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Forbidden Fantasies - An Outrageously Sexy Swingers Short Story from Steam Books

by Logan Woods & Steam Books

Three couples have enjoyed each other's company since high school, and fifteen years after graduation they were still going strong. There had been little flirtations all along, but this weekend, something was...

Summer With Mrs. Taylor - A Sexy Older Woman/ Younger Man Short Story from Steam Books

by Logan Woods & Steam Books

Coming back home from his first year in college, Harris feels like he's finally grown up: he's wiser, manlier, and sexier. But he finds himself unprepared for his beautiful neighbor, Mrs. Noelle Taylor, whose...

The Loving Arms of a Stranger - An Outrageously Sexy Swingers Exhibitionism Short Story from Steam Books

by Logan Woods & Steam Books

Carly and her husband Brett were the kind of couple you would never expect to attend a marriage counseling service with such...unorthodox methods. They had everything a young couple could want: money, cars,...

Amber's Fantasy - An Outrageously Sexy HotWife Short Story from Steam Books

by Logan Woods & Steam Books

Even the mildest, most modest of women can surprise you after you've been married long enough. They cherish their secrets, but sometimes a desire or a fantasy becomes too intense to keep inside any more. When...

Men Lie, Cameras Don't - A Sexy Exhibitionist Group FFM Bi Short Story from Steam Books

by Dana Burns & Steam Books

Samantha is going to show her cyber-boyfriend, Michael, the performance of a lifetime on webcam. She has quite the surprise for him... and he has quite the surprise for her. In fact, this will be a night full...

College Relations - A Sexy Threesome FFM Story from Steam Books

by Dana Burns & Steam Books

A publicity specialist for a college's athletics department, Steve is engaged in a frowned-upon relationship with a volleyball player, Nicole. As they debate whether and when to make their relationship public,...

Her Office Subordinate - A Hot Interracial BWWM Erotic Short Story from Steam Books

by Monica Celeste & Steam Books

When office manager Tonya scolds her handsome young new hire, Ryan, he is eager to show her how responsible and subordinate he really is.  Will Tonya be able to maintain her professional distance... or will...

She Learns to Dominate - A Kinky Threesome FFM Femdom Short Story from Steam Books

by Logan Woods & Steam Books

 Though her husband had left her hints over the years, Jan was first shocked and then aroused at the notion that her husband was a submissive. It took a pointed observation from her friend, Carol, to bring...

Verbal Penetration: Punany Poets

by Jessica Holter

Powerful, provocative, and raw, self-described punany poets take readers on an extraordinary erotic journey, melding poetry, short stories, and prose to explore the essence of black male and female sexuality....

Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

by Melanie George, Sherrilyn Kenyon & Jaid Black

In this sexy erotica anthology, three hot authors reel you in with sizzling novellas about alpha heroes who will do anything to get the women they want -- even kidnap them!

Bestselling author Sherrilyn Kenyon...

Dark Thirst

by Omar Tyree, Donna Hill & Angela Allen

A haunting anthology of vampire fiction -- one that brings a colorful new dimension to one of the world's most erotic and enduring myths.


Mom Loves To Suck

by Laura Lovecraft

Sean's frustrated because his girlfriend Kelly won't use her mouth, ever. Looking for advice, Sean tells his about what's going on and finds out she's in the same boat, because his dad won't go down on her....

B Is for Billionaire Booty: Nine Erotic Short Stories

by Susan Hart

Note: All characters are over 18. Full synopses at the start of each story. Contains: Riding High In The Billionaire's Jet AND The Billionaire's Hothouse Orchid PLUS Putting On The Corset For Charity AND Fixing...

Game of Lust With Roommate (Erotica)

by Rod Polo

Patrick took in Patricia as a roommate since she was in need. He had a crush on her after a few months, but he did not have the courage to make a move on her. They played a game and he had to please her like...

My Naughty New Neighbor (Erotica)

by Rod Polo

Dough felt lonely after his wife died a few months ago. However, he convinced himself to resume working out and jogging. He met his new neighbor, Wendy, and they started jogging together. Dough felt that a young...

Desperate for Roommate (Erotica)

by Rod Polo

Fred shared an apartment with one of his best friends, Cynthia. Even though she was a girl, they got along very well. However, their relationship took another turn when he saw her naked in the bathroom. Cynthia...

Feeling Naughty for Daddy's Best Friend (Erotica)

by Rod Polo

Jessica needed some major work done at her house, but she could not afford a carpenter. She asked help from Marc. He was the best friend of her father and an experienced carpenter. In order to work fast, he...

Nightly Sitter (Erotica)

by Rod Polo

When his wife went to spend the weekend with her mother since she was sick, Paul was glad to have Pamela babysitting for him. He paid Pamela to stay overnight but during the night, she joined him in his bed....

Helping Babysitter (Erotica)

by Rod Polo

Brenda was babysitting for Gertrude when she told her that she was afraid to sleep with her boyfriend since her previous boyfriend used to hurt her in bed and found pleasure from it. Gertrude was willing to...

A Week With Daddy's Best Friend (Erotica)

by Rod Polo

Angelina used to share her intimate fantasies online. She wanted to be taken in a rough way and treated badly to experience sheer pleasure. When her daddy's best friend agreed to take her in for one week while...