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Abducting Alice

by Angela Castle

For someone who thinks rocks are more interesting than men, geologist Alice is proven how very wrong she is.

When a probe crashes to Earth near a dig site, Alice Clarkson thinks she has hit the jackpot of her...

No Laughing Matter

by Michelle Marquis

For Officer Violet Malone it's the opportunity she's been hoping for. After years of serving on the mean streets as a beat cop, she finally has a chance to get back to the undercover work she loves. So when...

Woman's World

by Shari Dare

On the planet Plazer, the remote kingdom of Telligan is run completely by women. With their own men castrated and turned into eunuchs, it is Regina's job to search the galaxy for suitable breeders to perpetuate...

Blood Feud

by Michelle O'Neill & Lindsey Bayer

Something is very wrong with Gypsy’s ex-husband, Colonel Caraculla.

Crazed with jealously over Gypsy’s marriage to his rival Kharon, Caraculla has managed to get himself banished to the Imperial frontier...

Second Night: More Fairytales Retold

by Caroline Aubrey

We all know the fairy stories from childhood...beautiful heroine meets handsome mysterious hero; they fall in love, marry, and live happily ever after...or do they? Even though times have changed, we still have...

Maniac Lullaby

by Michelle Marquis & Lindsey Bayer

Doctor Scarlet Jonson is in big trouble.

Because of her beauty, the poor human doctor has attracted the attention of the Emperor who wants her for his harem. In order to save her, Desmond and Gavin have embarked...

Terms of Surrender

by Christy Poff

Noah Sheffield left England to avoid a man's threat, his trek landing him in St. Louis by way of Harvard Law School. Establishing a successful law firm while sitting on the Federal bench, Noah's life was perfect--except...

King's Ransom

by Christy Poff

When a young upstart alpha werewolf moves in on Ardalyn Hunter’s grandfather’s region, she finds herself in the center of pack politics while coming into her own as the Huntress.

Ryman King becomes an unwitting...

Temptations: Three's Company & On Broadway

by M C Scout

Three's Company Dale has been admiring Sam since she came to work with him, though his overbearing wife makes sure he behaves. Sam has felt a unique sensation between her and Dale but figures him to be untouchable...


by Christy Poff

Calvin Wright has seen a great deal over the span of his life but presently runs blockades for the Confederacy, though only at night. He's a man wanted by the Union. Lady Harley Windsor is being hunted by a...

Volatile Chemistry

by Michelle O'Neill & Lindsey Bayer

Now that Gypsy is finally free of General Kharon, it's time to get on with her life and career. But the young cadet has overlooked one thing in her haste to resume her life: her wicked grandfather, Titan. Without...

2-in-1: Peggy Hunger

by Peggy Hunter

Get two complete novels at one low price! Both “BACHELOR FOR SALE” novels from bestselling erotic romance author Peggy Hunter, including:

SWEET REVENGE: BACHELOR FOR SALE BOOK 1: On the verge of her wedding,...

Desire In Flames & Desire Is Green

by Christy Poff

Two couples finding instant passion while on the job—will desire win out?

Mike Ritchie always knew what she wanted until Wes Barrett walked onto the fireground and ignited flaming desire in her. Wes had all...

Christy Poff's Recommended Reads

by Christy Poff

Three amazing Christy Poff novels, all awarded Fallen Angel Reviews’ prestigious Recommended Read!

A MATTER OF DECEPTION: Seneca Manion had everything he wanted – especially in the only woman he’d ever...

A Lady's Challenge

by C A Salo

Welcome to Neris, mercenary planet light years from our own Milky Way Galaxy. Lieutenant Trea Padame, is not only the second in command of the mercenary warship Catalysts’ security division, she’s also hiding...

Big Bad Wolf

by Michelle Marquis

Eleana the werewolf has a very depressing problem; she hasn’t been able to change into her wolf form in all of her thirty-two years. What the heck is a woman supposed to do with an issue like that? It’s...


by Michelle Marquis

Queen Ginger Mont Blanc's life is safe, ordered, and controlled. Newly married to an ambitious young King on Crusade against the vampire hordes, Ginger is kept even more locked away than most Queens. But in...

Siren Warrior Chronicles: Books 4, 5 and 6

by Michelle O'Neill & Lindsey Bayer

Novels 4, 5, and 6 in the thrilling Erotic Romance / Science Fiction Siren Warriors series from authors Michelle Marquis and Lindsey Bayer, including: SIREN WARRIOR BOOK 4: PRIMAL FEVER: Gypsy Theron has made...

Night Wish

by Christy Poff

Hayden Beaumont is unique in so many ways-his eternal birthright, his good looks-everything about him. Searching for the right woman to share his life has been a never-ending task, until he meets an artist on...

The Other Woman

by Kira Chase

Private Investigators Johanna Obrien and Frankie Barker are planning a vacation with Johanna's visiting mother, Gracelyn, when a former lover of Johanna's shows up demanding that Johanna take her case. Gretchen...