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Alexander: God of War

by Christian Cameron

The ultimate historical adventure novel: the life of Alexander the Great in a single, epic volume.

To many he was a god. To others he was a monster. The truth is even more extraordinary.

As a boy, Alexander dreamed...

Tom Swan and the Head of St. George Part Six: Chios

by Christian Cameron

Chios: part six of a fast-paced serialised novel set in the turbulent Europe of the fifteenth century.

A young Englishman, Tom Swan, finds himself in the midst of the Turkish siege of one of the richest islands...

Tom Swan and the Head of St. George Part Four: Rome

by Christian Cameron

Rome: part four of a fast-paced serialised novel set in the turbulent Europe of the fifteenth century.

A young Englishman, Tom Swan, is badly wounded in a desperate sea fight. When he wakes in a hospital, he's...

The Phoenix: The Morland Dynasty, Book 35

by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

It is 1931 and the world is still reeling from the aftermath of the Wall Street Crash.

Polly Morland has returned to Morland Place, saving it from financial ruin. Her plans to change things are met with resistance,...

Arrows of Fury: Empire II

by Anthony Riches

The  Battle of the Lost Eagle saved Hadrian's Wall , but the new Roman governor of Britannia must stamp out the rebellion of the northern tribes or risk losing the province.  Rampaging south with sword...

Wounds of Honour: Empire I

by Anthony Riches

Thrilling, authentic and action-packed, this novel introduces soldier hero Marcus Valerius: a centurion stationed on Hadrian's Wall in the second century during a revolt against the Roman Empire.Marcus Valerius...

Fortress of Spears: Empire III

by Anthony Riches

In the enthralling third volume of Empire, Anthony Riches takes the legions deep into north Britannia, where the survivors of the rebellion still hope for revenge. The Romans have vanquished the rebel alliance,...

Conspiracies of Rome (Death of Rome Saga Book One)

by Blake Richard

Perfect for readers of Simon Scarrow and Ben Kane, Conspiracies of Rome is the thrilling first book in the new seven-part DEATH OF ROME SAGA.

Rome, 609 AD.

Empire is a fading memory. Repeatedly fought over and...

Hart of Empire

by Saul David

George Hart, back in England following his heroics in the Zulu Wars, scarcely has time to gamble away his meagre fortune when he is summoned to a secret meeting in Whitehall. There, Prime Minister Disraeli himself...

The Scarlet Thief

Jack Lark #1

by Paul Fraser Collard

The new Richard Sharpe bursts onto the historical adventure scene in a brilliant, action-packed debut of Redcoat battle and bloodshed. 1854: The banks of the Alma River, Crimean Peninsular. The Redcoats stagger...

The Patriot

by Nigel Tranter

In 1678, Scotland lies under the dark threat of union with England.

In an era of intrigue and bloodshed, Andrew Fletcher, laird of Saltoun,

stands out as a man of ideals and integrity. His fearless and dogged



by Nigel Tranter

During the 16th century, the Borderland between Scotland and England was

something of a world apart, with its own strange laws, beliefs and


Young John Maxwell, Warden of the West March, did his best to...

Honours Even

by Nigel Tranter

In 1649 Charles II left his exile in the Netherlands and sailed to

Scotland. Arriving at the small fishing village of Garmouth, he faced a

mixed reception from the minister of the Kirk.

The exiled king was to remain...

Lion's Whelp

by Nigel Tranter

The brutal murder of James I, King of Scots, at Perth in 1437 left his

seven-year-old son to rule over a troubled kingdom. Power-hungry lords

seized their chance to gain control over the boy-king James II and...

Highness in Hiding

by Nigel Tranter

The quashing of the Jacobite Rising of 1745 saw an end to the ambitions

of the exiled house of Stuart. But somehow the young pretender, Prince

Charles Edward, otherwise known as Bonnie Prince Charlie, manage to...

David the Prince

by Nigel Tranter

Half-Celt and half-Saxon, King David determined to take hold of his

backward, patriarchal, strife-ridden country and, against all the odds,

pushed and dragged it into the forefront of Christendom's advancing


True Thomas

by Nigel Tranter

Little is known about Thomas Learmonth of Ercildoune, vassal and esquire

of the Earl of Dunbar, poet and prophesier known as 'Thomas the Rhymer'.

During the reign of the Scottish King Alexander III, a time when...

Tapestry of the Boar

by Nigel Tranter

During the reign of Malcolm IV, King of the Scots, Hugh de Swinton and

his fellow mosstroopers helped keep the rampaging Galloway rebels at

bay. But it was for his expertise in the killing of wild boars, as


Poetic Justice

by Nigel Tranter

Laird of a small estate, Will Alexander of Menstrie, poet and tutor, was

a man of modest ambitions. But when James VI learned of his poetic

genius, the king had other plans for him.

In 1603, when James VI of Scotland...

Flowers of Chivalry

by Nigel Tranger

Once again Scotland was fighting for her survival as a free and

independent nation.

Robert the Bruce's legacy, three years after his death in 1329, is in

danger. With a five-year-old heir guarded by an ageing and...