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Cheap Trick

by Astrid Fox

Young filmmaker Tesser Roget is a girl who takes no prisoners. An American slacker chick, living in London, she dresses in funky clothes, looks hot and knows it. She likes to have sex, and she frequently does....


by Fleur Reynolds

Sapphire Western is a beautiful young investment broker whose best friend Zinnia has recently married Jethro Clarke, one of the wealthiest and most lecherous men in Texas. Sapphire and Zinnia have a mutual friend,...

Artistic Licence

by Vivienne Lafay

In Renaissance Italy, Carla Buonomi is determined to find a new life for herself where she can put her artistic talents to good use. Dressed as a boy - albeit a very pretty one - she travels to Florence and...

White Rose Ensnared

by Juliet Hastings

When the elderly Lord de Verney is killed in battle, his beautiful widow Rosamund finds herself at the mercy of Sir Ralph Aycliffe, a powerful knight who will stop at nothing to humiliate her and seize her property....

A Sporting Chance

by Susie Raymond

Maggie has a thing for hunky ice-hockey players. After her encounter with Troy and his team-mates, their manager is furious. Not only is she putting his players off their game, she's also turning the manager...

A Scandalous Affair

by Holly Graham

Young, well-groomed and spoilt, Olivia Standish is the epitome of a trophy wife. Her husband is a successful politician, and Olivia is confident that she can look forward to a life of luxury and prestige. Then...

Wild Kingdom

by Deanna Ashford

'Sarin was infuriated by his own weakness, knowing he could not fight her forever and fearing that one day soon his resolve would give way. Uselessly, he pulled at the chain that held his wrists together, knowing...

Wolf At The Door

by Savannah Smythe

Thirty-year-old Pagan Warner is marrying Greg - a debonair but seemingly dull Englishman - in an effort to erase her turbulent past. All she wants is a peaceful life but her past catches up with her in the form...

Cabin Fever

by Emma Donaldson

Saucy story of clandestine goings-on aboard a luxury liner.

Young beautician Laura works in the exclusive Shangri-La beauty salon aboard the cruise ship Jannina. Although she has a super-sensual time with her...

Black Lipstick Kisses

by Monica Belle

Sultry and mischievous Angela McKie loves dressing up in fetish clothing inspired by Victorian decadence. Perfecting an air of occult seciness, she enjoys teasing men to distraction, She attracts the lustful...

Cruel Enchantment

by Janine Ashbless

Cruel Enchantment is a stunning collection of unique and breathtakingly beautiful erotic fairy tales.

Winged demonesses, otherworldly lovers and a dragon with an enormous sexual appetite collide with spoilt...

Divine Torment

by Janine Ashbless

A tale of forbidden love from the talented author of the bestselling Cruel Enchantment

In the ancient temple city of Mulhanabin, the voluptuous Malia Shai awaits her destiny. Millions of people worship her, believing...

Bound In Blue

by Monica Belle

Saucy goings-on in the world of highbrow academia makes for a wildly entertaining sexy story...

When university lecturer Hazel Jones takes in the most popular of her female students as a lodger, she expects a...


by Wendy Swanscombe

A beautiful dark-haired lesbian lawyer from central Europe travels to the legend-haunted realm of Transmarynia, where she is to help a mysterious blonde stranger prepare for residence in Bucharest. What she...

Stripped To The Bone

by Jasmine Stone

Annie is blazing a trail of fast living on the West Coast of America. Constantly seeking thrills and intense experiences, she is motivated by a hungry sexuality. Annie also has a philosophical side, however,...

Snow Blonde

by Astrid Fox

Lilli Sandstrom is an archaeologist in her mid-thirties; cool blond fisherman Arvak Berg is her good-looking lover. When their tempestuous relationship becomes too hot to handle Lilli retreats to the northern...

Slave Acts

by Jennifer Jane Pope

The fourth book in Jennifer Jane Pope's Slave series continues the story of the bizarre establishment devoted to the satisfaction of specialist tastes, hidden from prying eyes on a remote Scottish island. Here,...

Skin Slave

by Yolanda Celbridge

Nudist genetics student Belle Pudget remains an uncaned submissive until Geisha, slave of dominatrix Dr Jolita Cunliffe, introduces her to bare-bottom chastisement. Belle joins the Paine Institute on a remote...

Sisters Of Severcy

by Jean Aveline

The villa at Severcy is a place of extremes. Here, innocence and love vie with experience and cruelty as young Isabelle is led into perversion by Robert, the handsome Englishman who visited the villa one summer....


by Stella Black

In this story, Stella lets us in on a rip-snorting adventure of sex, sleaze and horny cowboys.

Things get a little weird out there in the Arizona desert - and when Stella ventures into the heat, the landscape...