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The Seventh Son

by Reay Tannahill

A superb historical novel about Richard III, the notorious hunchback king whose burial site was recently uncovered, which will appeal to fans of Josephine Tey's THE DAUGHTER OF TIME, Philippa Gregory's THE KINGMAKER'S...

The Canterbury Tales By Night Omnibus

by Paul Doherty

AN ANCIENT EVIL: As the travellers gather at the start of a pilgrimage to Canterbury, they agree to amuse themselves on their journey with evening tales of mystery, terror and murder. So begins the Knight's...

The Maharajah's General

Jack Lark #2

by Paul FraserCollard

A riveting tale of battle and adventure in a brutal land, where loyalty and courage are constantly challenged and the enemy is never far away.

Jack Lark barely survived the Battle of the Alma. As the brutal...

Chain of Destiny

by Nigel Tranter

Following the murder of his father at Bannockburn in 1488, fifteen-year-old James Stewart was crowned James IV of Scotland. From those inauspicious beginnings, the inexperienced boy-king was to become one of...

The Captive Crown: House of Stewart Trilogy 3

by Nigel Tranter

With the heir to the throne murdered, King Robert III a sick weakling, and his remaining son a child, Scotland and the Stewarts were in a bad way three generations on from the great Bruce. But two young men...

Price of a Princess: Mary Stewart 1

by Nigel Tranter

After young James the Third's accession to the Scottish throne, the ambitious Boyd family of Kilmarnock seized power in a bloodless coup. Mary Stewart, James' eldest sister, was at first unwilling to marry Thomas...

A Folly of Princes: House of Stewart Trilogy 2

by Nigel Tranter

Scotland at the dawn of the 15th century was a wretched spectacle. While the feeble Robert III still clung to his throne, his kingdom rang with the sound of conflict as his son and brother grappled for power....

Unicorn Rampant

by Nigel Tranter

The year 1617 was a fateful one for Scotland - and especially for young John Stewart of Methven, bastard son of the Duke of Lennox. King James VI of Scotland and I of England made a rare and disastrous visit...

James, By the Grace of God: James V Trilogy 2

by Nigel Tranter

In the wake of the Battle of Flodden, Scotland was ruled in name only. The boy king, James V was at the mercy of ambitous rival factions, and beyond them, the ever-watchful, looming presence of Henry VIII of...

Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2

by Nigel Tranter

In 1460, when clan feuds were rife, and the threat of English invasion was ever-present, James III, one of Scotland's weakest monarchs, came to the throne. Before long, John, Lord of Douglas, a born leader and...

Lord of the Isles

by Nigel Tranter

By the power of his sword arm, his dragon fleet and his sheer personality, Somerled Norse Slayer carved an enduring name for himself in Scottish legend. Inheriting his father's shattered thanedom in Argyll in...

Rough Wooing: James V Trilogy 3

by Nigel Tranter

The final volume in the trilogy spanning the turbulent reign of King James V of Scotland. The young James, King of Scots is a beleaguered man. Still grief stricken at the untimely death of his queen, Madeleine,...

Warden of the Queen's March

by Nigel Tranter

Only eighteen years old when she returned to Scotland to rule, the beautiful but unfortunate Mary Stewart was in dire need of protection: from the savage religious intolerance of the time, from scoundrels in...


by Nigel Tranter

Written by the author of The Bruce Trilogy, The Captive Crown, and Margaret the Queen, this is the story of a very human, fallible but courageous and indomitable man, born an Irish prince in the troubled and...

A Stake in the Kingdom

by Nigel Tranter

Seventh son of the penurious Laird of Balfour, the fiercely ambitious David Beaton was determined to rise in the world - by whatever means available. Never one to be burdened by scruples, he cynically used the...


by Nigel Tranter

Alexander III of Scotland was just seven years old when he inherited the throne. South of the border, England's King Henry III saw this as his chance to assert his paramountcy over the kingdom. At the age of...

Mail Royal

by Nigel Tranter

A casket of incriminating letters from Mary, Queen of Scots. The letters would be an instrument of persuasion - or blackmail as others might call it. Whoever held them had a hold over the James VI King of Scots,...

Margaret the Queen

by Nigel Tranter

First she was Margaret the refugee. A Saxon princess, sister of Edgar Atheling who, but for William the Conqueror, would have been King of England. She came to Scotland in 1069. Beautiful, sympathetic and devout,...

Lords of Misrule: House of Stewart Trilogy 1

by Nigel Tranter

In turbulent 14th century Scotland, the ruling House of Stewart was a house divided, beset by hatred and jealousy. Descendants of the Bruce's daughter, they only kept the throne by an astonishing genius for...

Lord and Master: Master of Gray trilogy 1

by Nigel Tranter

Born of one of Scotland's noblest families, Patrick Gray was fascinating, irresistible, ambitious and ruthless. Involved in a daring plot to free the imprisoned Mary Queen of Scots, and immersed in the intrigues...