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Miami Bound

by Henry Morgan

After fleeing his pursuers across the icy wastes of northern Russia, David Harper has finally arrived in the USA. His enemy is dead, his friend is reconciled and he has two Lapp females to get rid of before...

Foxy Lady

by Roxane Beaufort

The French Revolution, 1790 and onwards. Spirited Chantel is furious with the leader of the revolutionaries, Captain Gautier, who takes over her estate, but though hating everything he stands for is strangely...

Domination Inc.

by Drusilla Leather

When Laurel Angell is left to salvage her struggling escort agency after her business partner, Roger Preston, disappears, there's only one course to take from the ashes, she creates Domination Inc., dedicated...

In Service

by Rosanna Challis

When young Hetty goes into service at Longton Hall, she falls victim to the depraved appetites of her master, Sir Victor. Lady Alice, suspecting her husband of debauchery, persuades Hetty to disguise herself...

Afghan Bound

by Henry Morgan

Involved in voluntary medical work abroad, David Harper finds himself caught up in the Afghanistan war, and his adventures there bring him in close contact with the cruel treatment of prisoners. Escaping death...

A Cruel Passing of Innocence

by J.D Jensen

Sold into slavery by her stepfather, Nassara is stripped, beaten and delivered to the Palace of Misery, where young slaves must hasten to adapt to the Masters' cruel perversities, or face harsh punishment. Adorned...

A Desirable Property

by Nicole Dere

When their plane is hijacked and forced to land in the African state of Leontondo, lovely Jane Freeman and petite redhead, Moira Kinsella, soon learn that their chief hope of survival lays in total submission...

Back in Service

by Rosanna Challis

Forsaking the delights of the Parisian demi-monde, Hetty and Leonard return to Longton Hall. Even though he is now crippled, the lecherous Sir Victor is still terrorising the household with his depraved ways,...

Damsels in Distress

by Amanita Virosa

Maiden distress from Chimera Books and Amanita Virosa - eleven tales inspired by the timeless theme of pain, peril and pleasure. A sacrificial virgin is saved from birch-wielding Druids; but what fate do her...


by Winifred Aire

Born to privilege in a Southern home, the beautiful Annabelle hides a shameful secret - a dream in which she is the lowest slave - which denies her marriage and happiness. It is only the intentions of a foreign...

Dr Casswell's Student

by Sarah Fisher

When Sarah Morgan is invited to help her employer, Doctor Casswell, translate an antique journal at his isolated country mansion, she finds herself drawn into the dark and sensual world of medieval slave girl,...

Bad Girls

by Brooke Stern

The girls in these erotic stories share a secret. They love spankings. They dream of them, crave them, and ask for them. The anticipation of an imminent spanking makes their pulse race, their breath quicken,...

Chain Reaction

by Jennifer Jane Pope

She's back! Gorgeous undercover reporter Alison 'Alley' Katt decides to put her new found love of fetish wear and bondage to practical use, researching a feature on the S&M clubs of Europe, little realising...

Kissing Velvet

by Elizabeth Cage

He never kissed - not in the usual sense. He said there were other ways to express how you felt about a woman. He called it kissing velvet. An ambitious businesswoman discovers a capacity for submission when...

Dr Casswell's Plaything

by Sarah Fisher

On the trail of medieval slave girl, Beatrice de Fleur, Sarah Morgan and her enigmatic master, Dr Casswell, find themselves caught up in the exotic surroundings of a Turkish port. And when their hosts trade...

Arena of Shame

by Kate Benedict

Branna's life is torn apart when her tribe is defeated by the hated Romans, her betrothed beaten to death before her eyes, and she is taken as the spoils of war. From the slave markets her path takes her from...

Assignment for Alison

by Jennifer Jane Pope

Journalist Alison Katt has a reputation for being prepared to do anything to get her story. But when editor Mike Hallett tells her the details of her latest assignment, even the intrepid Alley Katt is shocked....

Suffering the Consequences

by Brooke Stern

Sometime during her first spanking, Lauren's indignation turns to shame. She stops protesting and realises how much she deserves it. In her recent past she's been arrested, expelled from university and sacked...

All for Her Master

by Michael O'Connor

He stroked and prodded Constance, all the while crudely continuing to compliment her physical attributes. Eventually, much to her relief, his attention was diverted to the board game on the table.  'I wonder...

Fate's Victim

by Roxane Beaufort

Fate deals beautiful but pampered Lady Angela Bayswater a cruel blow when her wealthy landowner father dies suddenly. Not only is she now alone in the world, but she discovers that he was deep in debt and the...