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Hot Hits: Blowing Her Trumpet

by Harry Blue

Roger enjoys sex with a mature lady staying at his parents' guest house, then more sex with Sue, who plays in a local seaside silver band. They frolic in the sand, on the back seat of a minibus, and in a Belgian...

Educating Emily

by Penny Goodweather

When school teacher Gerald's wife leaves him, the opportunity arises for him to take on a student outside of normal hours to earn some extra money. But Gerald's new student is not who he expected to be teaching,...

Earning Respect: Swinger Resort Manager

by Blair

Margot manages a failing resort on a private tropical island. When the owners demand she turn the business around or they will sell the island, her boyfriend, Jake, suggests contacting a magazine for swingers...

Hot Aussie Weekend: An Erotic First Anniversary

by Liia Ann White

Newlyweds Jaycee and Campbell are stressed. Constantly working, trying to set up a secure future for themselves, they rarely spend time alone, enjoying each other's company. So, to celebrate their first anniversary,...

Into the Arena: An Arena novel

by Sean O'Kane

Tara is a modern girl; self confident, fit and a total thrill seeker. But a chance encounter with a mysterious Irishman throws her into confusion. He sweeps her off her feet like no other man has done before...

Fruit of Submission

by Robin Ballantyne

Cynthia Arundel is a young woman who knows her own mind. She is quite certain of what she needs but she can't find it - at least not until she goes to a nightclub and meets a magnetically atrractive stranger...

The Girlspell

by William Avon

Three girls each stumble across a mysterious case that contains......something! A something they feel compelled to use on themselves. And when they do they find themselves in a strange alterantive reality where...

Charlotte's Awakening: The Naked Saga

by Ashton Thorn

When an experiment she is helping to run goes suddenly wrong, Charlotte finds herself catapulted into the strange world of Arkadia. Before she knows what's happened she is enslaved and sold to a prince. In his...

Slaves to the Bloodline

by Falconer Bridges

The long-suffering Julian and his adored Mistress Madonna return! She is still as cruel and domineering as even a slave as masochistic as Julian could desire. But they are about to encounter someone who leaves...

Strange Desires

by Joe Simpson Walker

A brilliant collection of erotic short stories. Joe takes a ideways look at life and findsa erotic situations in the most unexpected of situations. A woman is faced with an intruderr in her flat - but he's not...

The Daughters of de Sade

by Falconer Bridges

Mistress Madonna s a submissive male's dream - or nightmare! To Julian, her delriously happy slave, she is simply a goddess he is helplessly besotted by. Each time she makes him suffer, he can't help but crawl...

Chains in Mind

by S. May

Chains in Mind is a cool, cruel take on fem dom par excellence. James attends a surprise lunch date only to find his life changed out of all recognition in a matter of moments. What follows includes clever bondage...

Sommer Lovin': The Sommer Marsden Collection

by Sommer Marsden

Branching the many strands of adult fiction, this collection of wanton short stories from erotica diva Sommer Marsden is sure to suit all tastes, no matter how wicked! With any luck, Sommer Lovin' might have...

Institute of Correction: Erotic adventures and torment in a world beyond our own

by Talia Skye

A beautiful woman is held in an asylum having been found lost, wandering and naked. She is taken under the wing of the sinister doctor Varata and his fetishistic trio of nurses. She is treated to an intense...

Dragon Candy Volume 2: Erotic Adventures and Torment in a World Beyond Our Own

by Talia Skye

Candy explores the strange world of the "Kami" empire that she entered in Dragon Candy 1: Captured. Fully enslaved now she must go where her master takes her, and where her master takes her is ever deeper into...

Dragon Candy: Erotic Adventures and Torment in a World Beyond Our Own

by Talia Skye

Off the coast of Japan, there is an area of ocean where all manner of vessels have vanished without warning or trace. Unlike the Bermuda Triangle, no explanation has ever been offered for the infamous Dragon's...

A Damned Good Rogering: The Roger Frank Selby Collection

by Roger Frank Selby

Spanning the adult ambit, this collection of steamy short stories from erotica superstar Roger Frank Selby is sure to suit all tastes, no matter how hot. Treat yourself to A Damned Good Rogering this season,...

Hot Vegas: Lottery winners take on the Mafia and FBI

by Harry Blue

'Soft Lips' Prudence checks her lottery ticket in bed, and the noise she makes takes Jeff 'Sex Machine's attention away from the soccer results. Fulham have drawn again. They celebrate by making love, and then...

Forbidden Pleasures, Forgiven Desires: New Beginnings

by Eliot Hastings

Peter was an assertive man, in complete control of his life and work. But in his closest relationships he was a natural submissive, and he had been searching for a dominant partner for as long as he could remember....

Winter Warmer: A (Getting) Biblical Tale

by Sarah Berry

Could lines like, "ooh it's hot in here" really get you laid? Christmas is over: the presents have been opened and tired of, the brandy had been downed and hangover is a distant memory. Sophie is alone with...