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Love Potion 1, 2, & 3

by Secret Narrative

Ten hot, sexy novellas comprising more than 269,000 words, including: Past Present by Secret Narrative Eleanor and Matthew explore each other through a series of wicked erotic games and sexy tasks that stimulate...

Big Black Wolf

by Daisy Rose

Kinky fairy tales features standalone stories with a sensual twist. In this version of Little Red Riding Hood, Red runs into the depraved beast on her way to her grandmother's house. The giant beast takes human...

Rekindling Her Desire

by Becca Sinh

Steve wanted to get into Bess’s tight shorts and make her scream with delight so badly that he was going absolutely crazy…until he learned that she’d been brutally raped several months ago. Suddenly he...


by Mena Thrace

All Garland wants is to find her twin brother. All Nathan wants to do is keep his son safe. They thought they would be safer by working together. They're not. Not even close. They're about to find out the hard...

Under His Total Control

by Ella Louise

When you fall for someone immediately, how well do you really know that person? That's what Helen is forced to wonder when she finds herself naked, cuffed to a chair in her new boyfriend's basement, completely...

The Witch's Cousins

by Alana Church

Against the odds, Claire has brought her son and daughter into the coven. However, the malevolent force of the Dark One is still stalking them, consumed with hatred. Claire knows that their time of peace is...

Taboo Temptress

by Becca Sinh

Tom lived for the two months every summer when his precious stepdaughter, Sabrina, came to visit him. He’d watched her grow into a gorgeous young woman—but he’d never realized that she ached for him to...

Naked Escort

by George Boxlicker

Angelina is a successful paid escort, partly because of her great beauty and partly because she loves sex so much she always gives her wealthy male clients more than their money’s worth. When Rich Lottabucks,...


by Mena Thrace

Garland has survived as long as she has by grim determination and sheer luck...but it looks like her luck has finally dried up. A simple act of kindness has left her staring down a loaded gun. Nathan has survived...

Friends With Back Door Benefits

by Ella Louise

College friends Adam and Hannah find themselves stuck in a freezing RV overnight with nothing but each other for warmth and entertainment. To make matters worse, Hannah is fighting her constant, growing desire...

Beyond the Dome

by Daniel Kay

For three-hundred years the Fathers have controlled the Dome and everyone inside it. They have kept the people safe from the radiated Wastes outside and, in order to keep the peace, the Fathers enacted many...

Violated By My Husband's Debt Collectors

by Malory Chambers

Elaine Holmes is the last person anyone would suspect of anything that's less than prim and proper. Her compulsive gambler husband is another story altogether. When stern and bulky debt collectors come knocking...

Broken In By The Man Of The House

by Scarlet Smith

Innocent and inexperienced Samantha has a huge crush on Don, the rugged and ripped man of the house, but she doesn't dare do anything about it. Instead, she turns to the internet, looking for an older man to...

Disciplining Her Forever

by Anna Austin

“Before, we were merely dabbling on the edges of pleasure and pain. We were amateurs, dilettantes. But tonight, we will truly embrace the darkness within us." Annie is an orphan, but she has finally escaped...

The Witch's Daughter

by Alana Church

Claire Chamberlain and her family were members of a holy coven hiding themselves away from the ancient evil which hunted them. Their sexual energy could be used for the benefit of all, but they needed a man...

Spring Break with My Dad's Best Friend

by Kelli Wolfe

The whole idea was crazy. The guy was my dad’s best friend and insanely gorgeous. He was never in a million years going to go for me. But what if he did? Cass’s spring break is threatening to fizzle out...

Daisy's Delights

by George Boxlicker

Daisy is a gorgeous woman who works as a fashion model and has just turned 18. She and her agent want her to get involved in the more lucrative nude modeling but Daisy fears she may be frigid and that sad condition...

Ad Noctum

by Mena Thrace

It's been over a year since the fall of humanity and the rise of the dead. Boring, predictable, easy living is a thing of the past. It's all about survival. Garland has narrowly escaped a horde of the undead...

Jim's Girlfriend

by George Boxlicker

Susie Cue is a sexy blonde who lives with Jimmy Boxlicker. One day, Jim’s father comes by with his son’s mail, lets himself in and sees her toweling herself off after her shower. The blonde hotsy and the...

Disciplined For Her Sins

by Anna Austin

“Pleasure and pain mixing into one glorious whole... she was crying out again and again…" Annie is eighteen, and an orphan. Living out her days in the dismal surrounds of Bleakcroft Orphanage, she dreams...