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The Professor

by Seth Daniels

Rose Jones is a college student that falls for her new instructor. She has never had sex before but she is planning to give herself to him if he will have her. She is tired of being the "good girl" and wants...

Jane Eyre Laid Bare

by Eve Sinclair & Charlotte Bronte

Everyone is familiar with Charlotte Brontë's passionate, but restrained novel in which the plain, yet spirited governess Jane Eyre falls for the arrogant Mr. Rochester. It's a novel that simmers with sexual...

Vacancy at the Casual Sex Motel: An Erotic Threesome Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

A young man enjoying a road trip vacation has to stop at a motel due to extreme tiredness. He wakes from a heavy sleep to find himself naked on the bed with his pajama bottoms around his ankles and his hardening...

Tit for Tat: An Erotic Lactation Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

Trey is a man who believes in fair trade and getting a hot and heavy payoff for the effort he puts into his dates, a quality that seems to be lacking in the women on the island resort he's vacationing at. But...

Mind Games

by Kyle Diluca

...two stories of two straight hunks. Neither has had a gay thought in his life, but somehow each finds himself taking a walk on the other side of the street. And once the cuffs are on, it's far too late to...

Subs Deliverence

by Anthony Thomas

Master - A short essay where a boy contemplates his situation, waiting to surrender his body for the first time, and to a man he hardly knows. Big Sarge - The story of a boy very much into heavy, dirty, use...

Sex in Southeast

by Billy Jay Dee

"Sex in Southeast" reflects the true life adventures of a bi-sexual married man living in on the Last Frontier. He lives among rugged men who work near the sky-blue tide-water glaciers, hike the shaggy Sitka...

ATirzah's Allure

by Gabriella Bradley

Tirzah disobeys the rules of her tribe and ventures beyond the boundary into the forbidden zone convinced there has to be a more advanced species on the planet. Traveling mainly as her cat shape, she not only...

Naughty Girl Notebook: A Spanking Erotic Romance

by Olivia London

Bonnie is a horny young woman eager to serve more than just coffee to the right man.  When a special customer becomes her heart's desire she's determined to keep him happy no matter what.  She buys a notebook...

Atlas Shrugged: An Erotic Threesome Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

A woman in her 30s decides to go on a fitness campaign and considers joining a local gym. The couple that own it offer to show her around late one evening and she quickly finds out they have more in mind for...

Escorts Live by Night: An Erotic Roleplaying Threesome Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

A woman at an out-of-town conference gets turned on when she sees some of the male delegates using the escort girls in her hotel bar. Deciding to give herself a thrill, she plays at being an escort girl to see...

My Stepmother's Artful Seduction 2: A Stepmother, Stepson Threesome

by Seth Daniels

To help her stepson Tom and his friend Ian pay their rent, Joanne has commissioned Ian to paint her portrait. With her husband out of the country and her feeling desperately lonely, having two young men around...

My Stepmother's Artful Seduction: A Stepmother, Stepson Threesome

by Seth Daniels

Tom and Ian run into money trouble that leaves them unable to pay the rent on their new apartment. Ian has a couple of paintings he can sell, however, and fortunately Tom's sexy stepmother Joanne runs an art...

Sex Cruise: An Erotic Multiple Partner Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

Sonja and her husband Josh have signed up for a Caribbean cruise with two other couples they have never met. They will soon get to know these new people in ways they never expected. Come along as they find themselves...

Eight Is Almost Enough

by Seth Daniels

Edie needs a break. She knows she has let herself go, and more importantly, she knows she has let herself down. An out of the blue phone call from her closest friend saves her life and allows her time to rebuild...

The Salesman, the Stranger & the Stripper

by Seth Daniels

Dave Lawson had heard every traveling salesman joke that had ever been told, and they were a constant source of amusement because they represented absolutely nothing about his profession. For eighteen years...

Disco Swingers

by Seth Daniels

Amanda and Louise are best friends who share their husbands on a regular basis...and they love nothing better than creating a scene and shocking other people with their wild and impetuous sexual games. An impetuous...

Hidden Desires

by Seth Daniels

The very last thing on Tina Redding's mind when Ted came over to fix the air conditioner thermostat was sex. It was, however, very much on Ted Raines' mind...and neither had any idea that Ted's wife April was...

No Easy Day: A 24 Hour Gangbang Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

A cute girl with a slutty nature offers herself up to a man she meets in a club on the condition that he gets his friends to join in and gangbang her. They take her to a nearby apartment where she spends the...

Tasha the Milk Slut: A Lactation Fantasy

by Seth Daniels

During a chance conversation Tasha Reynolds discovers that her husband is excited by the idea of watching another man drink the milk from her lactating breasts...and that he would love to her see her suck another...