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by Noelle Mack

A Scarlet Woman. . .

Lady Fiona Gilberte, a sensual, enigmatic beauty, is presently without a husband--but never without a lover. Indeed, the handsomest noblemen in London are at her beck and call--and from...

Sarah's Sexploits - Survivor

by K T Red

Just as Sarah begins to enjoy the happiness she's found with sexy Frenchman Emil, a monster from his past threatens everything. A violent assault leaves her angry and traumatised and she pushes away her lover,...

Joanna's Training - Volume 3: The Training of a New Transvestite

by Joanna

When an American dominatrix hears of the emergence of a new and attractive transvestite, Joanna, who is a complete 'tv' virgin, she realises that some intensive training is needed to develop the girl from a...

Submission: A Novel

by Marthe Blau

You'll want to scream, but you'll be gagged. You'll want to cry, but you'll be blindfolded. You'll want to run away, but you'll be tied up. You'll have no way of begging me, I'll do what I want with you.


Wicked Words: Sex In Uniform

by Ebury Publishing

Wicked Words - a collection of saucy and compelling short stories

A uniform can make a man irresistible, especially if he's tall, brawny and resonates authority. Whether he is flying a plane, taking confession,...

The Silver Cage

by Mathilde Madden

Iris and Alfie have been driven apart by the strongest forces in the werewolf world - the powerful thrall of the Divine Wolf - the mother of them all. Now Iris needs to win Alfie back, not just for herself,...

The Gift of Shame

by Sophie Hope-Walker

The ultimate story of sensual transformation from the meek to the wanton

Sad, sultry Helen flies between London, Paris and the Caribbean chasing whatever physical pleasures she can get to tear her mind from a...

The Apprentice

by Carrie Williams

In desperate financial straits, aspiring writer Genevieve Carter takes a job as a personal assistant, only to discover that the middle-aged woman she will be working for is none other than her literary heroine,...

Kiss it Better

by Portia Da Costa

Hot erotica from Portia da Costa - grande dame of Black Lace

Jay Bentley is a man with issues. Haunted by physical and psychological demons, he seeks solace and sexual oblivion in the pursuit of an exquisite...

In For A Penny

by Penny Birch

Penny Birch is back, and naughty as ever.

In for a Penny continues the story of her outrageous sex life and also the equally rude behaviour of her friends. From stories of old-fashioned spankings, through strip-wrestling...

The Naked Flame

by Crystalle Valentino

Venetia Halliday is a go-getting entrepreneur who's trying to make it in London's fiercely competitive restaurant business. Her new chef - East End wide-boy Micky Quinn - is tricking his way into her business...

Coming Up Roses

by Crystalle Valentino

Rosie Cooper, an impoverished, self-employed landscape gardner, is booted off her job by an over-fussy client. Although it's unprofessional, she decides to visit the woman a few days later, to contest her dismissal....

A Scandalous Affair

by Holly Graham

Young, well-groomed and spoilt, Olivia Standish is the epitome of a trophy wife. Her husband is a successful politician, and Olivia is confident that she can look forward to a life of luxury and prestige. Then...

Peeping At Pamela

by Yolanda Celbridge

When four cheeky girls are recruited to live rent-free in a large house near Cambridge, it doesn't take them long to realize that their benefactor has more in mind than their welfare. Every room in the house...

Venus in Furs

by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch & Joachim Neugroschel

Venus in Furs describes the obsessions of Severin von Kusiemski, a European nobleman who desires to be enslaved to a woman. Severin finds his ideal of voluptuous cruelty in the merciless Wanda von Dunajew. This...

Depths Of Depravation

by Ray Gordon

She'd defied him, lied to him... and had to be punished most severely.

Belinda fears that her teenage daughter may be falling for Tony, her handsome but cruel new neighbour, and resolves to do everything in her...

The Last Straw

by Christina Shelly

When Dennis Mann loses his job, his life hits a hiatus of junk food and daytime TV, much to the consternation of his wife Helen and her wealthy mother Samantha. Soon, the women realise that he would be more...

Strictly Confidential

by Alison Tyler

Carolyn Winters is a smooth-talking disc jockey at a hip LA radio station. Although known for her sexy banter over the airwaves, she leads a reclusive life, despite the urging of her flirtatious roommate, Dahlia....

Crash Course

by Juliet Hastings

Kate is a successful management consultant. When she's asked to run a training course at an exclusive hotel at short notice, she thinks the stress will be too much. But three of the participants are young, attractive,...

The Silver Collar

by Mathilde Madden

The first in a werewolf paranormal trilogy from the acclaimed author, Mathilde Madden

Eleven years ago a powerful ancient werewolf ripped Iris's life apart. One full moon night it attacked the two people she...