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Plains of Busai

by K. McVey

The Erskan Chronicles blends science-fiction to an erotic journey of dominance and submission. Plains of Busai leads the second Erskan trilogy with a fast-paced story that celebrates the courage and determination...

Mountains of Antrana

by K McVey

The Erskan Chronicles blends science-fiction to an erotic journey of dominance and submission. In Mountains of Antrana, Book Three of the Erskan Trilogy, Treaslok Loyalists join forces with new enemies and threaten...

Momoirs Of A Hustler

by Lew Bull

In life, people are often forced into hustling while others do it by choice; whatever the reason, the world in which they exist is often hard, cruel but sometimes pleasurable. Chad is a handsome, young man who,...

Men In Peril II

by Christopher Trevor

You pass them everyday on the street. You sit next to them on the subway. Businessmen, police officers, bodybuilders or just two buddies out for a good time. Now picture what would happen if these same men were...

We Have Just Landed

by Wade Wright

All due to one very quick glance, and one very quick sighting of one pair of ass hugging, hot, and very tight fitting 501s, two young men happen to meet. The 501s are hot enough, and tight enough, (fitting right...

Rape In Holding Cell 6 - Part 1

by Kyle Michael Sullivan

Antony Patric St. Lazarre was gay and proud and halfway through obtaining a degree in Communications when he met Collier, a professor at his University. They became lovers and Antony felt his life was complete....

Wet, Wild and Willing

by Lew Bull

When sun-bleached blonde, 28-year-old Mike decides to take a trip to Europe, he has two things in mind - to have fun and possibly bring back a lover. This construction worker, with his good looks and muscular...

Mark Julian Vampire P.I. : The Case of the Feminine Touch

by Kyle Cicero

It's been a long shift for Detective Vincent Pasquale. Back at his desk at the station he finds a phone message from his vampire spouse, Mark, waiting for him: "Listen our friend Dexter found something about...

Big Game

by Lance Kyle

A white American lawyer goes to a private African resort that indulges in every sexual fantasy. There he falls in love with the strong African man he "wins" in a hunt. Soon he buys the resort and moves to Africa,...

EMT Tryst

by Greg Reece

When Craig McFadden joined up with Ladder Company 49, he also began joining up with Tim Johnson every Thursday night. For eight years they'd meet, get it on then sneak away like a couple of married men working...

Mark Julian Vampire P.I. : The Case No One Foretold

by Kyle Cicero

Two men engage in an altercation in a movie lobby. Later one of the men turns up dead in a New York City alley. But this is no ordinary murder. The dead man is a sex demon and his fellow combatant was Jean-Claude...

Love In Black & White

by Lance Kyle

Love in Black and White is four stories and a short novel exploring themes of interracial love. It begins with four short stories. In The Voyeur and the Busboy, a meek traveling accountant falls in love with...

Mark Julian Vampire P.I. : The Case of the Thwarted Lovers

by Kyle Cicero

Werewolves assigned to New York City's supernatural security forces are being snatched while on patrols with their new vampire partners. Worse, these vampires are unable to explain to anyone how the events occurred....

Caribbean Cruising

by Lew Bull

Caribbean Cruising is a sequel to the popular The Bonds of Friendship and continues the adventures of hunky Private Investigator, Rob Clayton along with his two best friends, Michael and Selwyn, and Michael's...

Guiliano Imports

by Bill Smith

This tale of homoerotic slavery has it all: an Italian count who is fascinated with Roman-style litters and the muscular slaves that power those litters along with servicing guests at his Roman style orgies;...

Wanda The Whip Lady

Mark Julian Vampire P.I. : The Case of the Choirboy Killer

by Kyle Cicero

The Case of the Choirboy Killer: The city is being hit by a wave of killings where the victims share two things in common: 1) they are gay and, 2) they have been drained of blood. The press is having a field...

Mark Julian Vampire P.I. : The Case of the Heavenly Host

by Kyle Cicero

It's a madhouse as Mark and Vinnie prepare for their wedding. Jaime is missing in action consumed with her quest to find "just the right forties' gown" for her own pending nuptials. Vinnie is stuck on a complex...

Ace Lewis, International Agent; A Hard Man for a Hard Job

by Kyle Cicero

In today's dangerous world of espionage and counterespionage one man is known as the 'top' man in his field: Ace Lewis international agent. If the mission needs a hard man he's the one the governments summon....

Mark Julian Vampire P.I. :The Case of the Vampire Hunter

by Kyle Cicero

Vampires from around the globe are gathering in New York City to attend meetings of their worldwide Grand Council. Unfortunately someone is methodically hunting the delegates and killing them. The undead community...