christmas for goodness...

The Sleepover

by Ana Lee

When you’ve got nowhere to call your bed, and nowhere to hang your head, sometimes you have to reach out to a stranger instead. Heading home for a weekend away from college, Laura realized the last train stop...

The College Experience

by Ana Lee

A Power Outage Creates a Passionate Storm between Three College Roommates After a long year away at school, Melissa can’t wait to go back home for summer vacation. While she’s studying for her anatomy finals,...


by Lauren Dane

Their First Christmas, Bound Together...

All Jude wants for Christmas is Rori, all to himself. It's their first holiday season as a couple, and staying home, seeing friends and family, means they'll be surrounded...

Boys of Disco City

by Zack Fraker

Escaped from movie mogul James Rosen's depraved clutches in Rome, American Gil Graham and his boyfriend Mike Smith head for London to set up home together. Mike introduces Gil to the hectic joys of giant disco...

Big Things

by Jody Horowitz

When David lands in L.A. with very little money and no real prospect of publishing his first novel, he takes a succession of dead-end jobs. Soon he realizes that he has to o ffer something really special if...

The Promiscuous Traveler

by Sebastian Venable

It's every gay man's fantasy-to travel the globe in search of sex. One lucky travel writer has done just that, and here he chronicles his diverse encounters while on the road-from a man in wet Speedos on a Puerto...

Team Players

by Winston Gieseke

Whether he s on the field or on the court, in a pool or in a gym, watching an athlete work his well-toned body and seeing those beads of sweat glistening over his skin charges your senses and arouses your appetite....

Sensual Travels. Gay Erotic Stories

by Michael Luongo

Whether traversing desert sands, steamy jungles, or the urban playground: these are the erotic encounters of men willing to roam. Stories that pack a sexual punch, and carry with them the resonance and character...

Boys of Two Cities

by Zack Fraker

Cruelly split to escape a deadly threat from Hollywood tycoon James Rosen, Gil and Mike are forced to rebuild their lives, continents apart. Only work-and plenty of exciting but vicarious sex-keeps them going....

Revolutionary Sex Pick Up

by Susan Ashley

An amazing and international very successful book (many exciting pictures) about picking up women with new and whitty ideas. Top writer and psychologist Susan Ashley tells her mind blowing secrets: e.g. what...

Boys of the Fast Lane

by Zack Fraker

The Boys Are Back! Reunited with Mike Smith in London, young American Gil Graham attempts to pursue his career in movies through script writing, while Mike's younger brother Will pursues Gil with all the guile...

Indecent Exposures

by Winston Gieseke

Caught in the Act! The thrill of getting caught is a major turn-on. Which is why getting frisky in a forbidden place-outside of one's comfort zone and away from the comforter-can be some of the hottest sex of...