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Slave Path

by Francine Whittaker

Jo and kelly are about to take their first steps on the Slave Path. It begins in an office in England but will by twists and turns lead them into darkest Africa and into the clutches of a fearsome warlord. On...

Punishment Bound

by Francine Whittaker

When the deliciously innocent but passionate Kendel is taken to meet her boyfriend's parents, she can hardly imagine the vortex of depravity that she is thrown into. The whole family has a very dark secret about...

The Chains That Bind

by Kim Knight

Kim Knight continues in her uncompromising style. This one opens with an all female BDSM menage a trois. But Claudia, the dominant one wants to submit to Mistress Faith - a dangerous dominatirix. Things are...

The Connoissoeur

by Francine Whittaker

Your pain is my pleasure' is the motto of theo, a rich collector of beautiful girls. And when the beautiful Vivienne comes into his life, he decides he must have her. However, she is no pushover and the ensuing...

The Punisher

by Falconer Bridges

Throughout history someone has silently witnessed the great moments in the nation's history. Now 'he' tells the truth, the whole truth and the painful truth! What really went on at Elizabeth 1st's court? How...

Naked Ambition: An Arena Novel

by Sean O'Kane

There's a real twist in this tale! Angel sashayed onto the pages of Girl Squad and now she takes centre stage. Under her management the Girlsquad seem to flourish but is one of their squad members a bit more...

Slave's Honour: An Arena novel

by Sean O'Kane

Some of the best pony girl writing ever! Detailed and knowledgeable. We follow the rising fortunes of the CSL stable as the arenas increaingly go worldwide. The stakes get ever higher and the skill of the trainers...

The Prize: An Arena novel

by Sean O'Kane

This is the third of Sean's 'Arena' series of stand-alone novels. The beautiful but treacherous Ayesha becomes the subject of a wager between the Prince of Bakhtar and his slave trainer. But in the course of...

The Gladiator: An Arena novel

by Sean O'Kane

With her training now behind her, Tara sets out on he new life in the modern arenas. At first she flourishes under the iron discipline she is subject to but slowly discontent sets in, especially when she learns...

On the Prowl

by Lucy Felthouse

Three smoking hot tales from Lucy Felthouse On the Prowl There's a serious man drought in Jolene's town, and she seriously needs to get laid. Fed up of waiting around for someone to come along, Jolene goes out...

Eight Maids A-Milking: Two Short Stories of Lust and Lactation

by Kitti Bernetti

Eight Maids a-Milking Captured in the desert, Lord Spencer Goldtop finds himself the Sultan's harem of delectable wives. But he hasn't suffered the usual fate of any man who sees the wives naked...

Peter Birch Presents: Confessions Volume 3

by Peter Birch

It's a strange thing about writing erotica, that many readers feel compelled to write back, often with experiences and fantasies of their own. After fifteen years in the game, Penny and I have collected some...

The Initiation of Master Robert: The First Volume of the Scandalous Memoirs of the Famous Victorian Casanova

by Sebastian Charles

The novel traces the early sexual life of Lord Robert Lance from his early sexual initiations to the more confident seductions of the young Victorian Casanova. In the course of the novel, Robert not only loses...

The Experiment and Other Tales: Fifteen Erotic Stories

by Alexe Andrewes

The debut collection of short stories by Alexe Andrewes introduces us to a range of thrilling fantasies and true stories. From romantic dreamscapes to hardcore erotica, Alexe's stories open our imaginations...

Summer Storm and Other Stories: A Selection of Erotic Short Stories and Poems

by Juliette Turrell

A woman determined to get what she wants, a steaming hot car and a ravaging storm. A tense wedding all because of an irresistible man in a kilt. The roof tops of Venice filled with the melodic sound of a classical...

Cornish Cream

by Steve Geoffreys

Prepare yourself for an erotic roller-coaster of a read from the very first chapter in the novel Cornish Cream by Steve Geoffreys. In the story a lottery winning couple, Jeff and Sarah Stevenson rent a cottage...

The Copper Horse: Two Erotic Short Stories of Desire, Longing and Romance

by Vina Green

Two spectacular short stories from Vina Green. One BDSM-centric, another sapphic. Whilst this may seem like a strange mix of genres, both stories are tied together with both the common theme of employer/employee...

Peter Birch Presents - Confessions Volume 1

by Peter Birch

It's a strange thing about writing erotica, that many readers feel compelled to write back, often with experiences and fantasies of their own. After fifteen years in the game, Penny and I have collected some...

Start Me Up: A Collection of Erotic Love Stories: A Collection of Erotic Love Stories

by Angela R Sargenti

Among this collection of enticingly lustful tales you'll find: Jeff of the Jungle, where a lady scientist gets more than she bargains for when she captures a real-life ape man; Shrimp, or what happens when a...

Wicked Watchers - The Pursuit of Pleasure: A Bigger Briefs Anthology

by Victoria Blisse & Meg Wesley

A Multi-author M/F anthology from the writers of Wednesday Briefs, who bring you prompt induced Flash fiction every Wednesday. Bigger Briefs is an anthology we began to showcase our slightly bigger briefs. Er,...