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Taming Sweet Puck

by Jackie Nacht

The Gathering is called and after several years the King of the UnSeelie is bored out of his ever lovin' mind. He sends his most trusted emissary, Puck, to the Earth realm to find two human changelings to mix...

Ascend from Darkness

by Natalie Hancock

With everyone in the hands of evil once more, Layla must travel through the Spirit World, home to the Spirit Demons, in order to get to them. There is just one problem. The Spirit Demons have rules. Without...

When Tatum got bit by a Spider

by Stephani Hecht

Raised by a ruthless slaver to be one of the best assassins in the shifter world, the only one Tatum knew he could count on and trust was his twin brother. The fact that they've joined with a cast of Hawks hasn't...

The Crystal of the Ukteena

by K. B. Forrest

The ancient Native American shaman knew death was near. He entered the dark cave and placed a stone over the pot holding a creature that must never again be unleashed. Hundreds of years later, Grasping Raccoon,...

The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 11: Over 40 pieces of outstanding short erotic fiction

by Maxim Jakubowski

Unputdownable short erotic fiction from the most outstanding writers in the field. Once again, Maxim Jakubowski has put together a masterful selection of over 40 stories of sexual encounters from every corner...

Best Women's Erotica 2013

by Violet Blue

Violet Blue is a self-made wunderkind who is now one of our chief pundits on sex education, porn for women, as well as technology. Courted by OWN and appearing in many major magazines and periodicals around...

The Complete Overcoming Series: A Comprehensive Series of Self-Help Guides Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

by , Peter Cooper

The complete set of self-help guides from the popular Overcoming series. Each guide is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), an evidence-based therapy which is recommended by the NHS for the treatment...

The Flesh Constrained (Modern Erotic Classics)

by Cleo Cordell

Lord Rakka's sexual prowess is exceeded only by his mystical power. Using his talent for alchemy, he and his perfect lover - the fair and angelic Garnetta - travel back through time to 900 BC. There, they encounter...

Violent Silence (Modern Erotic Classics)

by Paul Mayersberg

Pandora Hammond is a contented married mother. Contented, that is, until she has a random and wildly passionate encounter with a complete stranger in an exclusive Los Angeles hotel. Far away in the Arizona desert,...

The Tides of Lust (Modern Erotic Classics)

by Samuel Delany

The Tides of Lust is a powerful, erotic and violent encounter with the voices and experiences of characters who linger in a small American seaport. Here is an insatiable African-American ship's captain, a dangerously...

Kiss of Death (Modern Erotic Classics)

by Valentina Cilescu

Death and Lust and Vampires!In the forgotten and bricked-up cellars of Winterbourne Hall, the Master's spirit feasted . . . At last, his deliverance was at hand.Hidden deep in the English countryside, Winterbourne...

The Flesh Endures (Modern Erotic Classics)

by Cleo Cordell

If his beauty was of the Devil, and this an enchantment, she did not care. . .Lord Karolan Rakka is no stranger to death: sensual, mysterious and endowed with an arcane knowledge of alchemy, he has achieved...

Peep Show, Volume 2

by Paul Fry

Fifteen original tales of erotic horror from award-winning authors and excellent newcomers. Some of the stories in this collection are shocking and disturbing. Peep Show, Volume 2 brings you new tales of sex...

Beltane Fire

by Jenna Bright, Garland & Slave Nano

An Xcite Books collection of five historical erotic stories with mixed themes including m/f, f/f, m/m, menage, BDSM and cross-dressing.

S is for Slave

by Kim Knight

Mia is a girl who is still in trouble! No sooner has she recovered from her adventures in 'Slaves on Screen' than she is swept into new peril at the behest of her 'Master'. This time she has to corrupt an incorruptible...

Ponygirls of Irontown

by Adriana Arden

Adriana's brilliantly envisioned society of 'Irontown' is once again evoked with all its clever bondage and strict heirarchy. Samantha takes delivery of her very own slavegirl when she comes of age and begins...

Joanna's Training - Volume 2: The true story of a new Transvestite's sexual awakening

by Joanna

When an American dominatrix hears of the emergence of a new and attractive transvestite, Joanna, who is a complete 'tv' virgin, she realises that some intensive training is needed to develop the girl from a...

The Tongue Patrol Sales Rep: Fulfilling Married Women's Fantasies

by Damien Dsoul

Saul Mellors has just gotten a job working as a sex representative to a company that indulges fulfilling married white women's sexual fantasies in his neighbourhood.

Sarah's Sexploits - Sunday: Sarah and Emil carry on from where they left off!

by K T Red

As Sarah recovers from the previous night's wild erotic extremes, she begins to realises the true nature of her feelings for Emil. An early morning session on the beach, chilly fun with an ice cube, sexy word...

Joanna's Training - Volume 1: The true story of a new Transvestite's sexual awakening

by Joanna

When an American dominatrix hears of the emergence of a new and attractive transvestite, Joanna, who is a complete 'tv' virgin, she realises that some intensive training is needed to develop the girl from a...