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The Stalin Epigram: A Novel

by Robert Littell

Based on a riveting historical episode, The Stalin Epigram is a fictional rendering of the life of Osip Mandelstam, perhaps the greatest Russian poet of the twentieth century -- and one of the few artists in...

The Devlin Diary

by Christi Phillips

From the acclaimed author of The Rossetti Letter comes a dazzling novel of intrigue, passion, and royal secrets that shifts tantalizingly between Restoration-era London and present-day Cambridge.


The Fate of Princes

by Paul Doherty

In this gripping novel, master historian Paul Doherty explores the iconic mystery of the Princes in the Tower. Did they die? Were they killed? Or did they escape? Paul Doherty offers a dramatic and intriguing...

The Lord Count Drakulya

by Paul Doherty

In this gripping sequel to PRINCE DRAKULYA, Paul Doherty tells the story of Drakulya's rise to power, and explores the truth behind the terrifying vampire legends that surround him. Prince Dracula, or more accurately,...

Prince Drakulya

by Paul Doherty

This captivating novel by Paul Doherty traces the life of Prince Drakulya as seen through the eyes of closest friend. Dracula has always been a fascinating yet terrifying figure. But the legend of the human...

The Death of a King

by Paul Doherty

In this gripping historical tale by Paul Doherty, the fate of a king is not always glorious. Indeed, England's Edward II so angered his wife, her lover, and his subjects that they revolted, deposed him, and...

The Death of the Red King

by Paul Doherty

Concentrating on both old and new evidence, Paul Doherty explores the highly suspicious elements surrounding the death of King William II of England, nicknamed "Rufus the Red King". Through the eyes of the great...

Alexander the Great: The Death of a God

by Paul Doherty

Master historian Paul Doherty investigates an outstanding figure who achieved so much before his premature end. Alexander the Great was an enigma, a man who wanted to be a god, a Greek who wanted to be Persian,...

Isabella and the Strange Death of Edward II

by Paul Doherty

Edward II's painful and gruesome death is one of the best-known pieces of historical trivia. Less well known, though, is the role played in his murder by his wife, Queen Isabella. In a colourful narrative which...

The Serpent Amongst the Lilies

by Paul Doherty

At the behest of his master, Bishop Henry Beaufort, former criminal Matthew Jankyn is set among the followers of Jeanne d'Arc (the lilies). Charged with discovering whether Jeanne is really a saint, Jankyn must...

The Whyte Harte

by Paul Doherty

Jankyn's narrative relates his own past, a past spent unwillingly under the tutelage of priests and friars in an Augustinian monastery; his rebellious flirtation with the heresy of Lollardism; and finally his...

A Sister's Courage

by Catherine King

Sacrifice When her mother passed away, Meg Parker was forced to sacrifice her chance at love for the sake of her family. She hopes she will be able to live a full life once again after her father remarries -...

The Secret Daughter

by Catherine King


Phyllis Kimber's entire future is called into question after her father is killed in Earl Redfern's employ. But the earl knows something about Phyllis that means she will always be looked after.


The Gates of Hell (Alexander Mysteries 3)

by Paul Doherty

The third mystery in the magnificent Alexander the Great series, by master historian Paul Doherty. It is 334 BC and Alexander the Great and his troops have crossed into Asia. Marching South, he has conquered...

The Godless Man (Alexander Mysteries 2)

by Paul Doherty

The second mystery in the magnificent Alexander the Great series, by master historian Paul Doherty. It is 334 AD, and Alexander has obliterated enemy Persian armies at the battle of the Granicus. He now roams...

A Murder in Macedon

by Paul Doherty

In the summer of 336 BC, Philip of Macedon is to celebrate his glorious reign. He has waded through a sea of blood to become master of Greece, but he also has troubles at home. He has divorced and rejected his...

In Time of the Poisoned Queen

by Paul Doherty

1558 was a year of sinister and bloody conspiracy in England. Deserted by her husband, Philip of Spain, Queen Mary faces an ever-tightening circle of conspiracy and deceit. Rumours and whispers abound that she,...


by Laurie Loewenstein

A powerful debut historical novel to launch a new imprint, Kaylie Jones Books, curated by acclaimed author Kaylie Jones.

The Time of Murder at Mayerling (Nicholas Segalla 3)

by Paul Doherty

The third novel in Paul Doherty's Nicholas Segalla series: a shadowy scholar travels through time solving the past's greatest mysteries. Vienna, 1889. Glittering entertainments hide a world of sinister political...

The Prince Lost to Time

by Paul Doherty

The second novel in Paul Doherty's Nicholas Segalla series: a shadowy scholar travels through time solving the past's greatest mysteries. As the flames of revolution spread through France, they engulf the Royal...