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Bound for Glory

by Sean O'Kane

Anna Chatham's life is suddenly ripped apart and her catastrophic fall from fame and fortune to criminal takes only a few days. And in the Britain that she knows, some twenty years in the future, when a pretty...

New Girls

by Alan Raison

An entirely new danger faces the High Heath Academy; one of the newest inmates has had herself sent their on purpose! While the Headmaster must disentagle the plot the girl has tried to weave, he must also seek...

Return to Eden

by Stephen Rawlings

Eve returns to the haven of sanity that is 'Eden', where the women know their place! But she has yet to find out the full extent of the dominance the men of the island exert over their wives and mistresses....

The Slave House

by Kim Knight

"They left her black thong on and Leigh stepped forward to stroke her smooth buttock with the palm of her hand. She turned to Greg who was watching her with wide, lust-filled eyes. 'Very nice,' Leigh commented...

True Confessions

by Syra Bond

Syra Bond sets out on the worldwide erotic odyssey that has become one of the most-read series in erotic literature! Trying desperately to escape from her brutal master she becomes caught up with all sorts of...


by Katherine Forbes

Strict 19th century discipline! A sea captain delivers an unruly young lady to her father, fresh from having been flogged on board ship; but her father is in full approval! This is the first volume of Katherine's...

Sweet Submissions Volume IV

by Various Various

The fourth in the best selling series that showcases the best talent around in erotica. And in Silver Moon we've got the best of the erstablished as well as the best of the new! Sean O'Kane and Francine Whittaker...

The Cradle of Pain

by Krys Antarakis

All her adult life Jane has fantasised about being taught to serve and finally a summons comes. She must obey it at once or lose the chance forever. Soon she finds herself in a Master's house and subject to...

The Pit of Pain

by Falconer Bridges

An evil cult is trafficking women, training them to serve and then selling them on. But they have an ulterior motive; to deprive the legendary Brotherhood of its most prized slave girls. And when they are abducted,...

Hard Lessons (Silver Mink): High Heath Academy II

by Alan Raison

The second in the High heath series sees the redoubtable Headmaster again faced with an unruly batch of new wards who need to be inducted into the Academy's way of doing things. And on of them has got herself...

Marie's Masters

by Holly Cartwright

When the beautiful but repressed Marie takes a job in town far from home, she is immediately swept off her feet by a tide of erotic encounters that lead her deeper and deeper into the worlds of submission and...

A State of Servitude

by Stephen Rawlings

When Claudia and her brother Marcellus are sent from Rome to the Caucasus, a close encounter with pirates means they have to put into Pityus - the last Roman colony in the Caucasus holding out against the barbarians....

Embracing Pain

by Krys Antarakis

Two books for the price of one! Sophie and her maid Jane are captured by pirates in the 19th century and are subjected to harsh treatment. But as Julia is writing the novel in which they appear, she herself...

High Heath Academy

by Alan Raison

In a near-future society that has decided to discipline its youth rather more sternlyt than at present, the High Heath Academy is an institiute respected for its work with errant young ladies. But one weekend,...

Isabelle's Surrender

by Rachel King

Isabelle is a woman at a crossroads in her life. She knows she needs more than she is currently getting from her sex life. But when she goes on a cruise to recover from having ditched her last boyfriend, she...

Eve in Eden

by Stephen Rawlings

Fleeing an unhappy time in Englad, Eve jets off to see an old friend who lives on the island of Eden. Once there she finds an oasis of male dominated society that at first she finds truly shocking. But as she...

Slaves of the Girlspell

by William Avon

In the second part of the Girlspell adventure, things definitely hot up! The matron of a nearby boarding school becomes closely involved with the girls stranded in the strange world. The sixth form boys of the...

First Confessions

by Syra Bond

I pushed my finger between the fleshy folds and let the silky wetness run down it onto the base of my hand. I bit my bottom lip as the last jerking pulse faded and I hoped that he would come back soon and punish...


by Gerald Rochelle

When Jane goes looking for her sister who has disappeared ijn mysterious circumstances, she find more than she bargained for. She didn't really expect her search to begin at a convent. And she certainly didn't...

A Victorian Scrapbook

by Stephen Carter

A selection of erotic letters and articles about the Victorian fascination for that which it protested disgust; sex! Stephen Carter has unearthed letters to and from girls about discipline, underwear and the...