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A Woman's Servant 2

by Bellows Chris

The feminized servant of Nurse Cummings returns for a second semester and, in being quickly re immersed in servitude, her 'education' progresses. With maid service perfected, the serving girly boy of Nurse Cummings...

The Long Day of Revenge

by Adamov D.P

The Long Day of Revenge is like no erotic novel ever written. The creation of newcomer, D.P. Adamov, this story of Manolo Garza boils down to a dramatic bullfight in the border town of Nogales, Mexico, where...

Shakespeare's Brat

by Lizbeth Dusseau

Over-the-knee Fireworks! A road show production of The Taming of the Shrew turns into a boisterous battle between the director, Orlando Shakespeare, and his bratty head-strong star, Tempest. Manipulative and...

Affairs Of A Wicked Heart

by Lizbeth Dusseau

Blackmailed and forced to surrender... degraded, bound, whipped and humiliated by a man she fears... a master she obeys... a dominant who moves her submissive soul... By day, Lana Desmond is in charge of acquisitions...

Captive of the Midnight Vixens

by Roger Hastings

Hiking into the mountains of Transylvania, Roy Travis stumbles on Valeska, a young woman suffering a sprained ankle. Helping her back home to a huge, forbidding mansion, he waits for a storm to pass. He dines...

Beyond the Black Curtain

by Hayley White

Whips, chains, and genuinely masterful men are merely the stuff of fantasy stories, such as the one Ever is writing. That's what Ever thinks-before her chance encounter with the charming and worldly Stroud....

The Chris Bellows' Collection

by Chris Bellows

Collared & Leashed The unsuspecting subordinate male, Willie, is talked into playing a cuddly canine at a party, entertainment for a girl allergic to the real thing. Little does he know how far Lenore, who hires...

Short-Shorts: Lesbian Spanking Stories

by Lizbeth Dusseau

In the title story, Dusty Warner's bottom, in a pair of hot Short Shorts, is surpassed only by her bottom, red hot and crimson, at the hands of her lover/boss Madeline. A street-smart Dusty discovers she won't...

Switches Dilemma

by T.E. Evanson

Janet and Edward's sexual pursuits have led them and their kinky group of Switches' Delight swinging friends on a number of erotic adventures exploring their pleasures and desires. As they meet new people, their...

Redemption For Two

by Tobias Tanner

The pivot points in life are not always dramatic, but they can be. It happens that way for Mickey McCord, who sets himself on a new path with a single act of violence. Born of frustration and outrage, this moment...

The Phantom Phillipe

by Paul Preston

Recovering from a self-inflicted wound, multimillionaire entrepreneur Phillipe Williamson feels insecure about the sexual connection with his lovely young submissive, Bella Lisa Mauricio and is unable to engage...

Lost & Found

by Nat Cameron

Samantha had disappeared into the predictability of her life. She felt as if she had been sleepwalking through the last years of her marriage. Walking away, had been the right decision, but it had been hard...

Before the Law

by Jim Musgrave

Jim Musgrave's short story, "Before the Law," speaks across the horror and romance genres on a socially relevant topic (greed), in a voice that haunts. The setting is Tanzania. Bodies of "the other" are harvested....

The Black Cat Suicides

by Jim Musgrave

Chen Jiang is an industrial psychologist hired to stop the suicides at the largest mYpad plant in the world. What causes these suicides becomes an existential nightmare for our hero as he uncovers the unholy...

Four Confessions

by Lizbeth Dusseau

The Confessions Of Four Well-Punished Ladies - Bree-an unrepentant naughty girl, has a real lust for bad boys only to find the ultimate "bad boy", Jack, likes spanking her bare bottom to keep her in line. She...

Ten Stinging Stories: A Spanking Anthology

by Rachel Heath

A hot & sexy collection of Spanking Tales - including Getting Bruce to Stick to His Diet, The Devil in His Body and The Burning of His Butt, How Louis Van Tongeren Served His Lady, and Classic Cal Battles Booze...

Don't. Please. Don't Make Me

by Jo-Anne Wiley

From the author of SHUTTER-BUGGERED, four hot new short stories. "Don't!" ...what woman hasn't cried out in fear! A sly move. The not-so-playful squeeze. The underhanded grope to her crotch... But what if you...

Sentenced to Heaven

by Lance Edwards

Sentenced to Heaven centers on Rachel Blaine, a badly damaged rape victim, prison guard and ex-military torturer who avenges her violation by abusing deserving convicts. Alex Downing is the pampered scion whose...

Overpowered Men

by Orlando Orlando

Females take charge in this sizzling new collection of 50 Femdom short stories. Follow along as hapless men, with intense submissive desires find themselves trapped in nightmarish lives straight from their darkest...

The House Guest

by J.P. Kansas

After sending a performance tape to a prestigious music school in New York City, young and innocent flautist Nona Williamson, fresh out of college, is invited to audition in person. With little money and no...