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Moscow Nights

by Vlas Tenin

One of the few top-quality books to emerge from the American Olympia Press, Moscow Nights recalls the heady, early days of the Bolshevik Revolution, when free love was all the rage. Half a century later, we...

The Couple

by Zoe Jasmine

Several very interesting things developed during the next week. John returned to his job, entertaining the idea that he would begin looking around, actively, for another position, before tendering his resignation....

Marking Mr Evans

by Leighton B'zzard

A forty-something male teacher in England's west-country embarks upon a life of unwilling sexual and domestic service and has his home, family, and career, stripped from him after the arrival of his new female...

Notes of a Rider's Wife

by Zoe Jasmine

Dusk had just fallen, and in the last crimson-gold rays of the setting sun, the row of identical pastel ranch houses which jutted up from the flat Indiana prairie seemed to be bursting into flames. In spite...

Maryann's Heaving Thighs

by Zoe Jasmine

Arthur, Maryann's boyfriend was an adventurous lad full of life and energy. He often loved to hand around the beach and near the river side with his buddy Tony. They at times had group hangouts and both loved...

Cutting Ties

by Alana Church

Roy Lee McCoy is desperate to leave the dying town of Deer Creek, Alabama and find his mother, who abandoned him when he was a teenager, leaving him with his alcoholic father. When he stops by sexy Eileen's...

Dear Diary

by Zoe Jasmine

The stories in this novel are personal writings of several individuals about their daily lives and wicked encounters in their lives. The novel based upon the most unusual writings from the diaries of the subjects...

Topsy Turvy: A Gay Erotic Fantasia

by David Townsend

Two middle-aged men trying to make it work in a small college town. A sexy young flirt in a wheelchair. A snowdrift. Some rope. Sometimes life brings the unexpected, and you get luckier than you ever dreamt...

The Initiate

by Felix Gato

When the beautiful Irish blonde Kelley, young and still innocent, meets Gina, her new, fiery Italian neighbor, a friendly conversation on the stoop turns eventually to catfighting. Gina is determined to draw...

Son of the Syndicate

by MomsDarkSecret

A poor young man who is orphaned at a young age becomes the sexual plaything of powerful syndicate executives. However, an unexpected turn of events places him at the mercy of the head of a powerful syndicate...

The Slutty Deaconess

by Zoe Jasmine

Thad went to the local hospital. And from there, he went to jail. His plans to open a church in Jasper Junction were destroyed, and his existing religious empire began to topple. Marcella didn't care. She was...

Hello, Good Looking

by Dinkleberry

Three is a magic number. Three words would forever change Robert and Toni’s lives. Three words would set mother and son upon a path they never imagined. “Hello, Good Looking,” Bobby exclaims when surprised...

My Best Friend Is a Futa!: Seduced and Seeded by My BFF (Futanari on Female Fertile First)

by Mindy Masters

Katy learns at her bachelorette party that her husband-to-be cheated on her! Thank God her best friend Jeanine is there to pick up the pieces. What Katy isn't ready for is Jeanine's little secret... or should...

Pounded By The Sexy Black Forest Rangers

by Sara Gordon

When Allie gets caught out in a howling blizzard, she doesn’t expect to be rescued by a sexy black stud who handcuffs her to his bed, then demands her innocence in repayment for saving her life! Even if she...

Pounded By The President

by Scarlet Smith

Sitting in the audience watching him make a speech, curvy MILF Amelia can only fantasize about the President of the United States and wish that her life had turned out differently. Married to her fat slob of...

Using Protection

by Alana Church

When Nicole called Patrick, asking him to live with her and help her deal with the stalker who was harassing her, he agreed immediately. What he didn't know was how quickly their long-ago attraction to each...

Silent Night, Horny Night

by Becca Sinh

Carly and her best friend, Samantha, were perfectly happy banging Will and Byron. They were both sexy, energetic, inventive, and full of stamina. But it was Christmas Eve, and they'd decided that a little variety...

The Night Lover

by Hugo Martínez

In this erotic novel deals with the vicissitudes of a young man sentenced to exercise as sexual slave and to give much pleasure anal and vaginal . However,after lying down with thousands of women, what you can...

MILF Magic

by Becca Sinh

Quinn had heard the rumors, but he'd never believed them. Witches were old and ugly, with warts on their noses. Weren't they? Amelia was young, beautiful, and the sexiest woman he'd ever known. He'd do anything...

Set Me Free

by Diana Nixon

It was supposed to be just another day at work for a local newspaper reporter, Stella Holt. She had always loved her job, and believed she was good at it. Until one day when she was sent to interview the author...