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Nina's Submission

by Jennifer Justine

Nina is a dominatrix who enjoys her work to the full, but when Raffy Carruthers employs her to seek out a painting acquired by a wealthy German, she finds an unfamiliar role for herself will be needed if she...

Mustang Girls

by Paul T Morrisson

A typical Texan ranch... cowboys, roundups, breeding, rodeos... except that this stock is female! A young English girl has gone missing and the female Ranger, Mariel, is detailed to look into her disappearance....

A Damned Good Rogering: The Roger Frank Selby Collection

by Roger Frank Selby

Spanning the adult ambit, this collection of steamy short stories from erotica superstar Roger Frank Selby is sure to suit all tastes, no matter how hot. Treat yourself to A Damned Good Rogering this season,...

Hot Vegas: Lottery winners take on the Mafia and FBI

by Harry Blue

'Soft Lips' Prudence checks her lottery ticket in bed, and the noise she makes takes Jeff 'Sex Machine's attention away from the soccer results. Fulham have drawn again. They celebrate by making love, and then...

Forbidden Pleasures, Forgiven Desires: New Beginnings

by Eliot Hastings

Peter was an assertive man, in complete control of his life and work. But in his closest relationships he was a natural submissive, and he had been searching for a dominant partner for as long as he could remember....

Winter Warmer: A (Getting) Biblical Tale

by Sarah Berry

Could lines like, "ooh it's hot in here" really get you laid? Christmas is over: the presents have been opened and tired of, the brandy had been downed and hangover is a distant memory. Sophie is alone with...

Lesbian Shorts: Lesbian Shorts

by Carla Blake

This collection of six sapphic short stories explores some of the many sides of lesbian loving and is sure to suit all tastes! Written by erotic author Carla Blake, this version has been specially formatted...

Taking Care of Business: A short erotic collection by Sommer Marsden

by Sommer Marsden

A collection of four saucy stories from one of erotica's much loved authors, Sommer Marsden. A Genuine Motherfucker Nina collects secrets and shame from the men she dates. Secrets add fuel to an erotic fire...

Buckle Down: A short erotic collection by Sommer Marsden

by Sommer Marsden

Buckle Down Procrastination is the perfect excuse for Edward to teach Carling a lesson. Employing his own worn leather belt to bind her bare and secure to her desk chair, he shows her that buckling down to do...

Pete and Sarah's Guide to Seasonal Sex - Winter 2011

by Peter Birch & Sarah Berry

Pete and Sarah's Guide To Seasonal Sex - your one stop shop for everything you want to know about seasonal adult activities. Packed with interviews from internationally renowned performers such as Dita Von Teese...

A Special Gift and Private Investigations: Things Are Never What They Seem When Men Get Together

by Kris Andersson

A Special Gift: Leo has to find the perfect Department Store Santa - but his mind is full ofdistractions like horny Richard and, more recently, sexy Italian Luca. Then when the Christmas cheer flows you never...

Dungeon Mistress Adventures

by Slave Nano

What is it like to serve a dungeon mistress? What is it like to submit to a powerful, cruel and imaginative dominatrix? Find out in this series of four themed stories involving Mistress Nemesis, her slave, Nano,...

More Rubber More Rope

by CP Stone

Milly and Clare, bondage sisters extraordinary, get the job of a lifetime, working at the exclusive clinic where ladies come for pampering and for just about anything else they want. The sisters are there to...


by Bruce McLachlan

When a Werewolf seeking unslaked erotic fulfillment ventures into the City, he is unfortunate enough to fall into the trap of a beautiful, sadistic, all-powerful Vampire. The author of the startling 'Alien'...

Mistress of All They Survey

by Alan McLean

Sam Grant made two mistakes, cheating on his wife and being found out. Helen exacts her own retribution, forcing Sam into the role of slave and then schoolboy, complete with uniform, whilst demanding the freedom...

Mistress of Drummond Castle

by CP Stone

Mistress Claudia has acquired a real castle, complete with dungeons! However, when she arrives to take possession, she finds three drunken louts in its lounge. She is not easily intimidated, however, and by...

Miss Primrose

by Stuart Spenlow

Sir Richard has been killed in a hunting 'accident' and the estate will pass to his son, Paul. But his stepmother and stepsister have designs on the estate and the money and together they come up with an idea...

Milk Girl Pawn

by Frances G Bennett

3rd book in the 'Milk Bitch' series. Gina, hapless pawn in the hands of the sadistic, all-controlling Ward, has further ordeals to endure, whilst the beautiful Helen is put through even more arduous training...

Milk Girl Lost

by Frances G Bennett

Book 2 of the 'Milk Bitch' series. Gina, the helpless modified milk bitch of the enigmatic sadistic Ward, is taken to the palace of SheIkh Mahmoud as a guest but while she is there she is kidnapped by the Ayatollah...

Milk Girl

by Frances G Bennett

Gina was fascinated by the enigmatic Ward, drawn in by the strange power he exerted over women. Despite being warned against getting involved, Gina submits to the sadistic power of this strange man and so begins...