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A Girl Home Alone (Erotica)

by Tina Long

Roland could not believe his luck when his best friend's sister Mary asked him to help her with suntan lotion. They used to be close when they were younger and since they were alone, he got bolder. He was afraid...

Bestfriend's Naughty Sister (Erotica)

by Tina Long

Lamar was about to be deployed with his unit when he decided to spend a few weeks at home before rejoining his base unit. He went to visit his best friend Kevin but found his sister Jasmine. He could not believe...

Erotica: Naughty Dirty Girl, 5 Erotic Stories Bundle

by Shelly Pasia

A Collection of 5 Erotic Stories. Stories Included: 1. First Time with Best Friend's Sister 2. Hot Wife's Seduction 3. Neighboring Lust 4. Sister's Best Friend for Lust 5. Teacher's Desire This Erotic Stories...

Sentimental Reunion, Part 2/2

by Priscill@ Productions

This is the sweet conclusion to a big misunderstanding. Men love just as hard as women. They have feelings and treasure their childhood sweethearts. This is a story of a sensitive man that never forgot his best...

Hot Breast Milk: 10 Lactation Erotica Adult Sex Short Stories Collection

by Rod Polo

A Collection of 10 Lactation Erotic Stories. Stories Included: 1. Attraction of Milk 2. Cow of Dairy Farm 3. Lift of Milking 4. Cream of Surprise 5. Mistress of Feeding 6. Nursing For Passion 7. Nursing To Arouse...

A Teacher's Temptations

by Priscill@ Productions

You guessed it! This is another "teacher/(consensual aged) student" episode of neurotic misbehaving. It's a classic situation that's as widely pondered as the "school girl" uniform. Whether you enjoy identifying...

Bad Doctor, Gave Me Great Boobs

by Priscill@ Productions

This short journey is a depiction of what happens when a lab assistant falls into the hands of a morally bankrupt geneticist? This experimentalist has no boundaries and should be behind bars.... Or should he?...

Thank You for Your Service, Pt 2

by Priscill@ Productions

This is part 2 of the 2-part series. This is the emotional conclusion to a true love/romance. Love is beautiful: especially when it involves a war hero. There's something 'pure' about the way it gives back to...

Thank You for Your Service, Pt 1

by Priscill@ Productions

This is part 1 of a 2-part series. Cathy falls for a young man who joins the service. Steven completes a honorable tour of duty and comes home after his involvement in a very important mission. and joins the...

Sentimental Reunion, Part 1/2

by Priscill@ Productions

This is a sweet beginning to a sweeter end. Men love just as hard as women. They have feelings and treasure their child-hood sweethearts. This is a story of a sensitive man that never forgot his best friend/first...

Lady's Man Larry

by Priscill@ Productions

When two young ladies allow the vivid imagination of a young man to come alive, the situation goes from GOOD to GREAT. Larry's delusions come to life in this steamy three-way.

Love Doesn't Lie

by Priscill@ Productions

It's rare idea these days, but it's still (ultimately) true. True love is intelligent. In this epic, a couple is held captive on a ship (with the rest of the crew), yet they FEAR NOT. Their love for each other...

Holiday Help

by Priscill@ Productions

This is a blossoming romance between two young people thrown together by an unlikely set of circumstances during Christmas time. If you're looking for a tale of romance and generosity or a story about growth...

Exhibition On Display

by Au Link

A wild tale of exhibition, illicit activities, and a chance encounter.

Full Force - Ibook Format

by Zorro Daddy

This is an age play tale of forced regression. Dakota is a girl who is staring down the age of 30, just a few short years away for her. Having led a hard-working life, she had recently spiraled out of control...

Best Friends

by Daniel Blue

Part romance and part erotica Best Friends is about instant attraction between two men. Dave is straight, but has had a brief gay encounter, while Ed is gay and has recently come out of a bad relationship. Both...

Bimbo Pop Princess - Carnival

by Vincent Geyta

Brooke Wendell is an independent CG artist who prefers working alone on a computer than dealing with people. One day, she is captured and put into a brainwashing pod. She escapes with her free will...Or so she...

Lesbian Luvn'

by Priscill@ Productions

It's our reality. We're lesbian and luvn' it. Priscill@ has been a writer of erotica/romance long before online platforms(such as this) offered self-publishing and distribution services and worldwide recognition....

Corner Pocket

by Priscill@ Productions

A young woman's pride gets the best of her when she's challenged in a game of billiards to either put-up or shut-up. Before long; her stimulated libido gets involved and it becomes a game of "putting-up" and...

Me Loves You 4ever

by Priscill@ Productions

Priscill@'s goal is to present eReaders with a new option for their erotica and romance reads. There is no such tactic as "pay-per-chapter" with Priscill@ Productions. You get the whole story and a vivid experience...