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A Winter's Ghost Story: A Ghostly World Quick Read Story

by Jonathan Harker

Once upon a long time ago when out with her parents Christmas shopping a little girl catches sight of a strange little boy. On such a winter's evening filled with the merriment of townsfolk and festive cheer,...

Dark Gates

by Paolo di Orazio & Alessandro Manzetti

A short stories collection in which the visions of the authors guide us towards the "dark gates", the hidden doors of unexpected hells and limbo gnawed by the blue rust of the apocalyptic and dystopian future,...

Written In Blood

by Theresa M. Moore

An epic historical adventure of travel, swords and vampire romance. In the 17th century, Alexander Corvina learns the art of the sword in Japan; then travels to Tibet and persuades his father Lucien Arkanon...

The Pendle Curse

by Catherine Cavendish

Four hundred years ago, ten convicted witches were hanged on Gallows Hill. Now they are back...for vengeance.

Laura Phillips's grief at her husband's sudden death shows no sign of passing. Even sleep brings her...

Weird Tales #350

by Ann VanderMeer, Mike Mignola & Norman Spinrad

FICTION: "All In" by Peter Atwood; "How I Got Here" by Ramsey Shehadeh; "Belair Plaza" by Adam Corbin Fusco; "An Invitation Via Email" by Mike Allen; "Mainevermontnewhampshiremass" by Nick Mamatas; "The Stone-Hearted...

To Taste The Dragon's Blood

by Theresa M. Moore

"Is it evil to survive, Jonathan?" What if everything you thought you knew about human evolution was changed by a trip to Mars? In 2069 Jonathan Kraine is an archaeologist on a manned mission to the red planet,...

The Purcell Papers

by Sheridan Le Fanu

The Purcell Papers is a comprehensive collection of Sheridan Le Fanu's early short stories, and they reflect his interest in Irish folklore, as well as his burgeoning fascination with the supernatural. Some...

Two Ghostly Mysteries: A Chapter in the History of a Tyrone Family and The Murdered Cousin

by Sheridan Le Fanu

Regarded by many as the unsurpassed master of the Victorian ghost story, Sheridan Le Fanu combines keen insight into the culture of his native Ireland with tried and true conventions of the genre. This volume...

The Elixir of Life

by Honore de Balzac, Clara Bell & James Waring

Some of the short stories in the Philosophical Studies section of Honore de Balzac's The Human Comedy have hints of the mystical and supernatural. These elements are very pronounced in the spine-chilling tale...

La Grande Breteche

by Honore de Balzac, Ellen Marriage & Clara Bell

Predating Edgar Allen Poe's remarkably similar story "The Cask of Amontillado" by more than a decade, Honore de Balzac's chilling tale "La Grande Breteche" centers on a mysterious manor that sits abandoned in...

The Mystery of Cranewood Manor

by Theresa M. Moore

When a wealthy heiress goes missing, her father hires private consulting detectives Val Saxon and Laura Hampstead to search for her. The clues lead them to Maine and a mansion high up on a hill overlooking the...


Parasitology #2

by Mira Grant

THE SECOND BOOK IN MIRA GRANT'S TERRIFYING PARASITOLOGY SERIES.THE ENEMY IS INSIDE US. The SymboGen designed tapeworms were created to relieve humanity of disease and sickness. But the implants in the majority...


by Theresa M. Moore

In the 24th century, Megan Thereau is a journalist invited to a secret enclave, a place long thought to be a myth; only to find a community of humans and vampires living in harmony. But soon the village is besieged...

Hit list

by Laurell K. Hamilton & Alessandro Zabini

Una serie di brutali omicidi ha sconvolto alcune città lungo la costa dell'Oregon. Dai segni lasciati sulle vittime, sembrerebbe che il colpevole sia un branco di creature mannare. Anita Blake, però, sa che...

A Pirate's Daughter

by Theresa M. Moore

"Never underestimate the power of love." A tale of tragedy, murder, revenge and vampire romance in the golden age of piracy. In 1718, Charity Rakham finds herself alone when her father and fiance' are killed...

Containment Room 7

by Bryan Hall

In a far corner of space, orbiting a massive black hole, the research ship DARC12 discovers a strange asteroid-one that seems to be ... alive. After loading the rock onboard for study, the ship quickly descends...

The Desert

by Bryon Morrigan

Give up trying to leave. There's no way out. Stay up high. You are safer up here. Stay out of the fog. Do not go into the hole.

Those are the final words in a bizarre journal left by the last apparent survivor...

Winds of Change

by Jason Brannon

A shooting star marks the beginning nightmares for the small town of Crowley's Point. Those who venture outdoors instantly transform into piles of salt. Is it the result of biological experimentation gone awry?...

The Hole

by Aaron Ross Powell

The world as Elliot Bishop and Evajean Rhodes know it is gone. Destroyed. In just two weeks, a horrific plague raged across the planet-driving its victims insane before killing them. The two survivors set out...

Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter: Heart of Scars

by Brian Easton

The Beast has taken just about everything it can from Sylvester Logan James, and for twenty years he has waged his war with silver bullets and a perfect willingness to die. But fighting monsters poses danger...