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Stand Into Danger

Richard Bolitho #4

by Alexander Kent

In 1774, Richard Bolitho is a newly appointed Third Lieutenant, joining the 28-gun frigate Destiny. Dispatched on a secret mission, Destiny and her company face the hazards of conspiracy, treason, and piracy....

Snarleyyow or the Dog Fiend

by Captain Frederick Marryat

Set in 1699 and framed around the Jacobite (supporters of the overthrown king, James II) conspiracies of the time, Lieutenant Cornelius Vanslyperken is the greedy and treacherous commander of a small vessel...

Signal-Close Action!

Richard Bolitho #14

by Alexander Kent

The year is 1798. Napoleon's naval forces are amassing in the Mediterranean, preparing to annex Egypt, and it is there the newly-promoted Commodore Richard Bolitho is sent with a small squadron of ships under...


Thomas Kydd #5

by Julian Stockwin

Thomas Kydd was promoted to acting lieutenant at the bloody Battle of Camperdown in October 1797. Now, he must sit an examination to confirm his rank - or face an inglorious return before the mast. But this...

Sloop of War

Richard Bolitho #6

by Alexander Kent

The year is 1778, the ship is the 18-gun HMS Sparrow, England's finest sloop of war, and the Captain is Richard Bolitho, sailing his command into the fury of battle. The American Revolution has turned the Atlantic...

Passage to Mutiny

Richard Bolitho #9

by Alexander Kent

October 1789, and war clouds thunder over Europe when Richard Bolitho steers the Tempest into the perilous waters of the Great South Sea. To protect vulnerable English shipping lanes from her seagoing enemies,...

In Gallant Company

Richard Bolitho #5

by Alexander Kent

As the American Revolution rages on the mainland, the British Navy prepares for action at sea. Against a growing fleet of American and French privateers, the navy must maintain its blockade of Washington's vital...

Form Line of Battle!

Richard Bolitho #11

by Alexander Kent

The year is 1793, and England is once again at war. For Richard Bolitho, the renewal of hostilities with France means a fresh command and the chance for action after months of inactivity.

Enemy in Sight!

Richard Bolitho #12

by Alexander Kent

Aboard the Hyperion, Richard Bolitho sets sail with an untrained crew for blockade duty off France. Unfortunately, his superior, Commodore Mathias Pelham-Martin, is an incompetent egotist whose petty hostilities...


Thomas Kydd #7

by Julian Stockwin

In this seventh book of the series, Thomas Kydd is master of his own brig-sloop Teazer and he must race the clock to make her battle-ready to defend Malta against Barbary pirates and the French, who are frantically...

Command a King's Ship

Richard Bolitho #8

by Alexander Kent

Spithead, 1784. His Majesty's Frigate, Undine, sets sail for India and the seas beyond. Europe may be at peace—but in colonial waters the promises of statesmen count for little and the bloody struggle for supremacy...

When Fortune Frowns

by William H. H. White

The engrossing story of HMS Pandora, never before told in a historical novel, comes to life in this portrait of the crew that embarked in 1790 on an epic voyage to Tahiti to find and arrest the men who revolted...

The Huntress: A Novel

The Dark Queen Saga #4

by Susan Carroll

In a time of intrigue and betrayal, the huntress is on a quest that could jeopardize two empires and two great queens: Catherine de Medici and Elizabeth I.

The year is 1585–and prophecy has foretold the coming...

Gommera Woman

by Grant Rodwell

'Gommera Woman' is the exhilarating story of a colonial family pastoral empire and two brothers who seek to control it. Richard and Robert Barsden coolly and shockingly murder Aborigines in an attempt to drive...

Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow: A Novel of Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette #2

by Juliet Grey

A captivating novel of rich spectacle and royal scandal, Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow spans fifteen years in the fateful reign of Marie Antoinette, France’s most legendary and notorious queen.

Paris, 1774....

Rebecca Wentworth's Distraction

by Robert J. J. Begiebing

Daniel Sanborn, trained in the academies of London, arrives in colonial Portsmouth, New Hampshire to establish himself as a portraitist. His very first commission, however--to paint the adopted daughter of a...

The Orphanmaster: A Novel of Early Manhattan

by Jean Zimmerman

A love story wrapped around a murder mystery, set in seventeenth-century Manhattan


In 1663 in the hardscrabble colony of New Amsterdam—today’s lower Manhattan—orphan children are going missing and residents...

The Spinoza Problem: A Novel

by Irvin Yalom

A novel by the masterful storyteller and psychotherapist Irvin Yalom interweaves the philosophical life of Benedict Spinoza with the story of the obsessive Nazi “philosopher” Alfred Rosenberg

The Italian Potion

by Edward Bewley

Alchemists and courtiers seek to confound Francis Wyld as he investigates the death of a Frenchman in London in 1663. Wyld, a gentleman adventurer and sometime philosopher, is asked by close friend Robert Delaney...

The Captive Queen of Scots: Mary, Queen of Scots

The Stuart Saga #2

by Jean Plaidy

“Burn the murderess!”

So begins Jean Plaidy’s The Captive Queen of Scots, the epic tale of the Scottish Queen Mary Stuart, cousin to Queen Elizabeth of England. After her husband, Lord Darnley, is murdered,...