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The Niteclif Evolutions #2

by Denise Tompkins

Haunted by personal betrayal, stalked by a murderer and taunted by destiny. Finding justice-not to mention a little faith-has never been so hard.

The Niteclif Evolutions, Book 2

A murderer is terrorizing the...

The Guardian

by Angus Wells

Angus Wells has imagined a magnificent new novel of vengeance, courage, and adventure--an electrifying tale of a noble warrior willing to lay down his life in the name of honor....

Aided by the dark magic of...

Yesterday's Kings

by Angus Wells

From Angus Wells comes a stirring tale of magic, adventure, and passion as only he could imagine it — the saga of two ancient peoples, long divided by a bloody past, and the courageous young man who must save...

Undone Deeds

Connor Grey #6

by Mark Del Franco

Connor Grey is a druid consultant for the Boston PD on their "strange" cases. So his world is turned upside down when he suddenly finds that he himself has become one. Wrongly accused of a terrorist attack that...

The Game: Adventure Begins

by P.J. Truter

Synopsis: Exciting, visceral and thoroughly entertaining, The Game: Adventure Begins follows two groups of rival role-players as they are magically transported into a fantasy world after using a mysterious pair...

The Sea of Death: The Blade of the Flame, Book 3

The Blade of the Flame #3

by Tim Waggoner

Acclaimed author Tim Waggoner brings his first Eberron trilogy to a stunning conclusion.

Diran, once a feared assassin, has turned his back on murder, seeking the life of a wandering priest. But in the seas...

The Restless Shore: The Wilds

The Wilds #2

by James P. Davis

Explore the unexplored - enter The Wilds of the Forgotten Realms(R)!

One hundred years ago, the Akanamere was ravaged by the Spellplague, drying the lake and leaving behind a nightmarish landscape of frozen...

In Great Waters

by Kit Whitfield

During a time of great upheaval, the citizens of Venice make a pact that will change the world. The landsmen of the city broker a treaty with a water-dwelling tribe of deepsmen, cementing the alliance through...

Forge of the Mindslayers: The Blade of the Flame, Book 2

The Blade of the Flame #2

by Tim Waggoner

Living in the war-ravaged realm of Eberron, assassin-turned-priest Diran Bastiaan and his half-orc sidekick, Ghaji, make an unlikely pair. One looks like the stuff of nightmares, while the other is "a conduit...

Spirit's Oath: An Eli Monpress Novella

by Rachel Aaron

Four years before the events of The Spirit Thief, Miranda Lyonette was a young apprentice Spiritualist on the cusp of a promising career. But on the eve of her return from bonding a wind spirit, a night that...

Ice Song

by Kirsten Imani Kasai

There are secrets beneath her skin.

Sorykah Minuit is a scholar, an engineer, and the sole woman aboard an ice-drilling submarine in the frozen land of the Sigue. What no one knows is that she is also a Trader:...

Cold Steel and Secrets: A Neverwinter Novella, Part IV

Cold Steel And Secrets #4

by Rosemary Jones

Deception! Betrayal! A perfect partnership! In the conclusion to this four-part novella, Rucas Sarfael uncovers the twisted plots that brought him to the city of Neverwinter and discovers a plot on the life...

The Shattered Mask: Sembia: Gateway to the Realms, Book III

Sembia: Gateway To The Realms #3

by Richard Lee Byers

When Shamur Uskevren, the matriarch of one of Sembia's oldest and most powerful merchant families, is tricked by an angry wizard into an assassination attempt on her own husband, her family is thrown into turmoil....

Ghostwalker: The Fighters

The Fighters #2

by Erik Scott De Bie

This scar on my arm is the mark of the thin man's sword...

These on my chest, the barbarian's gyrspike...

This, on my shoulder, the woodman's axe.

And this rasping whisper, all that is left of my voice, it is the...

The Sellsword: Tracy Hickman Presents the Anvil of Time

Anvil of Time #1

by Cam Banks

Strike the Anvil of Time!

Vanderjack is a mercenary with a troubled past and a sword haunted by ghosts. Hired to rescue a nobleman's daughter from behind enemy lines, the sellsword finds himself a pivotal player...

The Antiquarian: A Novel

by Matthew Baca

An after-school job in the extraordinary collection of a peculiar Antiquarian takes a startling turn for Carlos and Sage. In a terrifying moment, they become part of the history surrounding them. It is 1692...

The Reign of the Brown Magician

The Worlds of Shadow series #3

by Lawrence Watt-Evans

The dark force known as Shadow had been defeated, but its world-spanning web of power had survived. This incredible magical weapon was now held not by a prince or wizard, but by Pellinore Brown, a marketing...

In the Empire of Shadow

The Worlds of Shadow series #2

by Lawrence Watt-Evans

A handful of ordinary Americans -- housewives, lawyers, interior decorators, and the like -- found themselves caught up in a transdimensional conflict, and transported from their homes to realms where magic...

Out of This World

The Worlds of Shadow series #1

by Lawrence Watt-Evans

People from present-day Earth are caught up in a war between a Galactic Empire and Shadow, dark lord of a world of magic. This series blends science fiction, fantasy, and horror, in an exciting three-volume...


Apprentice Adept series #3

by Piers Anthony

Stile had problems on two different worlds. On Proton he was threatened with murder, and on Phaze, an alternate world ruled by magic, he had to master magic, fight a dragon, win the friendship of a lady unicorn,...