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Pony-Girl Tales - Annabelle: Part 1: Part 1

by Peter & Penny Birch

When Annabelle Kitteridge hides in an attic to escape the shame of a spanking she finds an old cart. Unable to resist playing with it, she soon has her brest friend in harness, but what starts out as a playful...

Sisters in Chains: Africanus Vol 4

by Geoffrey Allen

The final instalment of the beautiful slavegirl's exploits leads her back to the arenas of ancient Rome. On the way she encounters dominant men and women who are all anxious to own her....but who wil finally...


by Charles Dreme

Kasey Munroe is a thirty-something popstar who's flown to Africa to reinvent her image in an exotic photoshoot. While taking a walk in the jungle she bumps into a native known as Udu. Neither speak the other's...

Souls in Chains

by Kim Debron

Three people around a table: - the future of one girl hanging in the balance as she contemplated life as a slave, what would her answer be? - the future of the other girl certain to the end, no matter what else...

Hillbilly Hollow and Rapture Grange

by Bob Archman

Strange things happen in the remote mountains and hollows of Virginia. The Wilson Clan settled in one and they stayed for a century or more, living, loving and inbreeding. They came pretty close to creating...

Ghost Lovers: Tales of Seductions from Beyond the Grave

by Kyle Cicero

"Ghost Lovers" explores the intimate encounters between those of this world and those inhabiting the realm of the dead. A rookie cop meets up with the spirit of a deceased leather master when he is assigned...

Terry's Appointment and Other Spanking Tales

by Christopher Trevor

Even before I started reading the first line of Christopher's latest book, I had the premonition of impending realism, drama, as well as anticipation with his new writing maturity and character development....

The Tales of Rick and Alec

by Hank Brooks

These two novellas are written as separate tales strung together by a common theme. Tales of Rick and Alec concerns two homeless youths as they struggle to make their way in the world. They find themselves going...

The Gym Instructor

Taking Liberties

by Christopher Trevor

Here is another erotic journey of fantasy and enchantment by author Christopher Trevor. This time out he takes liberties with us. Mr. Trevor has again tapped into our minds and has dared us to explore our own...


by Christopher Trevor

In these latest erotic tales from Master Author Christopher Trevor we find that the rules of some very twisted games can be altered in order to separate the winners from the losers and the heroes from the evil...

Quirks II

by Christopher Trevor

My experience of working with Mr. Christopher Trevor on some of his stories was an amazing process. I had the chance to work with an erotically gifted gentleman who I have the honor to call my friend, and yet...

The Fermata

by Nicholson Baker

Having turned phone sex into the subject of an astonishing national bestseller in Vox, Baker now outdoes himself with an outrageously arousing, acrobatically stylish "X-rated sci-fi fantasy that leaves Vox seeming...

Erotic Street Blues

by Christopher Trevor

Not the stuff of your TV cop shows or movies -Detective Neil- Christopher Trevor's cop stories of forced exhibitionism and (loss of) control left me riveted -The Boss Man- The stories take you on a wild ride,...


by Christopher Trevor

A person, or for the purposes of this book, men are susceptible to blackmail when they unwittingly place themselves, or allow themselves, or get fooled into embarrassing, humiliating situations. Imagine an on...

A Tribute to Leather

by Christopher Trevor

From uniforms to dungeons, from ruthless tops to hapless bottoms, from the LA scene to the classical music scene, Larry Townsend covered it all, if indeed he didn't start it all. This book is homage to Mr. Townsend...

The Best of Lucy Felthouse: Five erotic short stories

by Lucy Felthouse

Described as 'a true mistress of the erotic word,' this collection of Lucy Felthouse's work is sure to get you tingling in all the right places.

The Music of Bodies

by Maxim Jakubowski

Six outstanding tales about men and women and the ties that bind their bodies in minds in ever so subtle ways, between the sheets, behind the words.

Making Lewis Hard: A collection of five erotic stories

by Esmerelda Greene, Kathryn O'Halloran & Peter Baltensperger

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including paranormal, demons and vampires.

Stranded in Paradise

by Elizabeth Coldwell

M/M novella with subthemes of bdsm, older man/younger man and multicultural (American/English) by Elizabeth Coldwell.