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The Priestess

by Jacqueline Bellevois

Gullible young solicitor Adam finds himself attracted to Megan, his beautiful fellow employee, and dominated by worldly-wise workmate Donna. The owner of a slinky, City-based fetish club finds she is being defrauded...

'S' - A Story Of Submission

by Philippa Masters

When Margaret answers an advert which seems to promise an escape from her dull life, little does she realise that her fantasies of total submission are soon to be fulfilled. Becoming 'S', she enters into a hidden...

Christina Wished

by Gene Craven

Christina, raven-haired beauty and fount of lewd desires, must push her sexuality to its limits to prove her worthiness to the enigmatic Mr Robson and his sensual assistant, Ms Gilbert.

Susan, a luscious but...

Intimate Games

by Julia Marlowe

After meeting the enigmatic and persuasive Gilles de Ravennes at her ex-husband's party, Ariane Fontaine takes him on board as a partner in the exclusive club she has created at her luxury home in Paris. It's...

Journey From Innocence

by Jean-Philippe Auborg

Moving to London to start a new career, shy young Philippa is happy to accept a houseshare with a young couple, Jack and Jenny, little realising the extent of the depraved games of bondage and submission they...


by Fleur Reynolds

A lush, erotic historica novel set in 16th century Peru...

Left in the care of a debauched viceroy , the young princess lnez is determined to find an escape route from her guardian's vile clutches. She leaves...

The Lure Of Satyria

by Cheryl Mildenhall

Satyria is a land of debauchery and excess: a place where virtuous maidens dare not venture. Just as well, then, that Princess Hedra's intentions are decidedly unchaste. When her father's castle is threatened...

By Any Means

by Cheryl Mildenhall

Francesca, Taran and Veronique are partners in Falconer Associates, a London-based advertising agency. The three women are good friends who run a professional business but they're not averse to taking their...

A Feast For The Senses

by Martine Marquand

Virtuous Clara Fairfax leaves her ordered life in Georgian England to embark on the Grand Tour of Europe. Instructed by her mysterious fiancé, Count Anton di Maliban, Clara travels through the cities of decadent...

Wicked Work

by Pamela Kyle

At 28, Suzie Carlton is at the height of her journalistic career, working as a publishing editor. Discovering that her sexual self is essentially submissive, even a little masochistic, she embarks on a relationship...

Forbidden Crusade

by Juliet Hastings

1186, the Holy Land.

Thibault of Lontjoie wants his lovely sister, Melisende, to stay unwed. But her heart is set on Thibault's castellan, Robert, whose chivalry, prowess and beauty have made him her heart's...

Desire Under Capricorn

by Louisa Francis

1870s Australia. Dita Jones is engaged to Jonathon Grimshaw, the most eligible bachelor in Sydney's polite society. When the young couple are shipwrecked, Dita is thrown into a world where survival instincts...

A Dangerous Lady

by Lucinda Carrington

Lady Katherine Gainsworth is compromised into a marriage of convenience which takes her from her English home to the to Prussian Duchy of Heldenburg. Once there, she is introduced to her future in-laws, the...

Jewel Of Xanadu

by Roxanne Carr

The young Cirina has grown up knowing only the life of caravanserai. Venetian artist Antonio Ballerei is making his way across the Gobi to reclaim a priceless Byzantine jewel. When the two of them meet, their...

Savage Surrender

by Deanna Ashford

In the kingdom of Harn, a marriage is arranged between Rianna - a beautiful daughter of the warrior woman Kitara - and Lord Sarin, ruler of the rival kingdom of Percheron. Rianna has inherited her mother's rebellious...


by Katrina Vincenzi-Thyne

Historian Julia Symonds is beginning to lose her patience with David, her patronising and overbearing fiancé, as they cruise around the Mediterranean. Then she is approached by the charismatic - and sexually...

The House Of Gabriel

by Rafaella

The research for an article on erotic art takes journalist Jessica Martyn to the mansion of Gabriel Martineaux. Gabriel is devastingly handsome and soon Jessica is drawn into a world of sensuality, power games...

Unfinished Business

by Sarah Hope-Walker

As a financial analyst for a top London bank, Joanne's working life is about being in control, about taking responsibility. But in her private life, her submissive self cries for attention. Every since her bizarre...

Western Star

by Roxanne Carr

It is 1851. Maribel wants to see the Wild West; Dan is the frontiersman into whose care she is entrusted. Her campaign to seduce Dan is interrupted by her dalliance with a US cavalry man, who enjoys her skill...

Passion Flowers

by Celia Parker

Katherine is a successful but stressed-out lawyer who has never taken the time to work out what it is she really wants from a sexual relationship. Her boss arranges a well-earned holiday for her and Katherine...