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Evenly Erotic: Short Erotic Stories

by Nick Armbrister

Featuring four short erotic stories: No More Mr Frog Man about two friends who become a little too close. Will they ruin their close friendship by their desires for one another? Down in the Woods features an...

Three Tears and One Kiss: Dark Romance Stories

by Nick Armbrister

Amazon ebook version. This is Nick Armbrister's new ebook of romance short stories with a dark edge. From two English Goth romance stories where a dark lady of the night meets her dark prince, to Tattoo Me A...

Summer Revelations

by Gabriel Stonehouse

"Frustrated by the effects of his wife's menopause, Alec falls for the affections of a younger woman and embarks on a journey of illicit sexual adventures beyond anything he could ever have imagined."

Lesbian Erotica: Lesbian Coed

by Tori Wizee

Lesbian Erotica: Lesbian Coed experimenting, lesbian roommates erotic story

Swinger Sex Games

by Rachel Richards

Mary and Frank are swingers and they found a way to get newbies into the swing of things. By using the games that Mary invented they start to collect a group of people who look forward to acting on what Mary...

Slut Wife

by Rachel Richards & Aaron Knight

Evan Love discovers his wife's diary and is shocked by the number of lovers she has been with lately. As he tries to come to grips with his wife's adventures he is open to other women who show him that cheating...

Lesbian Erotica: Lesbian Roommates

by Donna Irvin

Lesbian Erotica: Lesbian Roommates: lesbian erotic stories.It isn't easy living under the same roof as someone you want, but aren't supposed to have.

Swinging Vacation

by Dick Talent

Combine beautiful women and a great resort with a relaxed friendly atmosphere and wild things will happen. One couple is caught up in the action as they try to unwind in Mexico. Cheri Lyn's beauty and bedroom...

Into the Swing

by Rachel Richards

In her first autobiographical novel, Rachel Richards tells the story of her and her boyfriend's experiences in the swinging lifestyle. After a series of false starts and misadventures, they enter the world of...

50 Shades of Gay

by Rachel Richards

Amanda wants Sheri, who is half her age, so she comes up with a step by step way of seducing the beautiful young woman. Each step is innocent enough so Sheri thinks nothing of it until she is naked in front...

Lesbian Erotica: Sorority

by Kelsi Arlene

Lesbian Erotica: in the sorority girls just wanna have fun. sorority is a compilation of what happened at the sorority houses. short story.

Gay Erotica: Gay Erotic Military Story

by Kendra Rose

Gay Erotica: Gay Erotic Military bareback Story. Story from the brave men and women who protect our country from terrorist.

Sis Boom Bang

by Becca Sinh

Henry ached to seduce pretty golden-haired Sara...and now he was going to spend the entire summer at her parents' farm. He could hardly wait to get his hands on her, and teach her all about exquisite mind-numbing...

With Hubby's Approval

by Becca Sinh

Sunny and her husband wanted lots of children-but there was one little problem. Clay couldn't have kids. So every time Sunny was ready to get pregnant again, she had to go searching for a lusty man who would...

Seducing Samantha

by Becca Sinh

Byron and Samantha had been living alone ever since his wife had died twelve years ago. He'd long-since resigned himself to whacking off half a dozen times every night, because no other woman could possibly...

All Change: Gina Joy Book 3

by Maria Hooch

With her husband out of prison and her life finally starting to make sense, Gina has one more shock to deal with. On the day comes home, Lara phones with news that will change the lives of everybody involved....

What Happens in Vegas: An Erotic Gay Fantasy

by K Windsor

John is a lawyer whose boss sent him to Vegas to attend a tech conference he views as a waste of his time. Imagine his surprise when he runs into Mark, an old high school classmate he blames for some of the...

Lost and Found: Sex with the Billionaire Series

by Caralyn Knight & Seth Daniels

Joshua Warren owns a publishing company worth billions that prides itself on its reputation for publishing new, cutting edge books. Therefore, when Rough Souls crosses his desk, he is determined to do whatever...

The Guardian's Bond

by C A Salo

Who says guardians can't be sexy and sassy, with one hell of a right hook? Alston guardian, Olivia Roven, knows how dangerous her job can be, and has felt the darkness that can tear families apart. Rushing home...


by C L Scholey

Wandering a shattered, dying Earth, Roam despises the loneliness. Alien vessels he must avoid circle overhead. When he collides with a Tonan deep in the heart of a jungle, Roam engages in a brutal battle. To...