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Intimate Studies

by Charles E. Magness

No love is as all-consuming as forbidden love...and Charlie and Mindy will risk everything to continue their forbidden relationship while they attend college. Will the stresses of campus life split them apart,...

Femme Fiction

by Mortice

Mortice loves certain things, from zentai suits and all things Spandex through to chastity and bondage, he writes stories drawing on personal experiences that take the reader closer to their fantasies. Femme...

Brighton Front

by Jim Stewart

Maurice James Stewart-Addison: 1932-2012. Jim pursued a successful career in the theatre, was the founder of Fetters, established a playroom and workshop at "40 Fitz" and created the Houdini Connections website...

Black Prince

by Jim Stewart

Maurice James Stewart-Addison: 1932-2012. Jim pursued a successful career in the theatre, was the founder of Fetters, established a playroom and workshop at "40 Fitz" and created the Houdini Connections website...

The Guys In White and Other Short Stories

by Marky Mark

Marky Mark is an 100% Midwest USA wholesome grown individual who has been writing great stories since an early age. With a love for leather, his true love is the mental hospital fetish, which involves involuntary...

Banish the Darkness

by Holly Blackstone

Despite early setbacks, things are progressing between Lily and Stuart. Not only is their relationship made official when she attends a public fundraiser on Stuart's arm but he finally introduces her to the...

The Air I Breathe

by Holly Blackstone

Liliana felt she had to leave - although madly in love with Stuart she's hurt by his continued interactions with his ex girlfriend, Lina, and scared by how important he has become to her. But a love as strong...

Step Across the Rubicon

by Holly Blackstone

Home in the Pacific Northwest, Liliana realises that developing a relationship with Stuart won't be easy, as circumstances conspire to drive a wedge between them. His ex-wife surfaces and tries to insinuate...

Rise of the Necromancers: The Void Chronicles 2

by Holly Blackstone

Pain. Blood. Sex. The Templars have secrets too. Slightly shaken after Initiation, Julianna resolves to reaffirm her dedication to the cause by throwing herself into her studies. She doesn't have time to adjust...

Preacher's Virgin

by Becca Sinh

Harmony had known from birth that her destiny was to serve Preacher in every possible way—but she had never realized that submitting to his intense sexual needs would be so exquisitely delightful! ~~ Book...

Gay Erotica Hot and Sexy Story

by Danych Oneal

Gay Erotica Hot and Sexy Story - Gay erotic mystery of Lust and Passion Gay erotic Romance, Gay erotica Short Story with Seduction and Hardcore Gay Sex is a steamy collection filled with two very sexy but heart-warming...

Gay Erotica a Sexy Compilation of 10 Hot Gay Stories

by Tyler Muscovitz

Asian, black, Cabin, and long. This compilation has everything you could want in a bundle. warning a

Gay Erotica: Erotic Story Compilation

by Trevor Edgar

Feel the passion that occurs between men in M4M, a compilation of Gay sensuous tales.

Gay Erotica Sooner Than Later

by Noah Weinsberg

Sooner than later tell the story of friends having fun while the wife run errands. what happen when the wife return?..:);)

Love Potion No. 2

by Secret Narrative

Love Potion No. 2: An Anthology of Provocative Erotica Featuring a quartet of novellas designed to turn you on. Contents Acts of Pleasure by Poppy Phoenix Join Poppy’s world of pleasure where she swings with...

Moans of Venus

by Charles E. Magness

When Jerry hears Jenny masturbating through a shared wall, he responds as any young man would. In a moment of whimsy, worldly and promiscuous Jenny seduces nerdy, inexperienced Jerry, and offers to put out for...

All I Want For Christmas

by Laura Lovecraft

Danny finds pictures of a sexy older woman in his father's bureau, and can't get them out of his mind. Finally he scans them into his computer so he can see them whenever he wants. Then his father learns what...

At The Feet Of My Mother

by Laura Lovecraft

20-year-old Billy Dion has an obsession, and it's driving him crazy. He has a foot fetish. The summer is here, and all the women have their bare sexy feet on display. Sandals with straps, stiletto heels, anklets,...

Intimate Studies

by Charles E. Magness

Charlie and Mindy have just returned home from a trip into the wilderness of the Wind River Mountains, where they fell in love with each other and consummated that love. Now it's time for Charlie to return to...

Friends & Lovers

by Charles E. Magness

Charlie and Mindy have managed to weather the initial storms of their college lives together, and their love is still intact—both spiritually and physically. Finding the privacy they need to celebrate their...