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Daughter of Ireland

by Juilene Osborne-McKnight

I am the wind which breathes on the water.

I am the swell of the sea.

I am the light of the sun.

I am the point of the battle spear.

I am the God who gives fires to the mind.

Who announces the ages of the moon?


Bright Sword of Ireland

by Juilene Osborne-McKnight

Bright Sword of Ireland is the third in Juilene Osborne-McKnight's wonderful retelling of cherished Irish folktales. A dedicated researcher into the origins of Celtic myth and legend, Osborne-McKnight infuses...


by Richard S. Wheeler

Barnaby Skye, seaman-deserter from the Royal Navy, Rocky Mountain trapper, and frontiersman extraordinaire, brings his Crow Indian wife, Many Quill Woman (whom Skye calls "Victoria"), to the trappers' rendezvous...

I Am of Irelaunde

by Juilene Osborne-McKnight

St. Patrick of Ireland has been enshrined in myth and history as a benign and beloved figure, a native Irish miracle worker who drove both the snakes and the Druids from his homeland and gently issued in the...

The Wages of Fame

by Thomas Fleming

The story of the Stapleton clan continues in this sequel to Remember the Morning.  The Wage of Fame takes place between 1827 and the start of the Civil War.  We follow George Stapleton, Hugh Stapleton's...

Hours of Gladness

by Thomas Fleming

Paradise Beach, New Jersey.  The perfect place for Dick O'Gorman and Billy Kilroy to smuggle ashore Cuban missiles to be used in the Irish Republican Army's war against England.  Paradise Beach is an Irish...

The Last Season

by Ronald Florence

The last season in Newport, Rhode Island is the summer of 1941, just before Pearl Harbor. It is the end of an era of social glitter and privilege. Sera, a young Portugese beauty from nearby Stonington, Connecticut,...

Conquerors of the Sky

by Thomas Fleming

A novel that crowns Thomas Fleming's forty-year career, Conquerors of the Sky takes readers on a gripping insider's journey into the lives and loves, the hopes and heartbreaks of the men and women who make America's...

A Passionate Girl

by Thomas Fleming

Beautiful, rebellious Bess Fitzmaurice is mesmerized by Dan McCaffrey, an American of Irish descent who has come to Ireland to aid the Fenian revolt against British tyranny. He appears in her home on May Eve...

The Curse of Cain

by J. Mark Powell & L.D. Meagher

On April 14, 1865 John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theater, or so the history books tell us ... but what if there was a second gunman who actually pulled the trigger?

The Curse...

The Rocky Mountain Moving Picture Association

by Loren D. Estleman

Hollywood, 1913: In the dusty desert community of Los Angeles, a ragtag film company cranks out silent movies in defiance of the law. Young Dmitri Pulski works for his father's ice company in the snowy Sierra...

Rebel Chief

by Paul A. Thomsen

After the phenomenal success of his first novel Cold Mountain, Charles Frazier described his next novel as being based on the life of a white man who was made an Indian chief, served in the government in Washington...

The Four Feathers

by A. W. E. Mason

British guardsman Harry Feversham stuns his friends when, just before he is scheduled to ship off to the Sudan, he quits his regiment. In shocked retaliation for this dastardly act of cowardice, Harry is presented...

Heaven Is a Long Way Off

Rendezvous #4

by Win Blevins

Sam Morgan, once a young runaway from Philadelphia, now a seasoned fur trapper and mountain man, faces the most daunting task of his adventuresome life. It is 1827 and he, together with the trapping brigade...

Beauty for Ashes

Rendezvous #2

by Win Blevins

Trapping beaver was the major source of income for mountain men in the Rocky Mountain West of the 1820s -- the luxuriant, sought-after pelts could make a man rich. But it was a dangerous way to make a living:...

Chalk's Woman

by David Ballantine

David Ballantine's debut novel Chalk's Woman, is a story about freedom, liberation, and love. Set in the violent backdrop of the waning months of the Civil War, Chalk's Woman addresses violence and redemption...

Then Came Christmas

by Randy Lee Eickhoff

On Thanksgiving Day, 1953 Samantha "Sam" McCaslin was content with life on her family's ranch in South Dakota. It was her birthday, and her life was just beginning. She had turned twelve and was certain that...

An Obituary for Major Reno

by Richard S. Wheeler

Major Marcus Reno is a controversal figure, a man accused of being responsible for the worst disaster ever to befall the army of the United States. He had been one of George Armstrong Custer's senior officers...


by David C. Fickett

From the unforgiving farmland of rural Maine comes a story of love and sacrifice, of family tragedies and obligations, and of the mysterious healing power of bees.

David Fickett's Nectar crosses three generations...

Remember the Morning

by Thomas Fleming

Catalyntie is a Dutch woman living in pre-Revolutionary America, struggling to come to terms with the conflicts created by growing up captive in a Seneca Indian village. She shared her captivity with Clara Flowers,...