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Something About Witches

by Joey W. Hill

Joey W. Hill thrills in a dazzling new spellbinder of modern-day witchcraft, ancient evil, and the magical tricks men and women play in the name of love . . .


Ruby Night Divine is a gun-shop owner. She’s...

What a Duke Wants

by Lavinia Kent

Lavinia Kent—a four-time Golden Heart Award nominee and one of the most exciting talents in the new generation of historical romance writers—explores What a Duke Wants in this darkly sensuous tale of a woman...

Spirit of Eternity

by Michel Russell

gay ; erotic ; drama ; Papua ; new ; guinea ; tropical ; sultry ; sensual ; sex ; prick ; big ; oral ; lesbian ; sexual ; porn ; camp ; nympho ; ;

Blood Bath

by Michel Russell

Bradley (Braydie) Neilson, a thirtyfiveyearold gay man, works for a charity in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, on the river Avon. He belongs to a group of seven known as the 'CC circle' headed by seventyfiveyearold...

Mom's All Tied Up

by Laura Lovecraft

In order to rekindle the spark in her marriage Monica decides to fulfill her husband's fantasy of having her bound helpless to the bed for him. Hours before he's due home, she strips and cuffs herself to the...

Erotica: Threesome Invitation

by Tina Long

Justin was living in a barrack and had a roommate who used to bring various women to their room. Richard took advantage of the deployment for seducing the wives of other soldiers. Justin just watched them from...

Erotica: A Roommate Show

by Tina Long

When Arnold decided to visit his girlfriend, Gertrude, at her place, he knew that her roommate, Anastasia, was bi and they used to have fun together. However, he never expected Gertrude to make his threesome...

Erotica: Threesome With Neighbor's Daughter

by Tina Long

Melanie was not satisfied by her husband and decided to seduce her jobless neighbor, Jeff. Jeff did not mind satisfying his neighbor but when Melanie's daughter caught them, they had to find a way to buy her...

Erotica: Hot Neighbor Next Door

by Tina Long

Pamela managed for years to suppress her lesbian tendencies, but everything changed when she met her new neighbor, Nancy. She was a stunning woman and Pamela convinced her to pose for her husband, Don, as he...

Erotica: Threesome With Boss

by Tina Long

Billy was happy to work for his best friend's mother, Fanny. However, with time, he felt a growing attraction between them and this attraction escalated into lust and Fanny used pleasure as a reward for his...

Erotica: Meeting of Lust

by Tina Long

Helen and Jerry were best friends for many years before they started dating. However, when Helen met Jerry's father for the first time, she realized that she loved Jerry as a brother, but had strong feelings...

Erotica: Christmas Gift

by Tina Long

During a Christmas party, Vincent found the best friend of his son, Chyna, standing under the mistletoe. He kissed her, but the young woman started teasing him with her hot body and chest. They decided to take...

Erotica: Threesome With Babysitter

by Tina Long

Henry and Judith were happy to hire Chantal as a babysitter since it enabled them to have some times for themselves. However, Judith started praising Chantal's body and talking about a potential threesome until...

Erotica: Babysitter Threesome

by Tina Long

Amanda was happy to babysit since it was easy money, but Margaret did not like the way she was teasing her husband. When she caught Amanda in her lingerie and playing with her toys, she decided to punish her...

A Playful Time, 4 Lesbian Erotica Stories Collection

by Tina Long

A Collection of 4 Lesbian Erotic Stories. Stories Included: 1. The Sexy Babysitter 2. The Hot Stranger 3. Night Out with Sister's Best Friend 4. Sexy Samantha, Mother's Best Friend For Mature Audiences Only...

Erotica: Hot Female Submission

by Tina Long

Betty was a shy and conservative young married woman. Her life changed when her best friend's mother became their neighbor. Daisy incited Betty to add some kinkiness and fantasy into her intimate life. Gradually,...

A New Night, 5 Erotic Adult Short Stories Collection

by Tina Long

A Collection 5 Erotic Stories. Stories Included: 1. A Girl Home Alone 2. A New Babysitter 3. Best Friend's Naked Mother 4. Savoring The Neighbor 5. Seducing My Maid For Mature Audiences Only (18+) ***Scroll...

Hot for Him, 5 Erotica Adult Short Stories Collection

by Tina Long

A Collection of 5 Erotic Stories. Stories Included: 1. Babysitter Wants To Play 2. The Lonely Neighbor 3. Bestfriend's Mother 4. Threesome with Housekeeper 5. Bestfriend's Naughty Sister For Mature Audiences...

Babysitter Gets Naughty (Erotica)

by Rod Polo

David came through the door and stood stock still. From the look of things, what he had seen did surprise him a little, but he wasn't shocked at all. Camilla was standing right there in the middle of the living...

Naughty Mary, the Neighbor's Daughter (Erotica)

by Rod Polo

Mary looked all sexy and ready to make love to Marcus. And even though Marcus had been taken aback by her straightforwardness, it seemed as though he was starting to like her just the way that she was and it...