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Then You Hide

Bullet Catchers #5

by Roxanne St. Claire

When Bullet Catcher Wade Cordell is offered a cushy assignment to track down a woman on vacation in the Caribbean and persuade her to meet her birth mother, the secret ops sharpshooter decides it's the perfect...

The Last Great Dance on Earth: A Novel

by Sandra Gulland

The Last Great Dance on Earth is the triumphant final volume of Sandra Gulland's beloved trilogy based on the life of Josephine Bonaparte. When the novel opens, Josephine and Napoleon have been married for four...

The Eastern Door

by Dave More

Immigrating from 18th century rural Ireland, Billy Smithyman builds a new life in the New York frontier, where Billy's honesty stands out in the corrupt fur trade, and where he earns the trust of formidable...

The Terror of Constantinople (Death of Rome Saga Book Two)

by Richard Blake

If you loved Gladiator and Spartacus, you'll love the second book in the DEATH OF ROME SAGA.

610 AD.

Invaded by Persians and barbarians, the Byzantine Empire is tearing itself apart in civil war. Phocas, the...

Lion Let Loose

by Nigel Tranter

James the First of Scots was an extraordinary man: poet, thinker

warrior, athlete and statesman.

And prisoner - for he was held captive for almost half his adult life.

He possessed that fatal Stewart capacity...

The End of the Line

by Nigel Tranter

As the 15th century dawned, Scotland was plunged into chaos. With the new king ailing and weak, his unscrupulous younger brother, the Earl of Fife, seized his chance to become Regent and Governer of the realm....

The Admiral

by Nigel Tranter

A humble laird from Largoshire, Andrew Wood's determination to

avenge his father's murder by English pirates, led to his national

renown as a pirate-slayer.

This brought him to the attention of King James III,...

The Wallace

by Nigel Tranter

William Wallace ? a man of violent passions and unquenchable spirit, the natural leader of a proud race.

Scotland at the end of the 13th century was a blood-torn country suffering under the harsh domination of...

Bricks: A Novel

by Leon Jenner

This is the story of a bricklayer. A master of his craft, he keeps its sacred teachings secret. For him a house is the dwelling place of a soul, and a house must be built in the right spirit or the soul inside...

The Leopard Sword: Empire IV

by Anthony Riches

Britannia has been subdued - and an epic new chapter in Marcus Valerius Aquila's life begins. The murderous Roman agents who nearly captured Marcus have been defeated by his friends. But in order to protect...

The Favorites: A Novel

by Mary Yukari Waters

When Mary Yukari Waters's short-story collection, The Laws of Evening, was published, Maureen Corrigan of National Public Radio's Fresh Air said that "Waters's empathic imagination is so vivid she makes her...

A Distant Harbour

by Jessica Blair

A story of seafaring men and the women who love them, by the author of "The Red Shawl". Captain David Fernley has made and lost a fortune in the whaling trade, fishing the frozen Arctic wastes from the Yorkshire...

The Apothecary's Daughter

by Charlotte Betts

The ebook bestseller

1665. Susannah Leyton has grown up behind the counter of her father's apothecary shop in bustling Fleet Street. A skilled student - the resinous scents of lavender, rosemary, liquorice and...

The Poisoned Chalice

by Paul Doherty

Violent death, danger and treachery abound in the second journal of the incorrigible Sir Roger Shallot

The White Rose Murders

by Paul Doherty

In 1517 the English armies have defeated and killed James IV of Scotland at Flodden and James's widow-queen, Margaret, sister to Henry VIII, has fled to England, leaving her crown under a Council of Regency....

The Masked Man

by Doherty

Ralph Croft, an English rogue, is plucked from the dungeon of the Bastille to head an investigation to find the real identity of the infamous 'Masked Man'. But before he can discover the truth, he must face...

The Fate of Princes

by Paul Doherty

A fasninating look at the mystery of the Princes in the Tower from master historian, Paul Doherty

The Lord Count Drakulya

by Paul Doherty

In this gripping sequel to PRINCE DRAKULYA, Paul Doherty tells the story of Drakulya's rise to power, and explores the truth behind the terrifying vampire legends that surround him.

Prince Drakulya

by Paul Doherty

This captivating novel by Paul Doherty traces the life of Prince Drakulya as seen through the eyes of closest friend.

The Death of a King

by Paul Doherty

In this gripping historical tale by Paul Doherty, the fate of a king is not always glorious.