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Wild By Nature

by Monica Belle

Talented chef Juliet Eden imagines she has the perfect marriage to Toby - a titled aristocrat - and no need to stray from her vows of fidelity. Yet when temptation comes in the form of rough sex with the barely...


by Laura Bowen

When Melanie joins the staff of The Hotel she enters a world of new sexual experiences and frightening demands, in which there are three kinds of duty she must perform. In this place of luxury and beauty there...

Pleasing Them

by William Doughty

The young servant girl slid helplessly into the foaming water which filled her mistress's marble bath.Her black and white maid's uniform was instantly drenched and clung to her in a way that outlined every part...

Stella Does Hollywood

by Stella Black

Stella Black has a 1969 Pontiac Firebird, a leopard-skin bra and a lot of attitude. Partying her way around Hollywood she is discovered by Leon Lubrisky, the billionaire mogul of Pleasure Dome Inc. He persuades...

Mixed Doubles

by Zoe Le Verdier

When Natalie Crawford is offered the job as manager of a tennis club in a wealthy English suburb, she jumps at the chance. There's an extra perk, too: Paul, the club's coach, is handsome and charming, and she...

The Blue Guide

by Carrie Williams

Cocktails, room service, spa treatments: Alicia Shaw is a girl who just can't say no to the little perks of being a private tour guide in London. Whether it's the Hollywood producer with whom she romps in the...

The Silver Collar

by Mathilde Madden

The first in a werewolf paranormal trilogy from the acclaimed author, Mathilde Madden

Eleven years ago a powerful ancient werewolf ripped Iris's life apart. One full moon night it attacked the two people she...

Pleasure Island

by Aran Ashe

The beautiful Anya, betrothed to the prince of Lidir, has set sail for his homeland. On the way, her ship is beset by pirates. Captured and put into chains, Anya is subjected to a harsh shipboard regime of punishment...

Penny In Harness

by Penny Birch

When naughty Penny Birch is walking in the woods one day, she is surprised to find a couple pony-carting. Penny is so excited by watching this new form of adult fun that she has to pleasure herself on the spot....

What Happens To Bad Girls

by Penny Birch

Natasha escaped the troubles and pressures of modern life by retreating to the Channel Isles, where she plans a life of uninterrupted debauchery. But, she hasn't reckoned with the locals, who are more assertive...

The Black Flame

by Lisette Ashton

When private investigator Jo Valentine is called upon to help a coven which is being forced out of its village, she is immersed in a world of orgiastic pagan ritual, lesbian SM and bizarre throwbacks to the...

Serving Time

by Sarah Veitch

The house of compulsion is the unofficial name of an experimental reformatory. Fern Terris, a 24-year-old temptress, finds herself facing ten years in prison - unless she agrees to submit to Compulsion's disciplinary...

Like Mother, Like Daughter

by Georgina Brown

Although neither of them would admit it, mother Liz and daughter Rachel are very alike. For instance, they share the same appetite for sex. But whil Rachel is enjoying new sexual experiences with a secret lover,...

In the Flesh

by Emma Holly

Dancer Chloe Dubois is a heady combination of innocence and sultry seduction, and Japanese-American businessman David Imakita will risk everything he has to keep her: his career, his friends, even his integrity...

Dirty Laundry

by Penny Birch

Natasha is feeling deprived of kinky sex. Unfortunately, she walks straight into the flabby embrace of the awful Monty Hartle, whose main joy in life is the humiliation of women. Before long, Natasha finds that...

Wife Swap

by Amber Leigh

A definitive novel of wife-swapping from the author of Swingers

Mark and Anne have been tempted by the idea of wife swapping since their first shared sexual fantasies. They have the desire, the determination...

The Girlflesh Institute

by Adriana Arden

A masterpiece of institutional slavery and female domination

Probing the lowest levels of the outwardly respectable London headquarters of Shiller plc, Vanessa Buckingham stumbles into a hidden world of twenty...

Butter Wouldn't Melt

by Penny Birch

When Pippa is accepted as a trainee to a city law firm, she fondly imagines a life both cultivated and intellectual, rather than the crew of sleazy ambulance chasers she ends up with. Worse still, they know...

The Boss

by Monica Belle

Felicity is a girl with two different sides to her character, each leading two very separate lives.

There's Fizz - wild child, drummer in a retro punk band, and car thief.

And then there's Felicity - a quiet,...

Being a Girl

by Chloe Thurlow

A journey of discovery and awakening to the delights of discipline

When Milly is late for a vital interview on a sweltering day, casting agent Jean-Luc Cartier pours her some water and holds the glass to her...