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Cirque Erotique

by Mikki Leone

When twenty-seven-year-old Danni Appleyard finds herself deserted by her boyfriend but with two weeks' holiday to take, she longs to do something completely different. A magazine article about a circus school...

Sin and Seduction

by Emma Allan

His hand ran over her belly. His skin was rough like a workman's, calloused and hard. He caressed her thighs, smoothing over the contours of her muscles, down to her knees, then up again on the soft inner surface...

A Lesson in Passion: Season of Desire Part 4

by Sadie Matthews

Part Four of SEASON OF DESIRE, a fiercely passionate five-part serial novel by Sadie Matthews which will excite all fans of FIRE AFTER DARK, BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE and FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. Freya Hammond is used...

Sinner Takes All

by Roxanne Morgan

It begins as a drunken argument between colleagues - Shannon Garret, editor of Femme magazine, and her rival Richard Stanley, editor of Babes!. Whose magazine is going to get the chop? Whose readers are the...

Legacy Of Desire

by Marina Anderson

Davina Fletcher had a comfortable life and a comfortable boyfriend until the death of her uncle changed all that. As her home and artist's studio were in the grounds of his house, it was always assumed she would...

House of Decadence

by Marina Anderson

You've devoured the Fifty Shades Trilogy. Now experience a place like no other in the... House of Decadence

At twenty-three, Megan Stewart feels that there should be more to life than working in a library,...

Who Dares Sins

by Roxanne Morgan

It began over lunch. Three different women, best friends, decide to spice up their love-lives with a little extra-curricular sex. Shannon is first, accepting the dare of seducing a motorcycle despatch rider...

Degrees of Desire

by Roxanne Morgan

Alix Neville has lost her sexual nerve - too many bad experiences recently - but when her computer firm sends her back to college to re-train, she finds herself becoming involved in the stunning Professor Vivienne...

Maximum Exposure

by Roxanne Morgan

Fern Barrie wants to make classy porn movies for women. Along with Danila and her other student friends, she has talent, enthusiasm, a willing cast . . . but not enough money. In order to get the funding they...

Sinner Takes All

by Roxanne Morgan

When the editors of two rival magazines are overheard by their boss arguing over whose readers are the more sexually adventurous, he decides to settle things his own way. They are presented with a series of...

Game of Masks

by Roxanne Morgan

On an international flight from Rio to London, Corey meets Eulalie, who is clearly distressed. For Eulalie has accidentally - or deliberately? - been booked in to the Kenwood Institute, a charitable foundation...

Forbidden Desires

by Marina Anderson

You've devoured Fifty Shades . . . now lose yourself again in the heady ecstasy of Forbidden Desires.

After her wedding to film director Lewis James, Harriet Radcliffe is dismayed to learn that her husband has...

Dark Secret

by Marina Anderson

You've devoured Fifty Shades . . . now dive in to the wild intensity of Dark Secret.

Harriet Radcliffe is bored with her life. At twenty-three, her steady job and safe engagement seem very dull. If she is to...

The Discipline

by Marina Anderson

You've devoured Fifty Shades . . . now embrace in the fiery pleasure of The Discipline.

When a young nun collecting money for orphans meets an elegant, sophisticated playboy, she is irresistibly drawn towards...

Revving Up the Holidays

by A.S. Fenichel

Workaholic Isaac hasn't been back to his hometown since his father's funeral two years earlier, pushing his family away because of a painful secret. Hanukkah and a forced vacation lure him back to Atlanta, where...

Dragon Joined

by Rebecca Royce

Dean Andrews watched in horror when sixteen-year-old Amanda Sugar was carried away by the dragons. He swore to destroy the beasts before anyone else could be taken. Six years later, he leads his people in a...

Full On

by Caitlyn Willows

What happens when lovers face off in the courtroom? Six months of hell. Not only has Russell been without his woman, he's also had to put up with her kicking his ass all over the courtroom. Well, the trial is...

Simply Irresistible

by Evanne Lorraine

Tall, dark and dominant Liam meets, small, wary and submissive Tiana. They're two sides of the same coin-a perfect match, right? Not even close. Tiana isn't as untried as she seems. She's determined to reclaim...

Her Savage Scot

by Christina Phillips

When tough Scot warrior Connor Mackenzie rides into the barbaric lands of the Picts on a mission for his king, he never expects to be captivated by a beautiful Pictish widow. Drawn under her spell, yet unaware...

Unexpected Find

by Nancy Corrigan

Royal Pride, Book 1 Since the murder of her best friend, Jazz is stuck in a safe but lonely way of life. She's willing to sacrifice everything to keep her family safe from the shifter world. The sexy stranger...