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Pet Shop Girls

by Miss Irene Clearmont

When a wife discovers her Police Commissioner husband is about to dump her for his secretary she contacts a group of sexually perverted women who ensure he will never dump a woman again. But it will not be the...

Secrecies of Lust

by Arcana Roman

Inspired by Ovid's mythological water nymph, Secrecies of Lust is a contemporary tale of a girl's sexual awakening and the potency of lust. Please note: A taboo version of the story is published at Carnal Pleasures...

Hip Hop Mogul

by Kenny Wilber

Hip Hop Mogul, a visual novel, is a series about a confident young man, who prepared himself for the digital world of music. He focused on Hip Hop and creating his extremely successful Digital Production Company....

Bound with Passion

by Megan Mulry

Lady Georgiana Elizabeth Cambury has been a "wild romping girl" all her life: dressing in trousers, riding astride, and doing just fine, thank you very much. Her father's exceedingly generous bequest-and her...

Kinky Is the New Black: Gay Erotica

by Dominick Cummings

In KINKY IS THE NEW BLACK: GAY EROTICA, three men explore the animalistic, uninhibited raw sexuality they've fantasized about but didn't have the guts to take part in...until now. Seduced by His Step-Brother:...

Revenge Is...

by D.C. Wood & Aiye Niwaju-Wood

If you're looking for a tastefully erotic romance novel, with a little suspense, a good plot, that'll keep you captivated? Look no further. "Revenge Is..." is the second installment from the Holmes Pennington...

Love Lies  ...and Schemes

by D.C. Wood

When Zack Nieves, Pro Stock Motorcycle Drag Racer slash bartender, sees his ex-wife walk into his place of business for happy hour, her appearance awakens the feelings he'd suppressed for years. After the five...

Forbidden Fruit

by Becca Sinh

Carly had seen Will whacking off before the barn before, but this time she'd been fascinated enough to try it herself...and wow! It had really felt good! So she figured that maybe they should try it together...

Sara's Sexy Priest

by Becca Sinh

Father Andrew had lusted after Sara from the shadows for years. But he'd taken a sacred vow, and he didn't intend to break it. No matter how much he might want her-and no matter how many times he might stroke...

The XXX Weekends

by K.C. Cave

Junie placed her curled fist in Melanie's outstretched hand. "Remember your promise?" Junie whispered. Tendrils of arousal blossomed in the pit of Melanie's belly. Melanie had her price, though: She wanted a...

Prison Issue: Gina Joy Book 2

by Maria Hooch

When Gina Joy receives a letter from the prison where her husband is currently locked up for drug dealing, her whole world is rocked to the core. She finally faces up to the reason why she hasn't seen him for...

Submitting To The Bikers' Lust

by Malory Chambers

Melissa's first experience in Los Angeles is proving to be a dangerously sensuous one. Stranded in the streets after being used by the man who conned her, the naive young woman is completely out of her comfort...

Stepbrother: Be Mine Forever

by Scarlet Smith

For Susie, life sucks. Stuck at home with her bickering parents, she fantasizes about Brad, the boy she grew with. But he's long gone, earning megabucks on Wall Street, and Susie knows that her crush on him...

Erotic Flights of Fantasy

by Melanie Thompson

Erotic Flights of Fantasy takes you on an erotic safari through different times, different places and alternate realities. Elves, vampires and crazed inventors fill stories set in the past and the future, with...

Galaxy Glitch

by Juliet Cardin

Nettle Vallen, alias legendary Liberty Forall, is rescuer and relocater of unjustly persecuted shifters. Teneg, renegade smuggler, has partnered with Nettle in the past in dangerous extractions. The pair is...

Sex Stories

by Susannah Lickman

A lot of erotic and sex stories

Spanking The Maid

by Anna Austin

“You would do anything I told you? Absolutely anything?” “Of course, Sir. After all, I’m the maid and you’re the master.” Emma is not a very good maid. Ungainly and accident prone, she's summoned...

Sharing A Dark Desire

by Mena Thrace

Two strapping demons. One little ol' her. Oh, whatever shall Exorcist Eve do? Eve's newest job involves double the trouble, double the fun; not that she's the least bit bothered by the surplus of pleasure. There's...

Stripped In Public By The Photographer

by Malory Chambers

Susan's photo shoot with famous Italian photographer Andrea Tecchia is not what she expected at all. The alluring yet patronizing photographer delves into his craft with no holds barred, even if it means stripping...

Shameless Submission

by Malory Chambers

Pamela Fleming has heard all the rumors about her handsome billionaire boss, Jonathan Daniels. Controlling but brilliant, the devastatingly good-looking hunk has enough arrogance to power an entire city and...