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The Vampire's Caress

by Mena Thrace

Asha is between a rock and a hard place. After a hunt goes terribly wrong the vampire huntress is wounded, nearly killed. The only thing that saves her life is an even scarier monster than the four she faced...

Love Potion No. 3

by Secret Narrative

Love Potion No. 3: An Anthology of Provocative Erotica Featuring a collection of exotica designed to turn you on. Kiss From A Ghost by Elizabeth Woodham No matter where it starts, a story must have a hero. A...

Obeying My Doctor's Orders

by Ella Louise

BBW Claire is still curvy and shy, but this time, she’s even more desperate to be taken by the gorgeous Dr. Kent. Claire goes back to his office, hoping for him to fill all of her holes and fulfill her fantasies....

Voyage of the Demon

by Nigel Hogge

In Volume 4 of the Max Krueger Adventure series, Max Krueger, tough ex-British Army officer and former mercenary from the jungles of Africa is once again operating his tugboat from the steamy wharves of Manaha,...

Lucifer Rising

by Nigel Hogge

In Volume 3 of the Max Krueger Adventure series, Max Krueger's girlfriend has disappeared, and the tough ex-mercenary is angry. Very angry. What Max and Manaha's crafty Chief of Police, Colonel 'Diablo' Fernandez,...

Hotter than Hades

by Nigel Hogge

In Volume 1 of the Max Krueger Adventure series, Max Krueger, tough ex-British Army officer and a former mercenary from the jungles of Africa is now operating his tugboat from the steamy wharves of Manaha, capital...

The XXX Weekends

by K.C. Cave

Junie placed her curled fist in Melanie’s outstretched hand. “Remember your promise?” Junie whispered. Tendrils of arousal blossomed in the pit of Melanie’s belly. Melanie had her price, though: She...

Twisted Entrapment

by N'Tyse

Blazing with scandal, deception, temptation, and revenge, this third installment in the Twisted series blurs the lines of infidelity and tests the true meaning of love.

Sabrina and Luke’s marriage was shattered...

Games Girls Play

by Deanna Lee

In the "man's world" of pro sports, PR wiz Tara Marcus ensures top athletes win off the field as well as on. But she and her colleagues are finding out that these hard bodies are ready to score anytime, anywhere....

Yes, Doctor!

by Ella Louise

Curvy, shy Claire goes to the doctor for an embarrassing problem: she can’t stop thinking about sex! Though she knows her problem is unusual, the last thing she expects is for the gorgeous Dr. Kent to take...

Virtue and Vice

by Megan Hart

A national bestselling author introduces a woman versed in the erotic who discovers the one thing she hasn't trained for: true love.

Years ago, while lowly kitchen maid Notsah was fleeing the king's guard, she...

Christmas Caroler's Orgy

by George Boxlicker

Some of my friends and I love to go out during the Christmas season to sing carols outside the homes of neighbors. Even more, we love the sex orgy after our singing is through. This is the story of seven horny...

First Time In Her Back Door

by Ella Louise

Proper "good girl" Virginia is so inexperienced, she doesn't know what she wants. All she knows is that sex with her ex-boyfriend was so boring, she craves something new. Something dirty and taboo. Her experienced,...

Forbidden Fruit

by Becca Sinh

Carly had seen Will whacking off before the barn before, but this time she’d been fascinated enough to try it herself…and wow! It had really felt good! So she figured that maybe they should try it together...

The Alpha Claims Her Back Door

by Ella Louise

Innocent, virtuous Karen is horrified to discover that she has become a werewolf. Even worse, the powerful and primal urges that come with the change are driving her crazy. In a desperate attempt to quell these...


by Harrison Young

"When the wind is from the south, the desert possesses you."

Philip Cooper’s New York law firm suddenly dispatched him to a country no one had heard of, on a mission he didn’t understand. Having survived...


by Harrison Young

“The firm had a gym, and one day Alice, who they’d made a partner because there was no way not to, came in and took her clothes off.” And that wasn’t all.

Ten highly intelligent, erotically charged linked...

Sara's Sexy Priest

by Becca Sinh

Father Andrew had lusted after Sara from the shadows for years. But he’d taken a sacred vow, and he didn’t intend to break it. No matter how much he might want her—and no matter how many times he might...

Big Gray Men

by Ella Louise

Seemingly alone at home, Cathy has an experience that is truly out of this world. After shivering and convulsing with pleasure from an unidentified bright light in the sky, she goes on a quest to find the source...

One Fine Day

by Alexi Fall

Married life is slowly losing its appeal for Patrick, an office worker and budding novelist. His wife Jenna is a nagging, puritanical pain who belittles him like it’s going out of fashion. Even on his day...