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by Felix Baron

Female desire, Cole decided, could never be underestimated. Whether a girl was naive, like Nurse Margaret, or a cynical sophisticate, like Melinda, if a man discovered their dark side and indulged it to satisfaction,...

Dice With Domination

by P S Brett

Having taken up the reins of river-side casino The Paddle-Boat, the sexy and wickedly imaginative Valerie McKnight is determined to bring a new service to her thrill-seeking gamblin public. Her beautuful croupiers...

Depths Of Depravation

by Ray Gordon

She'd defied him, lied to him... and had to be punished most severely.

Belinda fears that her teenage daughter may be falling for Tony, her handsome but cruel new neighbour, and resolves to do everything in her...

The Last Straw

by Christina Shelly

When Dennis Mann loses his job, his life hits a hiatus of junk food and daytime TV, much to the consternation of his wife Helen and her wealthy mother Samantha. Soon, the women realise that he would be more...

The Handmaidens

by Aran Ashe

Tormunil can be an exceedingly harsh place for pretty young serving girls. Destined for a life of sexual slavery at the hands of merciless overlords, the chosen ones are taken to the Abbey - a place where strength...

Dangerous Consequences

by Pamela Rochford

When Rachel Kemp is in danger of losing her job at a London University visiting academic Luke Holloway takes her for a sybaritic weekend in the country to cheer her up. Her encounters with Luke and his enigmatic...

The Captive Flesh

by Cleo Cordell

Decadent historical tale of a colonial convent by one of the original mistresses of erotica

A tale of decadent orgies amidst the sumptuous splendour of a North African mansion.

19th-century French convent girls,...

Strictly Confidential

by Alison Tyler

Carolyn Winters is a smooth-talking disc jockey at a hip LA radio station. Although known for her sexy banter over the airwaves, she leads a reclusive life, despite the urging of her flirtatious roommate, Dahlia....

Noble Vices

by Monica Belle

Annabelle doesn't want to work. She wants to spend her time riding, attending exotic dinner parties and indulging herself in even more exotic her father's expense.

Unfortunately daddy has other ideas,...

Letters To Chloe

by Stefan Gerrard

The letters were found in a locked briefcase in a London mansion. Shocking and explicit, they are all addresed to the same mysterious woman: Chloe. It is clear that the relationship between the writer and Chloe...

Handmaiden Of Palmyra

by Fleur Reynolds

A lavish erotic historical set in 3rd Century Syria...

Palmyra: a lush oasis in the heart of the Syrian Desert. The inquisitive, beautiful and fiercely independent Samoya takes her place as apprentice priestess...

Elena's Conquest

by Lisette Allen

When Norman soldiers besiege a convent on a summer's day in 1070, a young saxon girl, Elena, is taking captive. She is chosen by the dark and masterfull Lord Aimery Le Sabrenn to satisfy his savage desires.


Crash Course

by Juliet Hastings

Kate is a successful management consultant. When she's asked to run a training course at an exclusive hotel at short notice, she thinks the stress will be too much. But three of the participants are young, attractive,...

Belle Submission

by Yolanda Celbridge

Domineering Trina Guelph is intrigued at her new corporate mission - to run the quaint Louisiana island of New Arras, a female academy with a code of flagellant eighteenth-century French discipline, to train...


by Wendy Swanscombe

Without time to draw breath from the dignities already heaped on them, the three sisters of Disciplined Skin - blonde Anna, redhead Beth, raven Gwen - are plunged into the new tortures and humiliations gleefully...

Asking For Trouble

by Kristina Lloyd

Seduced into an underworld of kinky intrigue...

When Beth Bradshaw - the manager of a fashionable bar in the seaside town of Brighton - starts flirting with the handsome Ilya, she becomes a player in a game based...

Company Of Slaves

by Christina Shelly

Michael is a high-flying graduate beginning a career at Lovelace Fashion and Design under the tutelage of the haughty chief executive, Emily Lovelace. What Michael really wants, however, is to spend his life...

Club Crème

by Primula Bond

Club Crème, where anything goes – as long as it’s behind closed doors

Debonair Sir Simeon founded the exclusive gentlemen's club in London for men who like to indulge in old-fashioned frolics and nights...

Circus Excite

by Nikki Magennis

Julia Spark is a professional dancer, newly graduated. Jobs are hard to find and, after a curious audition, she finds herself running away with the circus - a circus of erotica.

It's an adult show full of bizarre...

Carnal Possession

by Yvonne Strickland

Glamour model and writer of erotica, Joanna took the old house for peace and solitude, but never anticipated that her powerful desires would be excited so quickly by the salatious attentions of another woman....