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Aztec Gold: A Collection of Five Erotic Stories

by Charybdis Childe, Elizabeth Cage & Landon Dixon

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed fantasy themes.

Girl Fun Selections Four: A Collection of Five Erotic Stories

by Miranda Forbes

Five lesbian stories with various themes from Xcite Books, winners of ETO's Best Erotic Book Brand 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Making It Real

by Victoria Blisse

He's her secret fantasy, but can she turn her dreams into reality? Mary loves the internet but is surprised to find herself falling in love over it. Will is a mysterious, sexy American she meets on a forum and...


by Victoria Blisse

Living in a world of lyrics, she sings his song and he is powerless to resist. Peter is held back by a lack of self confidence and interacts with people as little as he can manage to get away with, that is until...

Pandora: The dominatrix and her psychic and electronic companions

by Slave Nano

Pandora's life is about to change. She lives in a dystopian future in a post war world, in which the UK is occupied by China, with her irritating electronic household management system, Nano Mk II, and has a...

The Urge to Obey

by Kimberley Raines

James is a man who likes to dominate women. He works out, is good looking and thinks he has the world at his feet - until the woman he learns to call Mistress walks into his life and steals his urge to dominate!...

Under The Roman Lash

by Allen Towne

Shiri, a highly educated beautiful young lady, is a slave of the Roman conquerors, working on the roads, when she is summoned to her owner's villa to take part in a sadistic competition. She is bound to a cross,...

Under The Lash

by Vashti La Soeur

Cyril has lost his way in the winding country lanes and asks for help from an isolated farmhouse, only to find himself walking into a world where women are superior, all men are inferior and where gay love coupled...

Tyrants of The New Order

by Leo Fray

Revolution! All social standings have changed: the adult society people, the wealthy, the influential, have all become the slaves, servants and playthings of the lower classes. The under-privileged, those with...

The Treatment

by Gail P Wright

John Phillip Xavier is a man with a problem, he is a compulsive flasher. But he flashes one too many times - the lady at the bus stop is a karate expert and in a moment has him on the ground, winded, wounded...

The Training of Jayne - Volume 2

by Martin McRae

Jayne's stringent training continues in this erotic story of Victorian values enforced with rigid discipline!

The Training of Jayne - Volume 1

by Martin McRae

Jayne's training began on her 17th birthday, when her Aunt began to initiate her into the art of being a lady, with the help of Pelham, the butler. Mrs Pelham, the housekeeper, and a painful variety of implements,...

The Training Estate - Volume 1

by Nick Downes

It is a fearsome place, the Estate where girls abducted or delivered by their owners, experience savage and unrelenting training to turn them into perfectly submissive slaves. It is also a fearsome place for...


by Stephen Rawlings

Madeleine is a Dominant's dream. Her story really begins when, on holiday in Scotland, she decides to swim over to a seemingly deserted island in a loch where she is swiftly captured by a masterful, sadistic...

Love's Other Ways

by Elizabeth England

Edward is a sadist who takes pleasure in whipping young women. Newly married, he also takes great pleasure in introducing his young wife to stringent discipline, using the cane to keep her firmly under his control...

A Red Hot New Year

by Diana Mercury, Denise Rossetti, Cynthia Eden & Virginia Reede

This New Year's Eve, turn up the heat . . .

At the stroke of midnight a new year begins—a time for passionate resolutions and brand-new pleasures; a time to let go of past restraints and embrace new sensual...

Pleasures of the Forbidden Valley

by Diana Mercury

Legend tells of a lost valley high in the Himalayas—a place where fantasy, sensuality, and pleasure reign supreme. Diandra is determined to find this magical place . . . at any cost.

A beautiful and sexually...

Bedding Down

by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Ignore the weather report—there's a heat wave coming!

Author, editor, blogger, and former sex columnist for the Village Voice, Rachel Kramer Bussel presents seven titillating tales guaranteed to steam up your...

Voyage of the Demon

by Nigel Hogge

In Volume 4 of the Max Krueger Adventure series, Max Krueger, tough ex-British Army officer and former mercenary from the jungles of Africa is once again operating his tugboat from the steamy wharves of Manaha,...

Lucifer Rising

by Nigel Hogge

In Volume 3 of the Max Krueger Adventure series, Max Krueger's girlfriend has disappeared, and the tough ex-mercenary is angry. Very angry. What Max and Manaha's crafty Chief of Police, Colonel 'Diablo' Fernandez,...