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Duty Bound

by Francine Whittaker

Rusty Paget is a feisty,fiery and independent pilot and thrill seeker. When she meets Charles Hilton, she gets all she can handle! Behind the personable and successful persona he projects in public lurks a very...

Lost Property: An Arena Novel

by Sean O'Kane

For Kath Knowles a carpetting from her boss turns into something far more erotic than she had expected. But then she needed it to because she is not a typical civil servant, she is an undercover reporter sent...

Last Slave Standing: An Arena novel

by Sean O'Kane

Storm clouds are gathering over the well regulated calm of the gladiator stables that form the new arenas. The owners have come up with a new game for the girls to compete in for the entertainment of the crowds;...

Realm of Bondage: The Naked Saga II

by Ashton Thorn

Ashton Thorn builds on his impressive debut novel; 'Charlotte's Awakening' with this ingenious blend of gothic fantasy and BDSM. The action begins to swing back towards this world and introduces a new heroine...

A Slave's Desire: An 'Unchained' novel

by Kim Knight

Mel, recently released from slavery, is determined to win her lover, Natalie's freedom too. But the vicious Mistress Faith has spirited her away to a training camp in Algeria. Here her torments seem unending...

Dark Surrender: An 'Unchained' novel

by Kim Knight

Leigh Goldman is a successful psychologist into whose office comes a young woman who clamis she is a sex slave. She tells Liegh harrowing tales of what her master puts her through. Leigh is determined to rescue...

Sex Doll

by Sapphire Scott

Fresh out of Business School, Rebecca Paxton is determined she's going to run her father's car factory. The men have other ideas though! In the ensuing battle of wills, Rebecca finds her true nature and fulfils...

The Dark Side of Maggie Moon

by Krys Antarakis

Maggie Moon is successful, independent and happy. But one day she meets a woman, who although a complete stranger to her, seems to know a great deal about her. The stranger starts making suggestions about how...


by Tanya Simmonds

In the twenty-second century women hold complete power over men, controlling even their orgasms. Illicit ones are punishable by the horrific 'nullification' procedure. But Retro-Dawn an underground resistance...

Subduing Jacqueline: Institute of Submission I

by Jordan Church

When Becca goes to starts a new job at a mental health clinic she is unprepared for metting Wayne Jones. He has been wrongfully imprisoned but by his manipulation of those around him he is carving out his own...

Mastering Jacqueline: Institute of Submission II

by Jordan Church

Wayne King is growing in confidence and his influence is steadily spreading through the hospital. Jacqueline finds herself out of her depth in all ways possible! 'Jackie's potential cry was stalled in her throat...

Girl Squad: An Arena novel

by Sean O'Kane

The Arena novels all concern a movement that sets up arenas which use modern slavegirls in erotic combat to entertain the crowds. Each novel is a separate story and this one concerns two very different girls...

How to Spank a Woman: The modern gentleman's guide to erotic female punishment

by Peter Prince

How to Spank a Woman is a gem of a book for all spanking enthusiasts. It is written knowledeably and with a sly wit that will entertain as much as it excites. It is a priceless compendium of positions and techniques...

Temple of Darkness: Africanus Vol 3

by Geoffrey Allen

Africanus's adventures take her to Egypt, where she encounters dangerous powerplays between powerful men and women. None more so than Hatentita!

Ritual of Pain: Africanus Vol 2

by Geoffrey Allen

On the run from Rome, Africanus is shipwrecked on the shores of the island of Britain, only to fall foul of priestesses and tribesmen!

The Arena of Torment: Africanus Vol I

by Geoffrey Allen

Arena of Torment is the first of the highly successful 'Africanus' novels. They follow the fortunes of a beautiful African slavegirl in the Roman world. In this first volume she is recruited for the Arenas.

Lessons in Art

by Sam Eden

Young and beautiful, Nicola yearns for a man to take the cane to her, as her late guardian had done. But when she begs art collector Sir James Hammond for a caning to save her job, she reaps the wrath of Rebecca,...


by Erin Aislinn

After ten years of giving Erani the protection of his name in marriage, Farhad must finally fulfill his promise and set her free. It is time for her to make her own decisions and take her rightful place in the...

Pony-Girl Tales - Susanna's Run

by Peter & Penny Birch

After a humiliating punsihment in the village pillory, Annabelle and Bobbie are determined to revenge themselves on their tormentors. To do this, they enlist the aid of the thoroughly debauched Anderson Croom,...

Pony-Girl Tales - Annabelle: Part 2: Part 2

by Peter & Penny Birch

After a humiliating punsihment in the village pillory, Annabelle and Bobbie are determined to revenge themselves on their tormentors. To do this, they enlist the aid of the thoroughly debauched Anderson Croom,...