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The Fugitive's Sexy Brother

by Annabeth Leong

Emily Boysen is sick of low-level bounty hunting jobs that don't pay her rent, and sick to death of her ex-boyfriend taking credit for her work. Ready to claim her due, she takes on the quarry of a lifetime,...

Freshman: Uncut

by Daisy Harris

Sparks fly between jaded film TA, Shane, and tough-acting freshman, Angel. Shane gives Angel the sex he craves, but struggles to be the man he needs. Shane's too old for Angel. Even if Angel weren't a freshman...


by Bailey Bradford

There isn't a safe place in the world when someone wants you dead more than they want to live. Ryder Johansen is trying to figure out the shifter world. He was turned without his consent, another bad thing in...

Ménage a Must

by Renee Michaels

Can Molly juggle a pair of frisky lovers and prevent her adventurous young mistress from playing fast and loose with her virtue? Yes, she can. Molly O'Dowd is a maid with ambition. She doesn't intend to spend...

Carnival of Dreams

by Josephine Scott

When the staff of a hotel in a sleepy seaside resort decide to turn room 101 into a room where dreams come true; they little know what they are about to unleash on themselves! Repressed desires and strange tastes...

The Luckiest Man Dead: What price would you pay for the best year of your life?

by Cash Morgan

Private eye Cash Morgan is hired to investigate the death of Roddy Crane, a university student, at the end of his first year, living with three beautiful women. His death has been ruled as suicide by the police...

Private Release

by Amy Ruttan

Jared Stevens hasn't been the same since he was shot. His duty is to marry a Mukswa woman and be a strong leader. He lets the elders of his clan choose his bride, because the woman he wants is only in his fantasies,...

Trouble in Disguise

by Gem Sivad

A book in the Eclipse Heat series. Since both his partners have married and retired from the hunt, Deacon McCallister is alone when he visits the Pleasure Dome, an infamous brothel in Fort Worth's Hell's Half...

A Girl Walks Into a Bar

by Helena S. Paige

How will your night out end?

You make the rules.

You're at one of the hottest bars in town, all dressed up for a fabulous girls' night out with your best friend, when she cancels. What do you do now?

In this novel,...

Kept by Him

by Red Garnier

The Billionaire's Club—a fabulously sexy contemporary romance series about some of the world's wealthiest, most powerful men and the women they claim...and keep.Not everyone knows that billionaire Daniel Lexington...

Olivia Cunning Bundle: Backstage Pass, Rock Hard, Double Time, Hot Ticket

by Olivia Cunning

USA Today and NYT bestseller Olivia Cunning has delighted readers with her wildly popular Sinners on Tour series, the perfect blend of steamy sex, heartwarming romance, and wicked humor. Now, get the first four...

Smoking Hot

by Karen Kelley

To save one lucky gal's life, this Texas angel will break all the rules

Working the graveyard shift at the sheriff 's office is hard work. And Deputy Rain McCandless is busy keeping her dog-napping grandfather...

Where There's a Will

by Karen Kelley

Her Fantasies Were Wild But Buried Deep...

Haley Tillman words hard at being a good girl, hiding her rich fantasy life in the pages of her diary. But being good doesnt' seem to get her anywhere with men, and...

Interracial Sexual Story

by Angela Minx

Then all of a sudden something was happening to me. My body started shaking. Jerome saw this and pushed his finger deep inside me and licked my clit at the same time. He kept shoving it harder and harder, my...

Into the Darkness

by Delilah Devlin

After arriving in New Orleans—escaping from a tragic past—the virginal beauty falls victim to a series of strange, unearthly attacks. And for the first time in her life, she aches with sexual desire. Now...

No Fear

by Jaid Black

Book 5 in the Trek Mi Q'an series. Mousy, modern day librarian Brynda Mitchell doesn't lead a very exciting life...yet. Book 5 of the Trek Mi Q'an Series, No Fear, tells us the story of Jek Q'an Ri and the capture...

The Possession

by Jaid Black

Kris Torrence wants to experience sexual submission to a man once in her lifetime. Having a reputation for being a sedate, boring professor, nobody at her university job suspects anything when she signs up to...


by Sahara Kelly

Dr. Susanna Chalmers, successful therapist, has few secrets and little to hide. Her one scandalous memory is buried eleven years in her past-or so she thinks. But then Dylan Sinclair walks back into Susanna's...

The Price of Freedom

by Joanna Wylde

A man who refuses to accept captivity. A woman who has lost hope... When Bethany rescues one of her father's slaves from death, she has no idea she's sealing her own fate. All she knows is that Jess is the most...

In Her Blood

by Lorie O'Clare

Book 2 in the Lunewulf series Elsa Rousseau will have nothing to do with Pack Law. She will choose her own mate. No one will tell her what to do, or who to do it with. But unfortunately, that means running from...