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Thunder Road

by Tamara Thorne

Evoking Stephen King's terrifying novelThe Gunslinger and the epic adventure film Cowboys and Aliens, Tamara Thorne delivers a tantalizing blend of horror and Western SciFi--in an arid, dangerous world from...

Dead Black

by L. Butler Glessner

Beautiful, rustic Blue John Farm in northern England hides an evil secret; a gruesome curse that has terrorized the family of Ian James for 450 years. It has now given him less than a year to live. San Francisco...

The Bad

by Kendall Bailey

The Meadow View Hotel has a secret. The site of a disappearance and gruesome murder, the hotel is more than it appears. Somewhere on the grounds resides an evil that rocked the sleepy town of Alton, NH 65 years...

He Wants His Brother's Wife and He Will Kill Him for Her

by Tiffani Mae

"Didn't I tell you that these cars had to be finished and out of the shop by this morning?" screamed Dean. The entire shop cowered as he walked in and began screaming. "What are you low lives doing around here?...

Couple Kidnaps Each Other's Spouses

by Tiffani Mae

I met my best friend in jail. Yep, me, in jail. I was 27 at the time, and she was just a few years older than me. Two woman, from 2 very different walks of life, ending up in the same horrible place. My reason,...

High School Accident Turns Them Into Best Friends

by Tiffani Mae

He slowly tried to open his eyes, and when he did, he wondered where she went. In front of him was a plain girl, red hair that hung limply down past her shoulders in no fashionable way, green eyes, not fat or...

Rebecca's Date from Hell

by Kym Datura

In the corner, on a long chain was an ankle shackle. He sat Rebecca on the bed. She looked around and noticed that there weren't any windows on the walls. Scott had removed the windows and boarded the hole up....


by Faisal Reza

Enter the worlds where werewolves, cannibals, ghosts, mummy, and murderers exist. They all come together in a place, i don't know if they will come to my house when i sleep at night.

Burnt Hill Road

by Robert J. Relyea

12:38 A.M. Mike's phone rings, awakening him from a restless sleep. When he picks up, he hears his loving girlfriend, Josi, amidst great peril. Now, Mike must charge headlong to her aid, clueless to what the...

Overstride : A Fight for Love, Revenge, and Freedom

by John A. Casey


Jenny Thompson is a normal girl who possesses powerful psychic abilities she is unaware of. Glade Overstride is a kinetically gifted psychopathic murderer with an evil, powerful split personality...

A Dark Matter

Bram Stoker Award for Novel 2010

by Peter Straub

The incomparable master of horror and suspense returns with a powerful, brilliantly terrifying novel that redefines the genre in original and unexpected ways.

The charismatic and cunning Spenser Mallon is a campus...

What Do You Fear? Book 3: Dark Hearts

by E. L Jefferson

When you read this compilation of stories by E. L. Jefferson you will take a journey that leads down a path to which there is no turning back. They will hold you captive and force you to witness the dark side...

Colder Weather: A Place to Lay and Die

by Tyler Gould

Colder Weather is an original novel series, set in a vast, horrifying world ravaged by an unknown, fungus-borne infection. Survivors can do nothing except fight for survival... but the infected aren't the only...

For We Are Many

by Stuart Thaman

No one believes Fletcher Lee when he says he sees someone lurking in the shadows. Removed from his middle school for frightening the other children, 13 year old Fletcher is forced into psychotherapy where his...

Secret's Out - 8 Short Stories

by Christopher Chapman

Secret's Out is a collection of 8 short stories that covers everything from zombies to super villains. Grandpa's Secret is about a young man who has just lost his favorite person in the world, only to learn...

Witch Way is Up

by John F Allen

Xenith LaCroix was a headstrong, homeless young woman who lived in New Orleans and recently discovered she was descended from a long line of witches. She moved to Chicago to escape agents of an international...

The Ultimate Test

by Carole Ann Moleti

Aramis Sauros is having some difficulty adjusting to the restrictions imposed by her third life sentence. She will not rest until she settles a few scores and concocts a unique form of brujería to achieve her...

The River

by Rick Marchetti

A young couple moves to their dream house in rural Connecticut and quickly discovers their dream has turned into a nightmare.

Warsaw Ten Past Midnight

by Justin Tully

Warsaw Ten Past Midnight is the story of a UFO that's sighted above Warsaw one evening by a young man called Lukas. Most people are quick to dismiss the idea of a UFO being seen anywhere about the place, but...

The Pacific Beach Serial Rapist Murders Volume 3

by Tiffani Mae

She kneels down by the front of Ally and looks her in her eyes. Ally can't even cry anymore. "Any last words bitch?" she snarls at Ally. "Go to hell bitch" Ally croaks. Kristen laughs. "Oh, I intend to." With...