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Gay Erotica: Gay Erotic Romance Stories

by Jeremy Mitch

Gay Erotica: Gay Erotic Romance Stories has an explosion of Hot and Steamy Gay Erotic action sure to please anyone's desires.

Lesbian Erotica the Stranger

by Kimmy Richards

Lesbian Erotica the Stranger:Lesbian Erotic Romance Stranger first meeting in a bar.

Lesbian Erotica Summer of Discovery

by Irene Veck

Lesbian Erotica Summer of Discovery: What transpired during my summer vacation.

Lesbian Erotica My World

by Rebekah Bunny

Lesbian Erotica My World: Taken Female judge seduces successful woman lawyer.

Lesbian Erotica Labor Day Bdsm

by Victoria Schmidt

Lesbian Labor day bdsm: is an erotic tale of feminine dominance.

Lesbian Erotica Journey to Love

by Vivien Mendez

Journey to love, follow by all the hookups, feelings and what not. Lesbian Erotica

Lesbian Erotica More Than a Roommate

by Victoria Auders

Lesbian Erotica More Than a roommate: Love win. lesbian, lesbian romance, erotic romance,lesbian fiction,lesbian sex, lesbian books, lesbian romance fiction

Gay Erotica the Reunion

by Mark Stevenson

Gay Erotica The reunion: 20 years after graduating, college pals reunite for pleasure.

Gay Erotica the Neighbor

by Josh Duntez

What's your fantasy? Hot and steamy Neighbor love story. This romance contain it all.

Gay Erotica That Summer

by Justin Mosvitz

Gay Erotica That Summer: The summer that forever changed my life.......Flipping into...

Black Book Erotica: American Sex

by Unknowns

An impressive series about sex lives of regular "average Joe" Americans. Some sex is tame and some is wildly out there. Over 100 pages of heat and steam to get blood flowing

Tiger In Lamb's Clothing: Andrine

by Pipe Q

That Mouth!!! Andrine is known for having a deadly mouth. Her mouth can bring me to their knees or send them to the hospital. This woman has a special talent and she knows it. She uses her talented mouth to...

Dungeons & Mistresses I

by Lilith Schwarz

Rossaria Silvermoon is a young Elf girl, she lives her days in the city of Ahadport, capital of the Republic of The Five Kingdoms. She is the best Thief and the top Assassin in the realm. Lilibeth Mekarth, Lady...

Yours to Desire: ES Siren 3

by Denise Rossetti

A man more potent than any drug.

It's 2202 and on board ES Siren, the brilliant Doctor Lily Kwan has worked in secret to develop an antidote for the aphrodisiac rape drug, sexmeth.

She'd be overjoyed if it wasn't...

Yours to Command: ES Siren 2

by Shona Husk

He would do anything to protect her, if only she'd let him.

Corporal Sienna Jade wasn't given a choice about joining the mission to Unity. Seen as a troublemaker after reporting an assault by a senior officer,...

Hot Down Under Bundle 1

by Rhian Cahill, Beverley Oakley & Kasey Channing

Rhian Cahill's Shut Up and Kiss Me

Jacqueline Mowbray has spent months fantasizing about her friend Kyle, and never once did she consider he might have the same unrelenting attraction ... But Jac is about to...

Hung Parliament

by S.A. Gordon

The election isn't the only thing that's coming...

In the dark heart of winter, an election is called. Two parties will vie for supremacy. Two leaders, Grace Hammond and David Bartley, will do battle to take...

Hot Down Under Bundle 2

by Mel Teshco, Shona Husk & Tracey O'Hara

Mel Teshco's Beneath the Light of a Silver Moon

Trapped in marriage to abusive Jack, Kristen has given up her freedom in an attempt to protect his daughter. But when Conrad Doyle, her childhood friend and the...


by H.C. Brown

The Special Ops genetic experiments were designed to create super soldiers, not sex-addicted doms.

When Delano Briggs, BDSM club owner and volunteer firefighter, is called to aid in the evacuation of a burning...


by Kylie Scott

Ali has been hiding in an attic since civilisation collapsed eight weeks ago.

When the plague hit, her neighbours turned into mindless, hungry, homicidal maniacs.

Daniel has been a loner his entire life. Then...