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Fulfill Me

by Victoria Blisse

Caitlyn is out to get what she wants and she desperately wants Nick Casey, Star of Dobsons Digs the biggest soap on TV. She will do anything to get into his life but one thing, one person always stops her. His...

Plaza Erotica: Stories on the Edge

by Gia Sola

There's good and evil in everyone, even those who play sex games at the Plaza. But sometimes the lines get blurred and it takes an encounter near the edge to discover what's real and if there's such a thing...

Ready to Trust: Two Intimate First Time Tales

by Scarlett Knight

Passionate, thrilling, emotional, the experience of losing virginity is an unforgettable one. Come witness the pulse-pounding initiation of two different women as they experience their first time in these two...


by Liv Honeywell & Etty

Three beautifully written studies in domination and submission. In 'Imagine...' the authoress takes us into the mind of a devoted submissive waiting to meet the dom she has communicated with only online. Will...

Yes, Mistress

by Aspen King

When Bridget opens a letter from a solicitor which tells her she has been left a substantial inheritance by an uncle of rather dubious character, she is catapulted into a series of sexual adventures that take...

Suckers: True Confessions V

by Syra Bond

Syra's ongoing erotic odyssey brings her back to Europe once more. But again she cannot outrun what pursues her. Her own voracious sexual appetites lead her into many encounters with the Roman sexual underworld,...

A Gentleman's Property

by Toby Abbott

When a 'talent scout' turns up backstage at a small suburban theatre and offers actress Mary Bowdler a most unusual engagement, she has no idea at all what she is letting herself in for. She is engaged for a...

Jane and Her Master

by Stephen Rawlings

Stephen cleverly brings out all the latent female submission that is present in Jane Eyre and treats it full-on! In this version Jane is well and truly punished repeatedly for her Master's pleasure, and for...

Lani's Initiation

by Danielle Richards

Lani and her friends have a long summer holiday in front of them. And to make it better, they live in Hawaii and have a beachfront bungalow at their disposal. For Lani in particular this is going to be a life-changing...

Hannah's Trials

by Stephen Rawlings

Young Hannah Fyres has problems! Her father has remarried and her step-mother wants her out of the way so she can inherit the family home. In the 19th century it is fairly easy for her to banish the poor girl...

Silvana's Quest

by Caroline Swift

In the mythical kingdom of Bithynia, the servants of the great castle are out looking for promising girls to serve as whores for the great and the good of the land. They find the beautiful Silvana who, despite...

Painful Prize

by Stephen Rawlings

When Jenny and her husband move to the idyllic English village of Sexton Hinds, she finds out that he had more in mind than a rural idyll! The village - and those around it - have some very odd societies indeed....

The Making of a Mistress

by Kim Knight

'A naked young woman was kneeling on the bed, her hands on her head and chains looped around her wrists. Those chains stretched down towards a tight clamp on each nipple that were being painfully stretched upwards....


by von Mechtingen

This volume is the remarkable record of a visit to a poor region of Bohemia undertaken in the 16th century. The depravity and cruelty of that age is revealed in vivid detail and the atmosphere of lust and power...

Bound for Glory

by Sean O'Kane

Anna Chatham's life is suddenly ripped apart and her catastrophic fall from fame and fortune to criminal takes only a few days. And in the Britain that she knows, some twenty years in the future, when a pretty...

New Girls

by Alan Raison

An entirely new danger faces the High Heath Academy; one of the newest inmates has had herself sent their on purpose! While the Headmaster must disentagle the plot the girl has tried to weave, he must also seek...

Return to Eden

by Stephen Rawlings

Eve returns to the haven of sanity that is 'Eden', where the women know their place! But she has yet to find out the full extent of the dominance the men of the island exert over their wives and mistresses....

The Slave House

by Kim Knight

"They left her black thong on and Leigh stepped forward to stroke her smooth buttock with the palm of her hand. She turned to Greg who was watching her with wide, lust-filled eyes. 'Very nice,' Leigh commented...

True Confessions

by Syra Bond

Syra Bond sets out on the worldwide erotic odyssey that has become one of the most-read series in erotic literature! Trying desperately to escape from her brutal master she becomes caught up with all sorts of...


by Katherine Forbes

Strict 19th century discipline! A sea captain delivers an unruly young lady to her father, fresh from having been flogged on board ship; but her father is in full approval! This is the first volume of Katherine's...